True Martial World Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven
Chapter 98: Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven

After Lian Chengyu finished his demonstration, there were only five Mortal Blood realm participants left. Besides Yi Yun, the other four participants were elites nurtured by the Tao tribal clan.

These Tao tribal clan elites were stronger than Lian Chengyu in every aspect. This was because they had masters at the peak of the Purple Blood realm in the Tao tribal clan and these masters were much stronger than Yao Yuan.

Even Lian Chengyu had to admit that their ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ was demonstrated with power. Their level of demonstration was much more powerful than his!

This made Lian Chengyu feel uneasy.

He had barely entered the top five in the preliminaries. It was not a done deal to enter the top five in the semi-finals.

Besides, Zhang Tan said that the Kingdom’s selection had three rounds. Lian Chengyu did not know if the third round’s topic would be something he was good at. Now that Tao Yunxiao and the nine Purple Blood warriors had already taken ten spots, there were not many spots left. Lian Chengyu felt a sense of urgency.

Three Tao tribal clan elites finished demonstrating consecutively.

The next person was: Tao Yunxiao!

As a person at the peak of the Mortal Blood realm, Tao Yunxiao was put in the limelight.

And Tao Yunxiao was on his homeground, so the surrounding audience was mostly filled with people from the Tao tribal clan. As the third young master of the Tao tribal clan, he obtained cheers from the crowd the moment he appeared!

Under such a cheering scene, Tao Yunxiao felt confident and had a well-thought-out plan!

He strode onto the white jade stage. He was sure he would win this stage, and would be win by a mile!

For the semi-finals, his father and the Tao tribal clan’s elders had given him a surprise! Tao Yunxiao was confident that this surprise would be able to make the semi-finals into a one-man show!

Standing on the stage, under the eyes of many, Tao Yunxiao exuded pride!

This was a stage that belonged to him, the starting point of his brilliant future!

He loved that feeling.

As his glance swept the crowd, he looked at the mortal blood realm participants. Tao Yunxiao’s lips curled into a smile; as for Yi Yun, he no longer noticed him.

Tao Yunxiao wanted these people to know the huge difference between him and the other contestants. He wanted them to know what it meant to be like a frog in the well!

Tao Yunxiao waved and an elder came forward holding a long object wrapped in silk with both hands, passing it to Tao Yunxiao.

It was a sword!

The people were shocked because so far, no one had used a weapon on stage.

It was not difficult to get started with weapons. Even someone like Zhao Tiezhu could grab a large knife and dance with it with great extravagance.

But a real warrior would not only just pose with their weapons. They would infuse their martial arts into the weapon, making the weapon part of them.

Most fist or leg skills were easier to manage, as for weapons like sabers, swords or halberds, to utilize them, as if they were a limb, was not easy.

Warriors below the Purple Blood realm would muster their strength to break through to the Purple Blood realm, so they would not pay extra effort to cultivate their weapon skills.

But today on the white jade stage, Tao Yunxiao had taken out a sword. It was naturally not just for show, but also to reveal his real skill!

Tao Yunxiao was a warrior of the sword.

At fourteen years of age, at the peak of the Mortal Blood realm, and having cultivated sword techniques, he was no doubt a a cultivation genius.

Even Zhang Tan who saw Tao Yunxiao solemnly untying the cloth around the sword was surprised.

He too wanted to see to what level Tao Yunxiao had reached in his sword techniques.

When the cloth was fully removed, what appeared to the masses was a two feet long short sword.

The sword’s pommel was unsophisticated while the sword’s hilt was covered in old snakeskin…

Looking at this sword, the elders of the Tao tribal clan on the platform looked proud but complex.

This sword was their Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact!

Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact was a pair of swords, a male and female sword.

The sword in Tao Yunxiao’s hand was a female sword.

“Grand elder, why did you agree to Yunxiao’s use of the ancestral artifact? Aren’t you afraid it would be coveted by others, causing a calamity to our Tao tribal clan?”

The two ancestral artifacts of the Tao tribal clan was their how they kept their foothold. In the past when desolate beasts attacked, the peak Purple Blood realm warriors in the tribe would use the ancestral artifact to battle the desolate beast.

Not only that, this pair of swords are able to condense Qi to cleanse a person’s body. By using both the male and female swords to train, it would be twice as easy!

But today, for a Kingdom’s selection, the Tao tribal clan’s elders gave the female ancestral weapon to Tao Yunxiao for demonstration purposes! It sounded incredible.

The Tao tribal clan’s grand elder was a thin person. He mused, “Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is such a behemoth, would they care about our two ancestral artifacts? Revealing our ancestral artifact might cause trouble, but if we kept our secret, and never faced the challenges posed to us, then our Tao tribal clan would eventually be destroyed.”

“It’s time we showed our strength and foundation. This Kingdom’s selection is the best opportunity to show off. We can’t forever stay in this poor wasteland of the Cloud Wilderness. We need to leave this place and create our own family clan!”

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, family clans were not a trifle matter.

Such as the Lian tribe, the Tao tribe was just known as a “tribal clan”.

The difference between a family and tribal clan was like the difference between a capital city’s nobility and a village’s tycoon.

The Tao tribal clan had existed in the Cloud Wilderness for very long. Their ambition was to establish a family clan, and with their own hand, develop it slowly and build it up.

In the annals of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, many ancient family clans were built up from a small tribal clan.

Many family clans have even survived several dynasties to the point that they had a longer history than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family.

The Tao tribal clan had already accumulated enough. This time, by using the Kingdom’s selection, they could show their strength. And Tao Yunxiao was lucky; he was chosen to be the Tao tribal clan’s Mortal Blood realm poster child.

“Lord Zhang, I will be demonstrating ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’!”

“Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven?”

The commoners had never heard of such a cultivation technique; but for a person like Lian Chengyu, who had experience in martial arts, he knew what the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ was.

It was cultivation technique that used nine sword moves to cultivate the entire body’s musculoskeletal system. It did the same thing as ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ in a different way. It also was able to complement ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ and vice versa. Since Tao Yunxiao had learned ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, he would naturally also have learned ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

He personally learned two cultivation techniques!

This made Lian Chengyu feel emotional. Such a large tribe like the Tao tribal clan was different. This was the difference in heritage.

One should know that the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ was not widely spread. Certain factions hid it, so it was not easy to obtain the manual. To learn ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, one had to use a sword, which made the difficulty of learning it even higher!

The Tao tribal clan had their ancestral artifacts, the female-male swords. These two swords could give their users a mysterious energy. Coupled with the cultivation technique of the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, it allowed the users to release unbelievable strength, allowing warriors to successfully break through in their cultivation.

This was the real secret the Tao tribal clan had, and it was the reason for being able to stand their ground in the vast wilderness for thousands of years!

And this secret had been kept completely confidential for a long time. But today, the Tao tribal clan elders decided they had accumulated enough. It was time to display their strength, and begin their development and growth.