Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 Exploded

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“This … Ye Yuan, Elder Ao wants to witness your bloodline power, what do you think?”

Rong Kun naturally would not make the decision for Ye Yuan and could only seek his opinion.

This sort of request was clearly somewhat unreasonable to Ye Yuan. If it was in accordance with his character, he definitely would not agree.

But ever since he knew that he was of the Atavism Dragon Soul, Ye Yuan was also very curious about his bloodline power.

“Fine then. Since you all are interested, no harm in testing it as well.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

The others were also preparing to leave, but seeing this situation that suddenly occurred, they also came to a standstill and planned to watch the show first before talking.

Regarding Ye Yuan agreeing so straightforwardly, Ao Jianbo was very surprised too. He originally even wanted to use some coercive measures. Did not think that he actually did not need to use them.

Ye Yuan slowly came before the Bloodsoul Stone. This action aroused everyone’s curiosity as well.

“A human martial artist is actually bearing the dragon clan’s king rank bloodline. Truly inconceivable.”

“By my estimation, Ye Yuan’s bloodline power is probably at least green too, maybe it can even reach blue!”

“There’s still hope for green, but blue should be impossible! After all, he’s a human martial artist. Even if its king rank bloodline, his potential is also not as strong as the dragon race’s.”

King rank bloodline appeared on a human martial artist, this was something that had never happened before. These demon race powerhouses were all very curious just how powerful Ye Yuan’s bloodline power was.

But they did not think that Ye Yuan’s bloodline strength was very strong. After all, for a human martial artist, being able to reach blue-color was already very impressive.

After all, the Bloodsoul Stone leaned more towards the potential of the bloodline when testing bloodline strength.

Under normal circumstances, the deeper the color on the Bloodsoul Stone, the greater the martial artist’s accomplishments in the future.

Ye Yuan dripped a drop of blood essence on the Bloodsoul Stone. Everyone held their breaths, watching the Bloodsoul Stone’s reaction.

In the end, one breath passed, two breaths passed, the Bloodsoul Stone still had no reaction.

“What’s going on? Could it be that something went wrong with the Bloodsoul Stone?” Rong Kun said rather surprisedly.

“Heh, just a human race brat, the Bloodsoul Stone probably don’t acknowledge his bloodline power at all, right!” Long Jinhao said with a cold laugh,

Right at this time, the Bloodsoul Stone suddenly lit up and emitted an extremely strong red light!

This red light was very intense, intense until it even made people feel somewhat uncomfortable to the eye.

Furthermore, the time this red light persisted was very long and not like the others, passing very quickly.

“What’s going on here? The Bloodsoul Stone tests bloodline strength with the method of burning blood essence. The longer low-ranking bloodlines burn, the lower the bloodline strength. Seems like even though Ye Yuan reached king rank bloodline, his development space is very limited!” Rong Kun said.

Ao Jianbo said with a cold snort, “Indeed not out of my expectations! This boy is probably Old Freak Wei’s experimental product. Therefore, his potential is long exhausted! Following this trend, it’s already the limit for him to be able to reach yellow-colored bloodline! It’s just, I didn’t expect that Old Freak Wei is actually able to increase bloodline power to king rank bloodline already!”

But Rong Kun shook his head when he heard that and said, “Old Freak Wei can transplant bloodline, but he’s unable to transplant cultivation method, right? Don’t you forget, Ye Yuan’s dragon wave is cultivated to spirit rank already!”

Ao Jianbo could not help choking up when he heard that. He snorted coldly but did not say anymore.

While talking, the color of the Bloodsoul Stone already became orange color. The time the orange color lasted was similarly very long. Following that was yellow, green.

The Bloodsoul Stone’s colors kept on becoming darker steadily and did not become feeble like everyone expected.

After green, the Bloodsoul Stone became blue color without the slightest accident.

With this, everyone was stunned!

Blue-colored bloodline could already rival Wu Mo’s bloodline!

Who was Wu Mo?

He was the White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch candidate. His bloodline strength ranked among the highest in the clan. If not counting White Light, Wu Mo could virtually represent the strongest bloodline of the young generation.

However, a human bloodline martial artist’s bloodline strength could actually compete with the four symbols family clan’s young patriarch candidate. What kind of concept was this?

Long Jinhao’s expression was incomparably ugly. If he underwent bloodline testing, he was at most blue-color too. A human martial artist was actually more or less the same as him in terms of bloodline strength!

What was even more damnable was that Ye Yuan’s bloodline strength was still increasing. The color of the Bloodsoul Stone was still turning darker.

“Became indigo-color! My god, it really became indigo-color Ye Yuan’s bloodline strength is actually even more powerful than the four symbols family clans’ successors! This is simply too bizarre! That Bloodsoul Stone wouldn’t really have spoiled, right?” Someone cried out in shock.

“It’s definitely that the Bloodsoul Stone spoiled! Otherwise, how can a human bloodline martial artist’s potential be even greater than the four symbols family clans?”

“Looking at it like this, there’s probably something wrong with that White Light’s bloodline strength too!”

Although human bloodline martial artists fused with demon race bloodlines, they were unable to unleash the true power of demon race bloodlines at all.

No matter how powerful the blood essence they fused with, the strength that was truly unleashed was greatly discounted too.

Therefore, when they tested bloodline, they generally would not even reach orange color.

Ye Yuan’s bloodline performance completely surpassed common sense. This left them no choice but to doubt.

Furthermore, those present were all the four symbols family clans’ divine beast bloodlines. They were unable to accept the fact that a human’s bloodline was even stronger than theirs from the bottom of their hearts.

Hence, when they saw Ye Yuan’s bloodline break through to indigo-color bloodline, cries of questioning joined together very quickly.

However, the Bloodline Stone could not hear their questioning voices. Its color was still becoming darker, and broke through to violet color very quickly!

Following the Bloodsoul Stone turning violet color, those questioning voices also gradually ceased. The originally noisy venue became very quiet.

The Bloodsoul Stone’s color was still becoming darker, gradually turning from violet to black.

Everyone held their breaths!

Within a day, two black-colored bloodline of the legends actually appeared! This was too bizarre!

Ao Jianbo was stunned too.

“Brother Kun, your White Tiger Clan’s Bloodsoul Stone wouldn’t really have a problem, right?” Ao Jianbo said.

Rong Kun’s gaze was filled with shock. Hearing that, he shook his head and said, “Impossible! For the sake of the young patriarch trial today, our White Tiger Clan prepared for a period of several years. How can we possibly make this sort of low-level blunder?”

“But, how can a human bloodline martial artist possibly make the Bloodsoul Stone turn black?” Ao Jianbo said in astonishment.

“This … ”

Just as Rong Kun was hesitating, the expression on his face suddenly changed.

The Bloodsoul Stone suddenly started vibrating fiercely, while its color also became increasingly blacker. In the end, it actually glowed from the blackness!

The Bloodsoul Stone’s trembling became more and more intense. Rong Kun’s expression suddenly changed greatly. He yelled out, “Quickly get out of the way! The Bloodsoul Stone is going to explode!”

Rong Kun’s voice had yet to fade, only to hear a boom, the Bloodsoul Stone directly exploded into clouds of dust.

Ye Yuan moved the Heavenly King Bell aside and said helplessly, “This thing doesn’t seem to be sturdy enough. It actually can’t withstand my bloodline.”