Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Long Tengs True Strength

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The moment these words were uttered, everyone immediately fainted.

Long Jinhao had a look of livid rage as he said, “Impossible! Either you’re cheating, or the Bloodsoul Stone has problems! You, a human martial artist, how can the Bloodsoul Stone possibly be unable to withstand your bloodline?”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said coolly, “You’re also thinking too highly of yourself. Do you think that me testing my bloodline is for you to see? Whether you believe it or not is your problem, what has it got to do with me? Or, whether my bloodline is strong or not, what does it concern you?”

“You!” Long Jinhao could not help choking up and actually could not find words to refute.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered to prove to Long Jinhao whether or not the Bloodsoul Stone had problems. Him testing bloodline was just a moment of curiosity himself.

Right now, this result, he was still fairly satisfied.

Looks like the White Tiger Sacred Ancestor did not fabricate nonsense. This whatever Atavism Dragon Soul seemed to really be very powerful. It was actually even more powerful than White Light’s Perfect White Tiger Physique.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not mind, but Long Jinhao was unable to accept this fact.

Long Jinhao was young and spirited in the end. A human bloodline martial artist’s potential was actually a hundred times, a thousand times, even ten thousand times stronger than his. He really became jealous.

Ao Jianbo did not speak the entire time. But at this time, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Brother Kun, looks like this old man will have to go back on my words today. The bloodline that this boy is bearing might concern an earth-shaking secret of my Azure Dragon Clan. This old man must bring him back to the clan!”

Rong Kun heaved a sigh when he heard that and said, “Like this, this old man won’t look on with folded arms either! Brother Jianbo, not that I’m not giving you face, but Ye Yuan and White Light are as close as brothers. White Light’s talent, you’ve seen it too. If Ye Yuan is taken away by you, my White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch probably won’t be willing to let things go!”

After witnessing Ye Yuan’s bloodline strength, Rong Kun knew that this matter could not be settled anymore.

If Rong Kun gave White Light a perfect score of 10-out-of-10 before testing bloodline, then right now, he would definitely give White Light a hundred points!

The attitude from before and after could not be mentioned in the same sentence at all.

White Light was like so. Now, an even more monstrous Ye Yuan appeared. How could Ao Jianbo possibly remain composed?

If Ye Yuan’s parentage was of the dragon clan, Ao Jianbo would definitely beg on all fours to invite Ye Yuan back to the clan.

But the problem was, Ye Yuan was a human!

Such a heaven-defying bloodline appeared on a human. If they did not figure out the situation, the Azure Dragon Clan could not be the Azure Dragon Clan.

Rong Kun’s intestines were already green with regret now. If he knew long ago, he would not let Ye Yuan test his bloodline even if he were to fall out with Ao Jianbo.

Ao Jianbo’s expression turned cold, but he said, “Brother Kun, other matters, I must give you face. But the severity of this matter, you’re aware too. Unless you make this old man stay behind today, otherwise, my Azure Dragon Clan might have to utterly break out into war with the White Tiger Clan! Does Brother Kun really wish to see such an outcome?”

Rong Kun knew that Ao Jianbo was not threatening him, but was stating a fact.

If it were him and he knew that there was such a terrifying White Tiger Bloodline wandering about in destitute outside, he would definitely bring him back at all costs too.

Even though Rong Kun had experienced many grand occasions before, he could not quite make a decision at this time too. He could only say to Ye Yuan with difficulty, “This … Ye Yuan, why not … you run first! However far you can escape counts! This matter, this old man really can’t help you anymore!”

Making war with the Azure Dragon Clan, this outcome was not what the White Tiger Clan could bear.

But Ao Jianbo sneered coldly when he heard that and said, “A mere Phaseless Realm brat. If this old man let him escape, wouldn’t I become the entire Divine Realm’s laughing stock?”

Rong Kun gave him a glance but did not say anything. If he divulged Ye Yuan’s trump card at this time, Ye Yuan would definitely hate the White Tiger Clan to death.

In Rong Kun’s view, Ye Yuan’s best way out right now was to catch Ao Jianbo off-guard and use merging into heaven and earth and escape.

At that time, he would help Ye Yuan delay a bit. Presumably, the Azure Dragon Clan should not vent their anger on the White Tiger Clan because of this.

Except, Ye Yuan did not seem to have the intention of escaping, but looked at Ao Jianbo and said with a faint smile, “Old Man Ao, somebody wants to have a word with you.”

A black-robed man suddenly appeared and opened his mouth to say, “Who is Ao Xinghan to you?”

Ao Jianbo’s expression changed, and his voice immediately went deep as he said coldly, “Who are you? To actually know Ancestor’s name?”

This black-robed person was naturally Long Teng.

“Heh, I knew that you were Ao Xinghan, that worthless child’s descendant! Ye Yuan’s dragon race cultivation methods were all taught by me. Stop having designs on him. Go back and tell your patriarch, Ye Yuan will be the dragon clan’s next patriarch! Before long, I’ll bring Ye Yuan and return to the Azure Dragon Clan!”

Long Teng’s words immediately caused a mighty uproar in the crowd!

The Azure Dragon Clan’s patriarch, the status was incomparably venerated, and also the entire Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most existence.

This black-robed man who appeared out of who knows where wanted Ye Yuan to be the patriarch the moment he opened his mouth. This was simply a joke!

A human, even if his bloodline was any stronger, how could he be the Azure Dragon Clan’s patriarch?

Not just them, even Ye Yuan himself was also stunned when he heard that.

He had not thought of becoming some dragon clan patriarch before. Long Teng’s words were too sudden, catching him somewhat by surprise.

Ao Jianbo’s face fell, and he said with a cold snort, “What high-sounding sentiments your esteemed self has! Putting aside concealing the truth of the matter, you want to claim my Azure Dragon Clan’s patriarch with just a word. It’s a little too arrogant, don’t you think?”

Long Teng said coolly, “Arrogant, is it? You’re Ao Xinghan’s descendant, your forte should be the Proud Heavenly Dragon Art, right? Attack with your full strength and give it a shot. I want to take a look at how much of his ability you inherited!”

Ao Jianbo’s expression could not help changing when he heard that. The other party actually stated his strongest martial technique readily. Seems like this black-robed person knew about the dragon clan’s matters like the palm of his hand!

But Ao Jianbo was also a top-notch expert in the Demon Region. How could he possibly be scared into retreat by a sentence from Long Teng?

“Humph! I want to see if you really have the capital to be cocky!”

Ao Jianbo snorted coldly. A powerful dragon pressure abruptly erupted.

Only to see his palms come together. A terrifying undulation instantly emanated.


A shocking dragon roar transmitted out. A surge of intangible and terrifying demonic essence instantly coalesced.

At this time, the two people already flew very far away. But separated by such a great distance, the others felt their hearts palpitate endlessly too.

This was the strength of a first-rate Divine King! Too terrifying!

“Ao Jianbo is indeed well-deserving of being a genius of the Azure Dragon Clan. Several dozen years of not seeing, his strength became more and more unfathomable! That black-robed person doesn’t have a very powerful undulation on him at all. Is he truly so confident in being able to defeat Ao Jianbo?” Rong Kun said rather worriedly.

Right then, Ao Jianbo’s divine king domain was released fully. He shouted coldly, “Proud Heavenly Dragon Art, Showing Disdain on all Under the Heavens!”

There was no flashy essence energy undulation. What there was, was just a destructive force powerful until it made people feel asphyxiated.

Long Teng just stood with his hands behind his back. Facing a first-rate Divine King’s attack, he just lightly extended a palm out.

“Puhwark …”

In an instant, the divine king domain shattered. The Proud Heavenly Dragon Art directly turned into nothingness. It actually did not cause a hint of damage!

“Compared to Ao Xinghan, you’re too weak! The Azure Dragon Clan is indeed getting more abysmal with each generation!” Long Teng let out a long sigh.