Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Who Is The Arrogant One?

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The figures in black robes were Xu Que’s replicas. Only one of them was his Thunder Illusion Body with combat capacity!

At that moment, the figures in black robes were launching their attacks at the same time. It wasn’t at all useless. They had a trace of Xu Que’s Soul Strength in control of them. They fought independently, operated their own hand gestures, drew in the Spiritual Qi from Heaven and Earth, and activated the Trap & Kill Array that had been set up all around!

“Conceited young man, you’re acting recklessly and blindly. Kill every single one of them!” Just then, Lin Canghe, the Dean of the Dingtian Academy, hollered as a tinge of vicious and murderous intent flashed across his face.

More than ten aces in the Heaven Celestial Stage hadn’t moved. On the contrary, hundreds of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage had decided to kill Xu Que and his many replicas. That was a form of contempt. To deal with these guys at the Human Celestial Stage didn’t need those superior aces in the Heaven Celestial Stage to get involved personally. Moreover, each of those aces in the Heaven Celestial Stage was the leader of their own forces. If they united to attack the younger cultivators, even if they won, it would be disgraceful and embarrassing when the news spread.

However, sending the aces in the Earth Celestial Stage was different. The numbers of the Earth Celestial Stage guaranteed the victory of the battle. It wouldn’t be a disgrace when details of the battle were spread. It would only let the public feel that the Exploding Heavens Faction was courting death!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, there was a series of loud thuds resonating from the Earth’s surface.

Hundreds of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage hadn’t even had a chance to get close to Xu Que’s replicas because they were kept apart by many different Trap & Kill Arrays.

Following which, Xu Que waved his hand, and with a swoosh, he took out the Six Rens Earth Plate!

“Six Rens Earth Plate!” Lin Canghe immediately yelled angrily.

How could Lin Canghe not recognize that Celestial Artifact? It was owned by Mo Tianji, the Deputy Dean of the Dingtian Academy. It was extremely powerful. But after it was lent to Chu Ao, it was seized by the people from the Exploding Heavens Faction in the Waste Realm. He had never expected that the Six Rens Earth Plate had fallen into Xu Que’s hands!

“Heh, heh, old man, today I’ll show you how the Celestial Artifact you’ve given me will be enhanced and glorified!” Xu Que laughed and created several complicated taoist seals in his hands. It was just some shallow knowledge of the Secrets of Yin Yang that he had learned at the beginning.

Although it was just some shallow knowledge, it was still relevant to use of the Six Rens Earth Plate. It was akin to a lousy key that had no other functions but its only role was to open a huge Treasure Cove.

Xu Que’s Secrets of Yin Yang, though not the standard Activation Spell of the Six Rens Earth Plate, it could still activate one of the functions of the Six Ren Land, the Terrain Obliterating Spell!

“You know the art of divination?” When Lin Canghe saw what Xu Que was doing, his expression suddenly changed, and he was very surprised.

In the Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm, there were only a few people who were good with the art of divination. Among them, the strongest one was Mo Tianji from the Dingtian Academy. But now, Xu Que was activating the Six Rens Earth Plate with ease, and Lin Canghe was astonished.


Just then, Xu Que had activated all his taoist seals,and the whole of Six Rens Earth Plate was instantly glowing. It was in thriving brilliance and suffusing in all directions.

The ground suddenly wriggled, the mountains and forests seemed to collapse. A hundred Trap & Kill Arrays that were arranged in advance by Xu Que were activated at the same time. Each Trap & Kill Array transformed into a Spell Core and absorbed a huge amount of Spiritual Qi in the proximity.


There was a muffled explosion in the Void,and, under the startled gaze of everyone, 100 Trap & Kill Arrays surged up violently like a huge beam of light. It rose up in the sky like 100 stars gathered in the sky. It formed a bloodthirsty gigantic spell Array, and its imposing aura shot out in all directions, exuding tremendous pressure on everyone’s hearts, it was horrifying!

“What?” Everyone was baffled.

Even Lin Canghe couldn’t believe what he saw.

This is the power from the Six Rens Earth Plate?

How is this possible?

The Six Rens Earth Plate can set up spells in an instant, but it’s merely a piece of Low-Grade Celestial Artifact. Even when Mo Tianji was at his peak, he couldn’t set off such a strong power!

“Heh, heh, old fellow, I told all of you before, don’t provoke me. But all of you turned a deaf ear to my advice. Today, I’ll show you how absolutely ignorant all of you are of the strength of the Exploding Heavens Faction!”

At the same time, Xu Que’s smile revealed his cold and malicious intent to kill. He held up his hand and put it down fiercely!


Suddenly, the entire Terrain Obliterating Spell was activated in an instant.100 Trap & Kill Arrays transformed into many Spell Cores, crazily absorbing the Spiritual Qi within the parameters, while the Terrain Obliterating Spell was crazily extracting the power from the Earth. The two forces combined and transformed into a horrible murderous aura, condensed into a vast and imposing sea of murderous aura and it surged forward while it enveloped the entire space!

“No, retreat!” Lin Canghe and the others were shocked. He shouted and many retreated one after another.

But the hundreds of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage couldn’t retreat in time. They were swallowed up by the sea of murderous aura in an instant. They were pierced through into pieces and disintegrated into ashes by innumerous razor-sharp murderous auras!

Not worth mentioning, but in front of that sea of murderous aura, the hundreds of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage were merely the appetizers of the entire grand battle; it was a drop in the ocean. The terrible murderous aura surged and roared, it bolted madly ahead, it even transformed into several feet of murderous waves, it released Heaven’s power, and it crashed down fiercely!


An ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage couldn’t escape in time. He was slammed and crushed in the waves of murderous aura. He was swatted like a fly by the waves and fell from the sky.


He screeched. It was a heart-wrenching scream, and his flesh was continuously cut by the dense murderous aura. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a bloody mess; it made others blood freeze.

Just then, Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body darted right to the front where he created a Six-color Fiery Lotus. Without hesitation, he threw it at the ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage!


With a deafening loud roar, the arm of the ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage was blown up, and his defense was weakened.

It was because of his weaker defense that directly led to his inability to compete against the dense murderous aura in the Terrain Obliterating Spell. He was devoured in an instant, and finally with a bang, he burst into a bloody mist on the spot.

An ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage was dead! Everyone who saw that scene was startled, they were severely stupefied.

Looking at that scene from afar, Qin Sanli, as well as the aces and disciples of several major forces, were struck dumb with astonishment. No one had ever thought that the people from the Exploding Heavens Faction were so dreadful.

There were merely geniuses in the Human Celestial Stage, but they were such a terror after joining hands in the attack. They had instantly killed hundreds of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage, not to mention, they were still chasing more than ten aces in the Heaven Celestial Stage and had even managed to kill one of them!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it!

“Xu Que, stop!” Just then, Elder Li, the deacon of the Equipment Refining Sect, was also retreating while he shouted. Elder Li was already regretting everything he said, and he knew that he had really underestimated the strength of the Exploding Heavens Faction. Compared with the current plight, he found that the incident whereby Xu Que had stolen the refinery materials from the Equipment Refining Tower could only be regarded as trivial.

But now, because of that trivial issue, the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch was destroyed, and now even the deacon was in danger.

“Stop, my *ss!” Xu Que responded extremely forcefully with an indifferent face. He continued to trigger his Six-color Fiery Lotus together with his Terrain Obliterating Spell, and he was hunting them down.

“Young man, enough!”

Suddenly, a majestic voice from faraway resonated in the area. It was merely a voice but its aura gave an abrupt tremble to Xu Que’s Terrain Obliterating Spell.It was almost smashed into pieces.

“Golden Celestial Stage?”

Xu Que’s expression suddenly changed and his gaze was filled with seriousness.

What he worried about had finally happened. The ace in the Golden Celestial Stage couldn’t sit back and do nothing after all!

“Quit while one is ahead. Don’t be arrogant and overdo it, or I’ll annihilate the Exploding Heavens Faction!” Just then, the voice from nowhere resonated like a Celestial Thunder and struck people hard in their hearts.

“Ha, annihilate the Exploding Heavens Faction? It seems that you’re more arrogant?”

Xu Que yelled and he didn’t intend to stop. Instead, he frenziedly engaged in a few more hand gestures to maximize the performance of the Terrain Obliterating Spell.

He knew the ace in the Golden Celestial Stage was there all along. How could he be unprepared?

Since he declared that he was removing the names of the Dingtian Academy and the Equipment Refining Sect from the Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm, he must fulfill what he had promised!

As for the Golden Celestial Stage?

Ha, ha, I’ll flee after killing everyone, what can he do to me?