Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Here I Am


All at once, the atmosphere became awkward.

“Are you Genji (a d*ck)?”

There was nothing wrong with the question. However, like Buttface, Xu Que intentionally paused in his pronunciation, which made the question sound like, “Are you a d*ck?”

Xu Que and Buttface were humiliating Dong Genji by making his first name sound like “d*ck.”

Liu Jingning almost couldn’t hold it in. She turned around immediately and her body was trembling slightly. Obviously, she was trying her best not to burst into laughter.

However, the onlookers standing to the side burst into laughter after a momentary pause.

They couldn’t help laughing, even if they were afraid of the strength of Dong Genji and the Carefree Building.

Dong Genji had been a celebrity for many years. None of them expected his name to be used by Xu Que as a tool for humiliation!

“Eh, my fellow cultivator Wang, I don’t think the relationship between us is good enough that we can address each other by name!” Dong Genji’s eyes were full of murderous intent. However, he managed to hold back his anger and speak rationally through a false smile. His tone, however, was noticeably colder than before.

Liu Jingning managed to painstakingly hold in her laughter. She was about to turn around to ease their embarrassment.

She knew well that Dong Genji was a man who would seek revenge over the smallest of grievances. Because his special identity, Xu Que would experience endless trouble if he became the mortal enemy of Dong Genji.

However, before she had time to say something, Xu Que winked and curiously asked, “What Brother Dong said is right! I will not address you by name. By the way, I’ve heard you had Genji in your mouth when you were born. That’s why they named you Genji, right?”

Liu Jingning burst into laughter.

She had been originally disgusted by Dong Genjianyone could feel disgust for this kind of hypocrite. However, as the powerful and cunning head of the Carefree Building, at least Dong Genji was respected by most people on the surface.

But now his name had been made fun of by Xu Que and Buttface three times!

First he was a “small d*ck,” then he was “a d*ck,” and then they said he was born wit “a d*ck in his mouth!”

Liu Jingning couldn’t hold in her laughter anymore, even though she knew she shouldn’t laughit was too satisfying.

Xu Que had intellectually crushed Dong Genji.

“I had a piece of golden jade in my mouth!” Dong Genji almost burst with anger. If he wasn’t keeping control over his sanity, he would have strangled Xu Que.

“Right! The two characters ‘Gen Ji’ were inscribed on the jade. Actually, I think the golden jade is of low importance compared to the two characters, which must have a secret from heaven behind them!” It seemed Xu Que didn’t sense Dong Genji’s anger, so he kept seriously discussing the topic with Dong Genji.

Dong Genji’s face was very dark. In front of powerful opponents, he wouldn’t reveal emotions through his face; on the contrary, he would appear apathetic.

However, Xu Que was just a Level 4 sovereign of the Infant Transformation Stagethis was nothing for Dong Genji. He showed his respect to Xu Que to show due respect to Liu Jingning and Jiang Hongyan and maintain his graceful bearing.

But he didn’t expect Xu Que to continue humiliating him, especially with such low blows. This was also the first time he felt he’d been outwitted by someone.

He felt like a genius doing his best to solve a problem who was suddenly faced with a stupid guy solving the problem instantly. This was way too humiliating!

“My fellow cultivator Wangenough is enough, okay?” Dong Genji said coldly, staring at Xu Que. Pressure from his body started gushing toward Xu Que. He didn’t want to be hypocritical anymore by posing an undisguised threat.

However, Xu Que just ignored his threat as if nothing had happened. The next moment, Xu Que feigned surprise and asked, “Brother Dong, what’s wrong? Did I say something inappropriate? My Gosh! You really have a good name! Don’t tell me you don’t like the name Genji!?”

“You” Dong Genji, furious, was about to murder Xu Que with raised-arm moves. However, he’d hardly finished saying, “You are seeking death,” when his movement abruptly stopped. He was a bit stunned.

The next moment a magnificent aura swept out from Jiang Hongyan like a turbulent tsunami.

Jiang Hongyan opened her sparkling eyes. Her majestic and mighty aura vanished and was replaced by water-like gentleness.

“Hong” Dong Genji was delighted, and made to come over.

Whoosh! Suddenly, a figure flew over Dong Genji and landed in front of Jiang Hongyan. It was Xu Que.

Xu Que smiled. “Here I am! Are you surprised? Is this unexpected? Are you happy?”

Jiang Hongyan was not surprised at all; it was as if she had already known Xu Que would come. She shook her head. “You shouldn’t be here!” she sighed, but there was a faint smile on her face.

“No way! You protected me when I crossed my Heavenly Tribulation, and now it’s my turn to protect you!”

Liu Jingning also came closer and, embarrassed, said, “Jiang Hongyan, I lived up to my promise. But this little brat didn’t listen to my advice and came here finding the way himself. I just can’t stop him. It might be hard for you to believe that he found the way by repeatedly tossing his shoes!”

Hearing that, Jiang Hongyan was surprised. By tossing his shoes?

Dong Genji was also confused. However, he didn’t take the story seriously. It was bullsh*t that someone could find their way by tossing their shoes.

For him, Xu Que must have gotten the information of Jiang Hongyan’s whereabouts and come here by using a teleportation device.

However, none of these issues mattered now. He was quite curious about the relationship between Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan.

When he heard Xu Que said “my Hongyan,” he hadn’t taken it seriously. But Jiang Hongyan’s attitude toward Xu Que was really unexpected.

From his perspective, Jiang Hongyan seemed gentle and nice. But she was apathetic in a way that usually pushed people away. Now, however, Jiang Hongyan was being really gentle and nice to Xu Que.

“Building Head Dong, I really appreciate your protection just now.” Jiang Hongyan turned to Dong Genji and spoke with a faint smile on her face.

Although she was in cultivation condition, she was aware of her surroundings.

Before the arrival of Xu Que, the cultivators were trying to attack Jiang Hongyan. However, they abandoned this effort when Dong Genji appeared.

Of course, Jiang Hongyan knew these people couldn’t pose a threat to her even Dong Genji wasn’t here.

Dong Genji smiled. “Hongyan, you are always welcome! Based on our close relationship”

“Genji,” Xu Que interrupted with a grin. “Eh, Brother Dong, we still have some family affairs to discuss. How about you go and I will chat with you over dinner some other day!”

Xu Que’s dismissal was so obvious that Dong Genji couldn’t stop his face from darkening. Xu Que had mentioned “family affairs,” which was obviously provocative as a declaration to everyone that he’d set up a family with Jiang Hongyan.

Jiang Hongyan didn’t react to Xu Que’s words and just silently glanced at Dong Genji.

Dong Genji understood Jiang Hongyan’s attitude immediately, so he forced a smile and folded his hands. “In that case, I’ll see you later!”

After saying that, he turned around and left without hesitation.

He knew humiliation was all he would get if he remained here. However, after Jiang Hongyan crossed her tribulation tomorrow she would become his toy!

And Xu Que would be first on his kill list!

“Little brat, you offended a troublesome man, so you have to be careful in the future!” Watching Dong Genji from behind, Jiang Hongyan warned Xu Que quietly with furrowed eyebrows.

Xu Que smiled with an indifferent expression. Dong Genji? He’s nothing for me!

Liu Jingning smiled wryly. She didn’t have the heart to tell Jiang Hongyan that Xu Que had offended almost all the big families and sects in the East Continent!

“If nothing goes wrong, I will cross my Heavenly Tribulation tomorrow. Little brat, you leave here with Jingning now and wait for me in the South Continent!” Jiang Hongyan smiled at Xu Que,but her gaze was still quite serious to convey that she wasn’t kidding.

“I’m already here, and I’m not going to leave you. Well, just put on the equipment that can protect you during the tribulation tomorrow. I’ll set up several spells so that we can have fun with those guys!” As he spoke, Xu Que purchased a Spirit Visage and a Banshee’s Veil from the System, which were both pieces of equipment to enhance magic resistance.

Jiang Hongyan shook her head and didn’t take the equipment. Instead, she looked at Xu Que seriously and tried to urge him to leave. “You don’t understand! Tomorrow’s situation will be out of your control”

Xu Que bent over and placed the equipment in Jiang Hongyan’s arms. Before she had time to react, he patted her head and, with an affectionate smile, said, “Be good and obedient! Put them on first and wait here until I finish setting up the spells!”

Xu Que turned around and left in a handsome, domineering way, Jiang Hongyan and Liu Jingning staring dumbfounded in his wake.

This is definitely the aura of an overbearing president, right?

How could the King of Tough Acting keep failing at teasing girls?

Xu Que was very delighted. He opened the System Mall and started to search for the advanced spells!

He’d developed a well-thought-out plan to kill those guys.

This time I will not only upgrade my cultivation stage, but also act tough by making those guys spit blood!

I will definitely be the King of Tough-Acting and the one who has the last laugh!