Unrivaled Medicine God Book Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Stone Book


“Alright then. Since that’s the case, follow me,” Wei Xiao said and exited the study room first.

Walking out of the door, Ye Yuan’s eye suddenly lit up. It was as if he had arrived at an otherworldly paradise.

A small bridge over a flowing stream; Pavilions, terraces, and towers. There was even a peach blossom forest in full bloom right beside.

The stunning scenery gave people a completely relaxed and refreshing feeling.

Ye Yuan could not help sighing in admiration. Lu Linfeng actually already had such strength before ascending. No wonder he could affirm his Dao as the Grand Yan Divine King.

There was an open space not far from outside the door. Three stone book volumes were placed in that open space.

“This is the Array Formations Three Volumes?” Ye Yuan asked uncertainly.

Wei Xiao nodded and said, “That’s right. Insert your divine sense into one of the volumes, and you’ll naturally understand.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and sent his divine sense into the left-hand side stone book as told.

Suddenly, a suction force appeared. It actually sucked all of Ye Yuan’s divine sense into the book volume.

By the time he recovered, Ye Yuan had already plunged into limitless darkness.

But Ye Yuan did not panic. With his experience and knowledge, he could obviously tell that this was a place that was the same as consciousness space.

Looked like Lu Linfeng’s array formations realm before he ascended had already surpassed this plane by far too much.

Without making Ye Yuan wait for too long, a smidgeon of light started to appear within the darkness. That was a light mote.

Right after, more and more light motes begun appearing. The dots of light made Ye Yuan feel as though he was within a vast expanse of starry sky.

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent, but he shook his head and said with a laugh, “I didn’t think that a casual choice would hit the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.”

If one did not understand array formations, they would naturally be unable to comprehend the meaning of these light motes.

But Ye Yuan was a Tier 9 Formations Emperor. Comprehending it posed no difficulty at all.

The array formation looked unbelievably profound. But any great Dao would go from simple to complex, from easy to difficult.

Even more complicated array formations could be broken down into single individual small units.

This small unit was known as an array element in the array formations path.

And the meaning that these light motes represented was each array element of the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

Formations path was the same as martial artists comprehending concepts. They were all stuff that could only be sensed, but not explained in words. There was simply no way of using words to describe them.

Hence, Lu Linfeng set up such an Array Formations Three Volumes consciousness space to let descent disciples enter inside to comprehend.

But Ye Yuan already fully comprehended this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, so he naturally did not need to waste any more time.

But the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation here was quite a bit more profound than the one Ye Yuan comprehended.

Evidently, Lu Linfeng’s comprehension of it before ascending went up another level.

Ye Yuan spent an hour’s time to fully comprehend the improved Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

His divine sense willed and he withdrew out of this consciousness space.

When Wei Xiao saw Ye Yuan exit, he enquired with a smile, “How do you feel, young man? Comprehending formations is extremely time-consuming. There’s simply no way to accomplish it at one stroke. You’d better stay here to cultivate diligently and slowly comprehend it!”

Ye Yuan flashed a brilliant beam and said, “Feels very simple! Old Wei, I’ll go comprehend the next array formation!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan came directly in front of the second stone volume and sunk his divine sense into it once again, leaving Wei Xiao with a frozen look on his face.

The corner of Wei Xiao’s mouth twitched twice, and his expression became odd.


This boy is putting up a front in order to look impressive, right?

Originally, I still thought that this boy was rather reliable. Why does he look increasingly less trustworthy now?

Would the things left behind by a heaven-defying character like Founding Father be simple?

One had to know that Founding Father was only at the Divine Traversing Realm when he ascended. But he had already created a Tier 6 array formation like the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array!

Wei Xiao’s face unwittingly showed thick disappointment. Seemed like he still needed to use some means to make this boy study the Array Formations Three Volumes in a down-to-earth manner.

But he had already stayed in the Grand Yan Space for thousands of year. There was no rush to do it now.

After entering the second array formation, Ye Yuan’s pressure clearly became much greater.

Of course, that was with respect to the first array formation.

Comprehending the array formation in this consciousness space was vastly different from the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation comprehended previously.

At that time, the pressure that those sword puppets gave Ye Yuan was huge. Ye Yuan needed to place most of his energy on dealing with the sword puppets.

But in here, not only were there no threats from sword puppets, Lu Linfeng even broke down the array formation into each individual, most basic array element. Ye Yuan comprehending it was naturally twice the result with half the effort.

This second array formation was none other than the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array!

To be able to seal off the passageway between two worlds, this Six Extreme Seals Grand Array was obviously impossibly powerful, and also exceptionally profound and complex!

Ye Yuan spent a full half days’ time to fully comprehend it as well.

One had to know that Ye Yuan only spent four hours on comprehending the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

This to others was a result to be extremely proud of. But to Ye Yuan, it was not something worth flaunting much.

After all, this was only the array formation that Lu Linfeng left behind before ascending. While it was already powerful to the extreme in the lower planes, to Ye Yuan this Tier 9 formations master, the difficulty was not that great.

If Ye Yuan was made to comprehend the Formations Path Nine Scripts, he reckoned that without one or two decades, it would be hard to have minor accomplishments in it.

The Grand Yan Divine King’s present strength was far more than a hundred times, a thousand times stronger than when he ascended.

The degree of complexity of the Formations Path Nine Scripts was simply incomparable to this Array Formation Three Volumes.

Ye Yuan’s divine sense withdrew again. He noticed that the eyes Wei Xiao looked at him with became somewhat different; an exasperated look like he failed to live up to expectations.

“What? The Six Extreme Seals Grand Array is also very simple? The time spent this time is a little longer eh?”

Ye Yuan could noticeably tell that Wei Xiao’s words carried thick displeasure.

He laughed and said,“En, en,also not too difficult either. Let’s talk again after I finish comprehending the third set of array formations first.

Wei Xiao’s eyes opened wide as he said, “You’re not saying that you’ve already fully comprehended the first two array formations, right?”

“Hur hur,yeah.”

With that, Ye Yuan’s divine sense sunk one more time into the third stone volume . . .

Wei Xiao was so angered that he nearly cuffed Ye Yuan’s ears. He said huffily, “This child can’t be taught! If the Array Formations Three Volumes are so easy to comprehend, then wouldn’t my Grand Yan True Sect be a joke?!”

It was just that Ye Yuan’s divine sense had already sunk into the stone book and could not hear his words.

The third set of array formation, Ye Yuan spent an entire day!

This was an illusionary array named Asura Confounding Formation.

This Asura Confounding Formation was only a Tier 5 array formation. But the comprehending difficulty was even greater than the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array!

When he finished comprehending this set of array formation, Ye Yuan also felt like collapsing.

Although this set of array formation was an illusionary array, the danger level was absolutely even greater than the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!

It was just that with Ye Yuan’s current strength, he was simply unable to set it up.

But having finished comprehending these three sets of array formations, Ye Yuan also had a clear understanding of Lu Linfeng’s array formation system.

His Formations Path Nine Scripts should have been progressively developed and evolved from these three sets of array formations.

Wei Xiao saw Ye Yuan’s dog-tired appearance, he did not have the slightest hint of pity. He said in an icy tone, “Young man, already know how daunting it is? Don’t reach for what’s beyond your grasp as a person. This Array Formations Three Volumes is enough for you to digest for the rest of your life!”