Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 We Should Trust Each Other

“My fellow cultivator, you always change your ideas. I will never trust you again!” After a minute of silence, the woman with the long whip said as she looked at Xu Que and shook her head. She could basically confirm that Xu Que was not a person who would honor his word. And he was always fooling her with all kinds of wicked measures. Even though she was experienced in handling people, she was not able to figure out Xu Que’s plans.

“Hey! Come on! We should trust each other!” Xu Que said immediately.

Buttface said, nodding his head, “Right! Trust is the necessary bridge among people!”

Duan Jiude also said seriously, “Exactly! Without trust, this world would be a horrible place! How boring it would be!”

Buttface replied, “Yes, very boring!”

Xu Que said, “Exactly! As the saying goes, this world is maintained by love and friendship! Can we remain indifferent when this world is becoming cold and cruel? Sorry, I can’t do that! I believe everyone should be responsible to build trust!”

Buttface agreed. “What Mr. Xu said is right! I believe the trust between you and him will have an enormous impact in spreading positive energy in this society!”

Duan Jiude said, “Mr. Buttface is right! This is one small step for both of you, which stands for a giant leap for mankind!”

Xu Que said, “Young lady, look, Mr. Buttface and Mr. Duan agree with me. So, what are you waiting for? It is unnecessary to be hesitant. The shortest answer is action! Let’s just walk into this Spell Array hand in hand and heart to heart!”

Then, the three of them started to look at the woman in a sincere and expectant way!


The woman with the long whip was totally embarrassed and really wanted to spit blood!

Build trust from every little thing?

This world is maintained by love and friendship?

A small step for us and a giant leap for mankind?

What the hell are they talking about? You just want me to lead you into the Spell Array! Is it really necessary for this nonsense?

The point is you’ve just fooled me! How could you have the nerve to mention “trust” in front of me? The shortest answer is action? I am almost driven mad by you!

The woman said nothing although her expression got very dark.

Behind a giant rock, Zhang Suyue, who had been brought here by Xu Que, was also dumbfounded. After witnessing the wicked measures of Xu Que, Buttface, and Duan Jiude, she felt her horizons had been broadened. She couldn’t help but murmur in a low voice, “Awesome! No wonder they are known as the three wicked guys of the Exploding Heavens Faction! They are so good at boasting! How horrible they are!”


“I have only one condition!” At last, after keeping silent for a long time, the woman with the long whip answered as she looked at Xu Que earnestly. “I will take you into the Spell Array. After entering the Celestial Burial Valley, you shall remove the Soul Seed immediately! Otherwise, I will sound the alarm in the Celestial Burial Valley and we will die together!”

“No problem!” Xu Que agreed with a shiny smile immediately.

When he went into the Celestial Burial Valley, he could play the hit and run game with the Celestials with the help of his Firestorm Wheels! So, he worried about nothing!

Only that Celestial Spell Array was too powerful! Even if it was just a half-star Celestial Spell Array, he was not able to break it. So, he had to take the initiative by controlling this woman, so that he could go into the Celestial Spell Array safely.

“I hope you will honor your word this time!” The woman said coldly as she picked up the long whip from the ground.

“Absolutely! Don’t worry, you can count on me! OK, I will remove the restrictions on your body first!” Xu Que said as he patted his chest seriously. Then he removed the Taoist Connotation restrictions from the woman’s body!

The woman replied with a cold smile. She was quite familiar with Xu Que’s tone and expressions and she didn’t believe what Xu Que said at all!

“OK, your cultivation achievements have been restored. Now, you can lead the way for us! Remember! Don’t play any tricks. This is our last cooperation. And I will definitely let you go after this. I know you are quite clever. So I don’t want to waste my words!” Xu Que reminded her with a smile.

The woman snorted coldly to herself. You don’t want to waste your words? You’ve said enough!

“Follow me! Just go by following my footprints in the Spell Array. Don’t use any magic art in it or you will be at risk!” The woman said coldly. Then she walked towards the Celestial Spell Array.

“Of course!” Xu Que smiled and waved to Buttface, Duan Jiude, and Zhang Suyue to move.

He knew he had stopped this woman from playing any tricks by doing that. This woman didn’t want to die. So, she knew what she should do!

Soon, they appeared in front of the Celestial Spell Array. The woman with the long whip placed a hand seal on the barrier of the Array gently! Then an entrance appeared on the barrier, through which they walked into the Spell Array directly! When the Celestial Spell Array was running, nobody was sent to guard it! As the woman had said, they were shorthanded in the Celestial Burial Valley and were not able to send people to guard the Spell Array!

If they had had enough people to guard the Spell Array, the Array would be unnecessary. They believed nobody in the Four Great Continents could kill them quietly. Therefore, they could stop the infiltration of cultivators who tried to fish in troubled waters with the Spell Array, which was quite convenient. On the other hand, they could have an additional protective measure by setting up this Array. If someone really broke into the Array or even tried to damage it, they would hear the noise and send people to protect the Array. After all, this was a precious half-star Celestial Spell Array. They didn’t want to see a scratch on it!

Therefore, Xu Que had managed to get into the Array by making full use of their plan. When Xu Que went in for the first time, he underestimated the power of this Array. Now, with the guidance of this woman, they didn’t come across any obstacles as if the Array didn’t exist at all. After a while, they had walked through the Celestial Spell Array successfully.

Xu Que was impressed by this Array. The mystery of Spell Arrays was unfathomable! Anyone who was unprepared would be killed in this Array. Those who knew the route inside the Array could walk through it like walking in the backyard of their home.

It seems I shall have to find time to acquire more knowledge about the Spell Arrays. In future, this skill could be used as a lethal weapon! Xu Que made up his mind to acquire more knowledge of his Secondary Occupations in the future.

Before long, when the woman pressed the last hand seal on the Array, a light screen appeared from nowhere. Then ripples started to appear on the screen.

The exit of the Celestial Spell Array was slowly opened in those ripples!


Instantly, they sensed a gust of ancient and intense Spiritual Qi. Xu Que and his teammates were refreshed and cheered up by the Spiritual Qi. The Spiritual Qi in this place was even more intense than that in the Xuanzhen Continent. The Spiritual Qi here was not only intense but also pure. It would flow in one’s Meridians like liquid True Core Strength!

“This place is awesome!” Xu Que couldn’t help but exclaim. If he could perform cultivation in this place, it would be as efficient as gaining experience through killing his enemies!

“This place is the center of the Celestial Burial Valley. The density of Spiritual Qi here is the highest in this area. However, it can’t rival the World of Near Celestials!” The woman with the long whip said calmly. Then, she said, looking at Xu Que, “Now, you should honor your word!”

“Hah, hah, you looked so worried! I’ve told you I am not the one you imagined! We should trust each other! Come here, let me remove the Soul Seed for you!” Xu Que said with a shiny smile. A hand seal appeared in his hands which was full of Taoist Connotation and Soul Strength to remove the Soul Seed.

Seeing that, the woman let out a sigh of relief.

It seems…he is not as despicable as I imagined!


At this moment, a dull sound was heard from behind. Then the woman was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground.

Buttface said, “Holy sh*t!”

Duan Jiude said, “Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!”

Zhang Suyue, “???”