Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 Presumptuous Request

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Heart of a Pure Child was not a heart realm boundary, but more like a type of spirit physique.

This sort of spirit physique was inherently immune to illusions. One could maintain their true nature inside illusionary realms. It was extremely powerful.

It was just that people possessing a Heart of a Pure Child were too few and far between. It was hard for one to appear even in ten thousand years.

White Light actually ignored the Heart Examining Forest and directly walked out. Only the Heart of a Pure Child could explain it.

Right then, Wu Mo was the second one to walk out of the Heart Examining Forest.

When he saw White Light, his entire body involuntarily trembled.

Originally, these three rounds, what he had the greatest hope of winning was this Heart Examining Forest round. But who knew that he actually stumbled in the first round.

When he heard that White Light might be of the legendary Heart of a Pure Child, even the expression of someone as composed as him was rather ugly too.

It was just that White Light already walked through the Heart Examining Forest twice. Who won and who lost did not need to be judged at all.

As for Rong Ning, he was more deplorable. He was even later than Wu Mo by a full two hours.

The second round tested bloodline power. It was measured with a transcendent-grade holy artifact Bloodsoul Stone.

Bloodsoul Stone testing bloodlines was completely different from the pressure exhibited out. It was much more accurate.

Furthermore, the Bloodsoul Stone’s test of bloodline was a comprehensive picture, and not purely the strength of bloodline.

Such as age, such as potential, such as strength. Because these things tended to be included inside the blood.

The first one up was Rong Ning. He looked like he did not have much pressure, as if he was also aware himself that he was just a supporting character who did not have any hope at all.

Rong Ning dripped a drop of blood essence on the Bloodsoul Stone. Very soon, intense undulations appeared on the Bloodsoul Stone.

“Green-colored bloodline! Rong Ning is of the green-colored bloodline! This result is already very good! It’s a pity that his opponents are Wu Mo and White Light!”

After the undulation, the Bloodsoul Stone finally stopped on green color. Therefore, it was determined as a green-colored bloodline.

This Bloodsoul Stone’s testing of the bloodline’s strength was divided into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, seven colors. Red was the lowest, while violet was the highest.

Rong Ning finally stopped on the green-colored bloodline. It was already considered very strong.

After Rong Ning, Wu Mo followed suit as well, dripping blood essence on the Bloodsoul Stone.

The Bloodsoul Stone emitted an intense light. First was red color, followed by orange color, gradually becoming stronger.

When the color rushed to green color and turned from green to blue, it actually became somewhat lacking in strength.

Wu Mo’s expression changed, his eyes staring unmovingly at the Bloodsoul stone. The joints of his fingers made cracking sounds.

“Went past! Really went past! Blue-colored bloodline! Blue-colored bloodline is already extremely rarely-seen! Even if Rong Xin is here, it’s also merely like this. For White Light to want to beat Wu Mo in bloodline, it probably won’t be easy anymore!”

Current, the matter of White Light possessing sacred rank bloodline had not spread yet, while blue-colored bloodline was already an extremely rare bloodline magnitude. Hence, everyone was not too optimistic about White Light.

However, when White Light dripped blood essence on the Bloodsoul Stone, everyone was stunned!

Red color, orange color, yellow color, it practically rushed past in an instant.

It slowed down slightly when it was green color, but it still rushed past very quickly. Following that was blue color, indigo color!

“Indigo bloodline! The color is still darkening! White Light’s bloodline strength wouldn’t really charge to violet-color, right?”

“This … is too freakish! Ever since Divine Dao dwindled with zero, there has yet to be anyone’s bloodline who charged to violet color before! Just how strong is White Light’s bloodline magnitude?”

“Quickly look, it really charged past! Violet! Violet-colored bloodline!”

Violet-colored bloodline stirred up surging waves in the crowd all at once. The shocked ones were not just the White Tiger Clan’s members, there were also the other three clans that came to observe the ceremony.

Violet-colored bloodline, this was the highest rank that the Bloodsoul Stone was able to test. And in these 100 thousand years, nobody had reached violet-color before.

The best bloodline strength was also merely blue-colored bloodline.

But today, it actually gave birth to violet-colored bloodline! How could this not alarm them?

When Rong Kun saw this scene, he stroked his beard and smiled. White Light’s performance today made his face feel greatly honored.

“Quickly look! White Light’s bloodline test hasn’t ended yet! The Bloodsoul Stone’s color is still darkening! It’s already … already almost turning black!” At this time, someone suddenly cried out in shock.

Rong Kun and several elders, including the other three clans’ elders all quickly stood up, being startled by the abnormal change on the Bloodsoul Stone.

“Could it be … Could it be that White Light’s bloodline is going to reach the legendary black-colored bloodline? This … How is this possible?” Bai Yi said in astonishment.

Black-colored bloodline was the White Tiger Clan’s highest rank bloodline! The magnitude of its potential was simply unimaginable.

Even in the Divine Dao Era, there were extremely few people able to reach black-colored bloodline too.

This sort of bloodline was virtually a myth!

But today, this myth was going to become a reality in a moment!

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan just smiled faintly.

This conclusion was within his expectations. The Perfect White Tiger Physique was an existence capable of reaching the Sacred Ancestor’s rank.

Making the Bloodsoul Stone turn black, this was also something within reason.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the Bloodsoul Stone’s color finally turned black.

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air, looking towards White Light with inconceivable gazes.

“Huu … Head Elder, in my view, this third round doesn’t need to be competed anymore. White Light’s potential is simply not what the rest can contend with. Him being the young patriarch is fame following merit,” Bai Yi said.

Rong Kun also sucked in a deep breath. Looking at the various elders, he said, “Elders, are there any objections?”

“None! White Light actually let the Bloodsoul Stone reach the legendary black-color. His future accomplishments are simply limitless. If he doesn’t become the young patriarch, who will?”

“No objections!”


All of the elders approved unanimously. White Light this young patriarch was already a shoo-in.

If even black-colored bloodline could not become the young patriarch, then the White Tiger Clan would simply be a joke.

Rong Kun said, “Since that’s the case, the third round of testing doesn’t need to be carried out as well. The White Tiger Clan’s new young patriarch is White Tiger Clan! All guests, please rest for a day at my White Tiger Clan. After this old man reports this matter to Patriarch, we’ll hold the young patriarch’s crowning ceremony tomorrow morning!”

When White Light heard this news, he heaved a long sigh in relief too.

He also paid far too much for today’s sake. Of course, he also matured a lot of in-between.

Finally, he still became the White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch.

But this was no longer White Light’s goal. Ever since becoming aware of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and White Tiger Clan’s secret, his even greater goal was to consolidate the two clans and unite the White Tiger Clan.

White Light could not help looking towards Ye Yuan, his gaze filled with gratitude.

If not for Big Brother, his present situation would definitely be extremely arduous, let alone talk about becoming young patriarch.

Just as everyone was about to disperse, Ao Jianbo suddenly opened his mouth and said to Rong Kun, “Brother Kun, this Ao has a presumptuous request.”

Rong Kun was rather surprised and said, “Brother Jianbao just say it, no worries! As long as you don’t bring away Ye Yuan, everything can be discussed.”

Rong Kun knew that Ao Jianbo suddenly speaking up was probably still for Ye Yuan.

Ao Jianbo said coolly, “I’m very curious just how strong this human brat’s bloodline is! Since the Bloodsoul Stone is off the peg, can you let him give it a try?”