Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Only after hearing what Feng Ruoqing said was Huyan Yong stunned.

Sensing the increasingly wilder essence energy vortex, Huyan Yong was once again shocked.

The feeling of this essence energy vortex almost caught up to breaking through the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Such violent essence energy, was Ye Yuan not afraid that he would be stuffed to death?"

However, Heart Like Still Water was a legendary realm. Perhaps Ye Yuan could really digest it!

Thinking up to here, Huyan Yong could not help but look forward to it.

"Hehe. This rascal really brings people surprises repeatedly."

Huyan Yong was secretly excited. However, Su Yubai's expression currently did not look good.

He originally already confirmed Ye Yuan's death. Now, not only did Ye Yuan come back to life, he even started breaking through by taking advantage of the situation.

It had only been a few days since he broke through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. He was actually going to break through again!

Right now, Su Yubai could only curse that Ye Yuan was stuffed to death by this violent essence energy vortex!

Also, Ye Yuan actually reached the Heart Like Still Water Realm from the legends on the Nine Heavens Road!

He had lived for such a long time, and he did not even know what was called Heart Like Still Water, yet a fifteen-year-old brat like Ye Yuan actually reached such a level in heart realm!

After raging, Su Yubai suddenly felt waves of uneasiness.

He suddenly recalled the words that Ye Yuan said three days back.

"I'll remember this, you old fart! I, Ye Yuan, will repay today's grudge a hundredfold in the future! I will definitely take your head within a year!"

The words were still echoing in Su Yubai's ears. Back then, he only treated it as a joke.

But now, Su Yubai's heart started to become uneasy.

Within a year? He can't really do it, right?

Thinking up to here, Su Yubai shuddered uncontrollably.

. . . . . .

The wild essence energy vortex started roaring with Ye Yuan as its center and shrouded a radius of several hundred meters. The students sensed that the surrounding essence energy was virtually sucked dry.

Ye Yuan revolved the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art and greedily absorbed the essence energy surrounding the Nine Heavens Peak. His aura could be clearly seen as it rose swiftly.

However, Ye Yuan who was residing at the heart of the vortex did not move even in the slightest, as if he was still a dead man.

This movement and stillness gave everyone a huge contrast, making them felt the situation was very odd.

Nevertheless, what people were most concerned with was what Ye Yuan was trying to do.

Such an enormous essence energy vortex could completely let a martial artist break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Was this Ye Yuan trying to directly break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm?

Under everyone's dumbstruck faces, Ye Yuan used Heart Like Still Water to revolve the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. The efficiency actually became several times faster than normal!

He frenziedly refined the essence energy to bring it into his Dantian. His cultivation realm was also in the process of steadily rising!

The cultivation breakthrough this time around was not Ye Yuan initiating the breakthrough, but rather, it followed naturally after the breakthrough in heart realm.

As the saying went, when the water was full, it automatically overflowed. This was that logic.

After 15 minutes, Ye Yuan's realm broke through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm without any surprises, stepping into the final minor stage in the Essence Qi Realm.

However, this was just the beginning. The essence energy vortex did not show any sign of stopping, and Ye Yuan continued to refine essence energy ceaselessly.

. . . . . .

"Too maniacal! He absorbed so much essence energy and only broke through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm. If it were me, it would probably be enough to reach the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm!"

"Yeah. What he's cultivating is definitely not the academy's cultivation law. It's impossible for the academy's Tier 3 cultivation laws to have this kind of effects."

"When you compare people, people have to die. When you compare goods, goods have to be thrown away! I wonder if I can be as monstrous as Ye Yuan if I cultivate such a powerful cultivation law."

"Are you still sleeping? Don't talk about cultivating Ye Yuan's cultivation law; are you even able to cultivate the academy's Tier 3 cultivation laws? High-tier cultivation laws are incomparably profound. If everybody could cultivate them, then wouldn't everyone be able to ascend to the Divine Realm?"

"That's true. But how is Ye Yuan trying to break through? Looking at his appearance, is he not going to give up if he doesn't break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm?!"

"Initially, I thought that way too, but looking at his current performance, the amount of essence energy required to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm must definitely be horrifying! Even though this essence energy vortex is powerful, I'm afraid it isn't sufficient for him to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm."

Under the crowd's discussions, Ye Yuan's cultivation steadily rose and rapidly broke through to the peak of Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm.

Then, it directly broke through to the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Following which, Ye Yuan's momentum did not slow down in the slightest. His aura became even more vigorous until he broke through to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm before finally gradually slowing.

Finally, Ye Yuan's realm stopped at the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, just a single step away from the Spirit Condensation Realm!

The essence energy vortex dispersed, and Ye Yuan slowly got up. He muttered to himself, "In the previous life, I cultivated to the Divine King level without having any breakthrough in heart realm. I didn't think that while I'm currently only at the Essence Qi Realm, I would unexpectedly havesuch breakthrough. Martial artists placed emphasis on essence energybut disparaged heart realm. I didn't expect heart realm to actually be so important. Perhaps that intangible, abstruse Heaven Man Unity might even have some sort of connection with the Deity Realm!"

There was also the distinction between realms within the heart realm, except, it was not as systematic as cultivation realms. It was also somewhat hard to grasp.

Heart realm was divided into three realms. They were respectively Heart Like Still Water, Heart Like Monolith, and the mythical Heaven Man Unity!

Heart realm could not be trained. One could only rely on lucky chances and enlightened comprehension.

Heart Like Still Water, akin to an old well without ripples.

It was easy to say, but in reality, it was extremely difficult to achieve.

The world was plagued with turmoil and confusion. How could it be simple to truly achieve Heart Like Still Water when in the midst of the pugilistic world.

Those who could reach Heart Like Still Water Realm probably would not number more than ten in the entire Endless World.

Ye Yuan initially did not expect to break through the heart realm either. He immersed himself inside the illusionary realm all so that he could rehearse for when meeting Ji Canglan in the future.

Ji Canglan's might was not something that the average person could comprehend. Even if he cultivated to the Divine King level once again, Ye Yuan also did not have confidence in killing him.

If Ye Yuan was unable to remain calm and collected when facing Ji Canglan in the future, then the person who would be defeated would very well be himself!

In reality, it was already extremely perilous for Ye Yuan just now in the illusionary realm. He was already at the edge of losing himself.

However, when Ji Zhengyang died yet again due to protecting him, something flashed across Ye Yuan's heart, and he comprehended Heart Like Still Water at the moment of crisis. That was how he broke the illusionary realm and exited.

Heart Like Still Water was actually not that amazing in the Divine Realm. Martial artists at the Divine King level could basically all reach this realm.

Of course, with the exception of Ye Yuan.

However, Heart Like Monolith was not so easy to attain. According to what Ye Yuan knew, there was scarcely anyone who reached that level even among the Divine Realm's Divine Kings.

As for the mythical Heaven Man Unity, Ye Yuan had never heard of anyone who accomplished it.

"Looks like the person who created the Nine Heavens Road had reached the Heart Like Still Water realm in the past. He fused his understanding into the illusionary realm to help students sense it. Seriously impressive. Except, I'm afraid it would be difficult to comprehend this Heart Like Still Water if one didn't have massive lucky encounters."

Ye Yuan had already praised this Nine Heavens Road more than once.

Ye Yuan must admit that the difficulty of this Nine Heavens Road had surpassed his imaginations.

He even nearly lost himself while in the illusionary realm, let alone the other students.

Even those students who had made it past the Nine Heavens Road most likely only forced their way through it. They were, however, unable to comprehend the true essence of the Nine Heavens Road.

This Nine Heavens Road was actually a vast treasure trove!

This middle stage of 333 steps no longer posed any more challenge to Ye Yuan now that his heart realm had already broken through to Heart Like Still Water Realm.

He made his move and headed directly for the third stage!