Ultimate Wizard Chapter 3018

Chapter 3018: The Great Secret

"In other words, you don't know any useful news?" Lin Tiancheng said lightly.

Hearing this, Xiaoyao Zun smiled bitterly: "Sir, just my cultivation base, those foreign spirits don't kill me at all. It's a blessing that I can inquire about this, or you can find a way to make my strength soar to you. Qi Ping? When I use some secret techniques, I will surely be able to search for some useful information from the soul sea of those alien spirits."

"With that effort, I might as well kill you and find it yourself!" Lin Tiancheng cast a blank look at Xiaoyao.

"It seems that I have to find an opportunity to send some news back, and inform Zi Yi to increase his upper bound as soon as possible. With her, it is much easier to find the whereabouts of the idol!" Lin Tiancheng rubbed his forehead and murmured.

As the inheritor of Shura's power, Ziyi's induction of idols is naturally more accurate than him. He has been on the upper realm for such a long time, and he has released Daoyuan stele to sense idols many times. The result is nothing. I believe it must be blocked by something.

Now, the Supreme Lord Xiaoyao also brought back news, that it is very likely to be with the one hundred thousand fruit trees, so it is impossible to sense the accurate whereabouts by the seal. Only at special moments will it be opened, and then it is possible for him to find the other party. Whereabouts.

However, now Lin Tiancheng, or the entire Dao Yuan realm, lacks time. If he can't find the whereabouts of the Dao God statue as soon as possible, gather the power of the Eight Gods, he will die in the future when he fights the Holy Soul Palace!

On the contrary, if Ziyi can ascend to help him as soon as possible, then things will be much simpler. As the inheritor of the power of Ziyi Shura, I will surely find clues, and then follow the vines to find the whereabouts of the sacred tree.

At that time, your own God of War Legion can really live up to its name, and then extradited the Heavenly Gate to the upper realm, so why are there any foreign spirits?

"My lord, I know a great secret!" Senior Xiaoyao said.

"Huh? What's the great secret?" Lin Tiancheng looked at Xiaoyao with curiosity.

"My lord, after I have said this secret, can you promise me to give me the soul...? You know, my strength belongs to this!" Sum sum, Xiaoyao Zun stretched out his own Little Thumb smiled and said, "Even if I don't care, this has lost your face, you said, is it?"

"Lets talk about the secret first, it can be worthy of the word "shocking the sky". If you cant tell the truth, dont talk about helping you improve your strength. Im so hard you cant find North, believe it or not?" Lin Tiancheng snorted coldly. One channel.

Hearing this, Zun Xiaoyao trembled all over, and hurried to Lin Tiancheng to whisper, "It's a secret foreign spirit lair, and there is a soul stone for foreign spirits inside!"

Hearing this, Lin Tiancheng looked at Xiaoyao with a shocked look. A foreign spirit lair meant that there were a large number of soul beasts gathering, which was equivalent to a storage place for the flesh and blood of foreign beasts, and there were foreign spirits inside. Send soul stone.

If he could find a way to get that piece of spirit stone, it would be equivalent to Lin Tiancheng being able to conquer a foreign spirit. The benefits of this are so great that he really deserves the word Shocking!

"Really?" Lin Tiancheng looked at Xiaoyao in disbelief.

"It's true, if you don't believe it, I will take you to see it in person!" Senior Xiaoyao said.

Hearing this, Lin Tiancheng nodded, his strength is strong, and he is not afraid of any tricks played by Xiaoyao, anyway, he can retreat calmly.

Just go to investigate first to see how strong the opponent is. If it is not strong, bring the team directly to the pot. If it is difficult to chew, take the lead and kill the tricky guy first!

Therefore, Senior Honorable Xiaoyao led Lin Tiancheng towards a certain part of the glacier, leaving the large team in place to wait for orders.

Lin Tiancheng disgusted that Xiaoyao Zun was slow to walk up, and immediately took his back collar with one hand, lifted him up and ran, only letting the other person show the way.

"My lord, your strength, I really admire the five-body throwing ground, I really don't know when will I have your strength!" Senior Xiaoyao flattered again.

Hearing that, Lin Tiancheng remained unmoved, and took out the corpse of the ice mammoth that had been killed before, "There is still a remnant soul in it, you can absorb it!"

Hearing this, Xiaoyao Zun looked excited. He was really forced to be helpless. It would be difficult to kill a strange beast in this place. Otherwise, it would be a group of people, pulling the whole body together, or being a strong one. Ruthless like the ice mammoth.

After meeting Xiaoyao Zun who didn't retreat for three times, he might not even be able to save his life. Now Lin Tiancheng casually took out the corpse of a five-star Taoist ancestor peak state, how can he not make him ecstatic!

Although the Frozen Mammoth had been dead for a long time, and there were only some remnant souls left in it, the lean camel was bigger than a horse, and it was already a rare tonic for the high-level five-star Taoist ancestors.

Immediately grateful to Dade to thank Lin Tiancheng, and then prepared to absorb the remnant soul cultivation inside without stopping, anyway, being lifted by Lin Tiancheng, he didn't have to worry about hurrying on the road, and just took the opportunity to practice quickly.

When the time comes, the lord will kill the alien beast, and he will hide aside to absorb the remnant soul, just because the two are not in conflict!

The two of them flew for a long time, and finally came to a very hidden glacier crack under the guidance of Xiaoyao. If no one pointed the way, even if they passed from above, no one would find that there would be There is a lair of foreign spirits!

Fortunately, the foreign spirit lair at this time seemed to lack defense, and there were no foreign spirits and foreign beasts outside to guard, but it was convenient for Lin Tiancheng and the two to spend a lot of money, and calmly entered the range of the foreign spirit lair.

Although this place was discovered by the Honorable Xiaoyao, he didn't go deep, but he sensed the existence of a foreign spirit in it by virtue of the techniques of the Holy Soul Palace, and there was a stone that exuded the same aura, so he could conclude that the foreign spirit was actually Take the Ji Ling Stone with you.

"You stay here, I'll go in and check it out!" Lin Tiancheng said to Senior Xiaoyao, the strength of Senior Xiaoyao wouldn't help him, so it's better to stay here to avoid distraction.

After finishing speaking, Lin Tiancheng went deep into the nest of foreign spirits alone. Senior Xiaoyao was also very skilled in digging a hole in place to bury himself, and casually laid a few restraints to isolate himself. Seeing how he is familiar with the road, it must be such a thing. No less.

Because it is under the glacier, the foreign spirit lair looks very gloomy and terrible except for some refracted halos. There are winding ice tunnels everywhere, and it exudes the aura of different animals of different auras.

Just as Lin Tiancheng passed through a circular ice cave, there was a sudden vigilance in his heart, and his aura suddenly appeared.

The next moment, a strange roar came, and I saw a white wolf with a one-horned white wolf rushing towards him, with wings on his back and covered with ice armor. The momentum was even more extraordinary than the cold he had encountered before. The ice mammoth is vaguely stronger!

Lin Tiancheng frowned and looked at the opponent, leaning away, not because Lin Tiancheng was afraid of him, but because the location was small and unsuitable for fighting. On the other hand, the opponent was extremely fast, so he had to exit this place to find an empty place. Behead it.

Of course, the opponent is good at speed, and the larger the space, the more suitable for the opponent to play, but Lin Tiancheng has already distinguished this matter from the momentum of the five-star Taoist ancestor peak, and naturally he is not afraid that the other party can fly out of his Wuzhishan!

Only after leaving the ice cave, the one-horned ice wolf had already caught up with him. With its thick claws shining with the cold light, it grabbed Lin Tiancheng's back, and he was about to dig out Lin Tiancheng's heart.

Lin Tiancheng didn't look back, the dark Daoyuan stele came out, instantly forming a battle armor on the surface of his body, resisting the opponent's claws and turning the body shape, the unicorn ice wolf was forced back with a single blow.

However, the unicorn ice wolf did not receive any serious damage. His wings shook, and he grabbed Lin Tiancheng again. This time, Lin Tiancheng seemed to have eyes behind him. The unicorn ice wolf deceived him by a fake action. Vacant.

The one-horned ice wolf has failed several times, and he was short of breath, and immediately screamed wildly. In an instant, the one-horned horn on the top of the head exuded a bright light, and the momentum of the whole body was quickly rising. In the blink of an eye, the breath of the one-horned ice wolf was Become violent.

"I'm going, ran away?" Lin Tiancheng looked at the silver unicorn ice wolf with violent aura with an incredible expression on his face.

The next moment, the unicorn ice wolf brought the afterimage to Lin Tiancheng. The speed of the unicorn ice wolf at this moment was almost at its extreme. Lin Tiancheng couldn't dodge at all and was snapped by the unicorn ice wolf.

Lin Tiancheng flew out of the ice wall with difficulty, looked at the unicorn ice wolf with an angry expression, and immediately stretched out his hand, holding the long knife in his hand, and then slashed towards the violent unicorn ice wolf in front of him.

When the two intersected, Lin Tiancheng's long knife slashed the coldly glowing claws of the unicorn ice wolf directly, and immediately kicked the violent unicorn ice wolf into the ice wall like the top of Mount Tai.

After the runaway, the unihorn ice wolf's physical fitness has obviously increased a lot, and it flew out of the ice wall staggeringly, without any injuries on its body, but without waiting for it to slow down, Lin Tiancheng flew in front of it again, and immediately the knife again He cut away.