True Martial World Chapter 985

Chapter 985: Assimilation of Everything
Chapter 985: Assimilation of Everything

“Isn’t joining forces to withstand the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force a violation of the rules?” Someone raised an objection.

However, in the towering tree’s hall, Felicitous Rain Lord did not make any comments. Instead, Song Wuchen was the one who spoke up. He said, “The two of them aren’t considered to be joining forces. They are withstanding the same devouring force. The two of them would be withstanding twice the devouring force, so working together will not reduce the difficulty. However, the unique ability of Dao Domain of Rain is fusion. When the Dao Domains fuse, the resulting Dao Domain’s power will be stronger!”

In the Immortal Rain Sect, the fusion of Dao Domains was a battle strategy in itself. Some Immortal Rain Sect disciples, who were proficient in combined attacks, might not be a match for an opponent in a one-on-one situation. But if they joined forces in a similar two-versus-two situation, they would have an advantage. And when in a three-versus-three situation, they could have an overwhelming victory.

When Immortal Rain Sect disciples ventured outside of the sect, such as exploring mystic realms, they would frequently take on the support role in the team. An excellent Immortal Rain Sect disciple could even use his Dao to fuse with the other non-Immortal Rain Sect warriors. By doing so, their combat strength would be more than simply the two of them combined.

Although Immortal Rain Sect disciples were proficient at support, it did not mean that their combat strength was weak. The most powerful cornerstone array of the Immortal Rain Sect was the Rain of Annihilation. It was a strike with more than ten thousand Immortal Rain Sect disciples combining their Dao Domains together. At the moment it was struck out, Rain of Annihilation would fall from the sky. Every drop of rain was condensed from Dao. It was extremely terrifying.

Felicitous Rain Lord was from the Immortal Rain Sect after all. He too taught his disciples the Dao of rain fusion. So the appearance of such a situation in the assessment naturally wasn’t considered to be a violation of the rules.

That was the ability of the Dao Domain of Rain.

After their Dao Domains fused, Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s strength increased multifold. The two of them had grown up together, so they had long been able to team up perfectly.

Old Man Changsheng naturally wouldn’t give up on that opportunity. Seeing the two of them ready, he once again released another seal — the fifth seal!

At the moment that the seal was released, the devouring force flooded over at a greater intensity. The Helltoothed Dao Tapir was like a beast that had been uncaged. It directly pounced at Yi Yun, Shi Ping, and Shi Fei!


Many people were given a shock when they saw this scene. Previously, no matter how many seals were released, the Helltoothed Dao Tapir would be hovering mid-air, using its devouring laws from afar. But now, it had directly pounced at the assessees!?

Then, wouldn’t Yi Yun be devoured into the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s body?

At that very instant, no one could think too deeply about the matter. They saw a viscous darkness enshroud the square in Brocade Spring Court. Yi Yun, Shi Fei, and Shi Ping were fully immersed in darkness as they vanished!

“This… ”

Everyone stared with widened eyes. In the towering tree’s hall, sweat began oozing out of Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi’s foreheads.

They had no way to predict what would happen next. Once Yi Yun’s Dao was devoured, his martial path would be destroyed. It wasn’t easy for the Luo clan to find a genius that could influence what providence would bring them. If he was destroyed under their watch, they would truly become sinners of the Luo clan. Especially now, when the Luo clan was still living under the threat of the Fey Phantasm Sect.

Just as Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were feeling extremely worried, rain began to pour down from the sky.

That was the ability of the Dao Domain of Rain.

Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s figures gradually appeared from the darkness. By their combined forces, their fused Dao Domain of Rain allowed them to forcefully withstand the Helltoothed Dao Tapir which had its fifth seal released.

The Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force was extremely potent. Even the Dao Domain of Rain that they produced in a combined effort was compressed into a tiny space. Shi Ping and Shi Fei were barely persisting on in that tiny space.

What about Yi Yun?

Elder Duanmu and company widened their eyes as they attempted to search for him.

The spectating warriors also began to search for Yi Yun’s figure in the darkness.

However, they could not find Yi Yun no matter what!

“What happened?” Elder Duanmu directly stood up from his seat and asked Shi Changsheng.

In Star Picking Court, Elder Duanmu’s actions appeared rather impolite in front of Felicitous Rain Lord, but he could not be bothered about etiquette.

Old Man Changsheng grunted coldly. Elder Duanmu was only a warrior at the Dao Palace realm, one that he did not think anything of.

“Who are you? How preposterous of you to act so impolite in front of me! I am the one who is presiding over the assessment of the Helltoothed Dao Tapir. It was something that Yi Yun and Felicitous Rain agreed upon too. You have no say on the matter!” Old Man Changsheng said coldly.

Elder Duanmu’s voice faltered as he was unable to make any retort. Compared to Old Man Changsheng, he was too inferior, be it status or strength.

He could only endure the anger in his heart as he tried his best to speak in a calm manner, “Senior Changsheng, I only want to know where Yi Yun is.”

Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were feeling extremely worried after not being able to see Yi Yun’s figure. Their perception could not enter the world of darkness formed by the Helltoothed Dao Tapir, so they could only ask Shi Changsheng.

Old Man Changsheng said with a sneer, “Isn’t that obvious? Haven’t you seen Yi Yun disappear? That’s obviously because he has entered the Dao Tapir’s body. In other words, he has been devoured by the Helltoothed Dao Tapir!”


Upon hearing Old Man Changsheng’s words, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi felt an angry jolt pass through their hearts. He had been devoured!?

Old Man Changsheng, who was the mastermind behind all of this, had a teasing smile on his face. Elder Duanmu wished that he could just charge up and fight the old man with his life!

“What are the two of you worrying about? Don’t worry, that punk isn’t dead yet. He’s not bad either. He is still able to withstand the fifth stage’s devouring force for a short period of time.” Shi Changsheng said with a laugh. He refused to believe that Yi Yun could still persist on. And even if he could, the sixth stage was awaiting him!

Shi Ping and Shi Fei still had their final tricks up their sleeves. They could temporarily withstand the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s six stage for a second or two. Without that bit of ability, how could they have been willing to slap each other in the face so they could force Yi Yun to face the Helltoothed Dao Tapir?

Regardless of the case, Yi Yun was bound to be crippled!

“Felicitous Rain, you wouldn’t go so far as to stop the assessment, right?” Old Man Changsheng looked at Felicitous Rain Lord and asked.

Felicitous Rain Lord gave him a glance and said, “Whatever I do or not do is not up to you.”

“Haha.” Old Man Changsheng stroked his beard.

Felicitous Rain Lord turned his gaze towards the Helltoothed Dao Tapir. The situation was somewhat abnormal. He realized that Yi Yun’s limit was much higher than he had originally predicted. Felicitous Rain Lord believed that Yi Yun would be pushed to the brink when the fourth seal was released, but now, Yi Yun was still able to persist on despite the release of the fifth seal?

Yi Yun seemed to be a person who became stronger when facing the strong.

Upon knowing that Yi Yun had been devoured, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi, who could not see the situation inside the world of darkness, were sweating profusely. As for the other people from the six-country alliance, they too found it ominous.

Could Yi Yun be destroyed by the Helltoothed Dao Tapir… ?

And in the envelopment of the Helltoothed Dao Tapir, Shi Ping and Shi Fei were most aware of their surroundings. They too were searching for Yi Yun’s whereabouts.

Soon, they were certain that Yi Yun had disappeared!

Yi Yun has already been devoured!?

Other than that, there was no other possibility!

Shi Ping and Shi Fei revealed looks of excitement.

“That Yi Yun is doomed!”

“He is considered pretty good, but compared to Senior Brother and me, he’s nothing.”

However, they did not find the outcome surprising. Under the devouring force at the fifth stage, the two of them could not last that long, even with their forces combined, much less Yi Yun, whose Dao Domain was not stronger than theirs.

“Yi Yun has been devoured. The Helltoothed Dao Tapir can be sealed again.” Shi Fei said.

They also found it extremely taxing to withstand the devouring force.

Shi Ping put his hand out and waved, hoping to give Old Man Changsheng a signal.

And at that moment, the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force came to a standstill.

“It looks like Grandmaster Uncle already knows,” said Shi Ping.

At the moment that the devouring force came to a standstill, the pressure that they felt was immediately lessened.

Following that, once the Helltoothed Dao Tapir was sealed again, they could deactivate their Dao Domains.

However, at that moment, they saw a gray vortex appear in the middle of the Helltoothed Dao Tapir.

The vortex was only a size of a pin at the beginning, but very quickly, it began to spin rapidly. In a blink of an eye, it replaced the Helltoothed Dao Tapir and swirled at Shi Ping and Shi Fei in an inundating manner!

“What is that?”

“Could it be that the sixth seal has been released?”

“What is that Immortal Rain Sect thinking? Yi Yun has already been devoured! It’s no longer an assessment if they release the sixth seal. They clearly want Yi Yun dead!”

“How despicable. Is Senior Felicitous Rain not going to stop this?”

On one hand, there was the assessment, but if they deliberately increased the difficulty when Yi Yun appeared like he could not withstand it, that was intentional murder.

The people from the six-country alliance began hurling invectives. But at that moment, they realized that Felicitous Rain Lord had not moved. He did not stop any of it, while Shi Changsheng, who was beside him, had an ugly expression on his face.

The sixth seal?

He did not open it at all!

In a blink of an eye, the gray vortex in the Helltoothed Dao Tapir had rapidly expanded.


It directly turned into a gray tornado that swept around wantonly!

The rain in the sky was devoured by the tornado, wrenching them into mist!

It was unexpected when the twisted rain become a part of the gray tornado!

Upon seeing that scene, Shi Changsheng, who was sitting leisurely in his seat, stood up suddenly.

What was that?

His cultivation level was deep and profound. He held control of the Helltoothed Dao Tapir as well, so he knew everything that was happening inside the world of darkness. He could clearly see that the gray vortex was using an unbelievable power to destroy all laws and Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around it!

And the laws and Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that were being destroyed would be instantly assimilated by the gray tornado, before becoming a part of the terrifying destructive power! It caused the tornado vortex to expand rapidly like an explosion!

“That tornado!”

In his long life, this was the first time that Shi Changsheng saw such a terrifying law. It was like the world was covered in flammable oil and dry wood, while the black tornado was like a fire starter. It lit up the world, causing everything in the world to become a destructive inferno!

The spreading happened like it was unstoppable. It even made Shi Changsheng feel a sense of foreboding. What if the inferno continued spreading?

If it could assimilate everything around it, to make them one of its constituents, it would only become more and more powerful. The stronger the assimilation power, the more likely it would eventually assimilate the world, and turn the world into a ruin!

Shi Changsheng was not only the one who was astonished. Even Felicitous Rain Lord felt alarmed.

As a Divine Lord of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, he was very well-learned, but this strange law was able to surprise Felicitous Rain Lord. He thought of anything Shi Changsheng could think of as well.

But be it Felicitous Rain Lord or Shi Changsheng, none of them dared to think that the power of destruction could really spread through thousands of worlds, or even the 12 Empyrean Heavens, much less a single world. It would destroy everything.

That was the Major Destruction laws that could end the Universe which no 12 Empyrean Heavens warrior had been able to comprehend!

Of course, with Yi Yun’s cultivation level, it was impossible to produce a destructive power that could devour all of the 12 Empyrean Heavens. It was already sufficient to destroy whatever that was around him.

“The rain in the sky has been devoured. Even the clouds are gone!” In the towering tree’s hall, a warrior from the younger generation exclaimed.

At that moment, in the world of darkness, not only was the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s power being assimilated by the destructive force, even Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s Dao Domain of Rain was being assimilated by the destructive power!

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