Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation

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Ao Jianbo’s expression was incomparably ugly. His full power blow was actually broken by Long Teng so effortlessly!

Facing Long Teng’s mockery, he could only suffer it obediently.

“Who in the world is Your Excellency? Why do you grasp my dragon race’s martial techniques so familiarly like the palm of your hands?!” Ao Jianbo said in a solemn voice.

Ao Jianbo knew that he did not lose in strength, but lost in understanding of the dragon race’s martial techniques.

Long Teng’s understanding of the Proud Heavenly Dragon Art was god knows how many times more profound than him, this dragon clan’s elder. How could he have a reason to not be defeated?

“Heh, Ao Xinghan’s Proud Heavenly Dragon Art was taught by me. Who do you think I am?” Long Teng said coolly.

Ao Jianbo’s expression changed, and he said in surprise, “You … You’re my dragon clan’s senior? I wonder what Senior’s name is?”

50 thousand years had already passed since Long Teng’s era until now. Many things had long been forgotten already.

Who taught Ao Xinghan, apart from Ao Qian, someone of that era, nobody knew long ago.

“Who am I, you don’t need to care. Remember, Ye Yuan will go to the Azure Dragon Clan, but when he goes, is up to him to decide, and not you! Rest assured, Ye Yuan is more suitable to be the next patriarch than any one of your clansmen. Now, scram as far as you can for me!” Long Teng said in a solemn voice.

Ao Jianbo’s expression was incomparably ugly. This black-robed man who suddenly appeared countered him too much!

In front of this person, the strength he could unleash was less than 10%. How to fight?

Although extremely unwilling, Ao Jianbo still bowed and said, “Yes, Senior! These words, Jianbo will bring them to Patriarch!”

Witnessing Long Teng’s strength, everyone was incredibly shocked and used fearful gazes to look at Ye Yuan.

No wonder Ye Yuan could cultivate dragon wave to spirit rank. Turns out that he had a dragon race expert giving guidance behind him.

But they all knew that for Ye Yuan to be able to cultivate dragon wave to spirit rank at this age, he was absolutely a genius among geniuses!

Don’t look at how Long Jinhao seemed young, he was actually several hundred years old already. He had spent several hundred years to cultivate dragon wave to heaven rank.

But Ye Yuan’s age was placed right here. Cultivating to spirit rank was simply too monstrous.

Long Teng came back. Ye Yuan was overjoyed as he said, “Senior, you’ve already fully recovered?”

Long Teng said with a smile, “Huhu, isn’t this still all thanks to you?”

This period of time, Long Teng had been in a state of closed-seclusion the entire time. Leaving seclusion this time, he borrowed the power of the Skandha Divine Stone, and finally recovered completely.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “What’s senior still being courteous with me for? It’s just that, you said to make me be the dragon clan’s patriarch, it isn’t a joke, right?”

Long Teng said, “Of course it wasn’t a joke! Seems like me meeting you was long foreordained by the heavens. Really didn’t think that in this old man’s remaining years, I was actually able to encounter a bloodline power like yours!”

Long Teng said it veiledly. Ye Yuan knew that he was referring to the matter of his Atavism Dragon Soul.

“All the esteemed guests, the White Tiger Clan has already prepared guest rooms for everybody. Everyone had best return and take a rest first.” Rong Kun saw that the scene was awkward and came out to smooth things over at the right moment.

Ao Jianbo gave a cold snort and said, “Apologies, Brother Kun! This matter is of utmost importance! This old man must hurry back to the clan. Tomorrow’s coronation ceremony, I’m afraid I can’t attend anymore. I’ll take my leave here!”

Rong Kun knew that Ao Jianbo could not sit still and did not ask him to stay either. He just clasped his hands and said, “Since that’s the case, Brother Jianbo take care!”

Ao Jianbo also returned a greeting and brought Long Jinhao and the rest, and was going to leave.

The group of people was just about to leave when all of a sudden, an abnormal change occurred!

Above the entire White Tiger Clan’s sky suddenly became a stretch of blood-color, as if the entire stretch of the sky was being burned by flames.


The sky suddenly erupted with a massive burst of blood light, emitting a series of intense explosion sounds. The Ao Jianbo who had just flown not far away suddenly suffered a blow and actually directly dropped down.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s faces changed drastically and were completely unaware of what happened.

Blood light shot up into the skies, as if it was a huge cover, enveloping the entire White Tiger Clan’s totem territory all at once.

The blood light cover arrived very suddenly. Everyone was caught completely off guard. But the undulations coming off of that huge shroud made the first-rate Divine Kings, including Rong Kun, all feel their hearts palpitate.

Someone as powerful as Ao Jianbo, being struck by this blood light, his life and death was actually unknown too!

“Who is it? To actually lay down such a terrifying grand array at our White Tiger Clan! And we … actually had not the slightest clue!”

Rong Kun’s expression was grim until it was almost dripping water.

This was the White Tiger Clan’s headquarters. Outsiders infiltrated here and laid down such a terrifying grand array without being noticed. He, this head elder, actually did not have a clue at all.

This sort of situation, just thinking about it made people feel terrified.

Furthermore, they completely did not know who the other party was and what goals they had.

“This is the Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation! A Divine Dao array formation! Once this formation has a Deity Realm powerhouse presiding over it, exterminating Deity Realm powerhouses is no object! Although this array formation doesn’t reach divine rank at the moment, dealing with Divine King Realm experts is plenty!” Ye Yuan recognized the grand array and said in a grim voice.

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone suck in a mouthful of cold air.

Divine Dao array formation, this was a term that made people terrified at the sight of it.

Right at this time, one silhouette after another faintly appeared above the grand array.

“Huhu, everyone’s present! The four symbols family clans gathered at the White Tiger Clan, it really strikes a fresh note! Our hall master has heard so much about the four symbols family clans’ fame and wants to invite the various elders over to have a chat. I wonder if everyone is submitting without putting up a fight, or making us use this Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation to cripple everybody before bringing you back?”

An expert dressed in light-blue clothing slowly walked out, using a mocking tone to look down on the foul symbols family clans’ powerhouses.

The aura on this person was extremely powerful. He was actually a first-rate Divine King too!

Rong Kun snorted coldly and said, “Who on earth is your esteemed self? Showing your tail but hiding your face, what capability does it count as?!”

“Huhu, who I am, Head Elder Rong Kun don’t need to know. My hall master wants to do something big and needs all of the elders’ cooperation. Just nice, everybody gathered together today. Saved us the trouble of going to invite one by one.” That blue-clothed divine king said with a faint smile.

Rong Kun’s expression was very grim as he said with a cold snort, “This old man just wants to know, how did your esteemed self sneak into the totem territory and lay down such a large formation?”

The blue-clothed divine realm smiled and said, “No harm in telling Head Elder either. Either way, after today, the White Tiger Clan is going to have its name taken off the list from the Divine Realm!”

“Be careful!”


Just as the blue-clothed divine king was talking, a terrifying explosion sound echoed out. Where the Crimsonflame Clan was located was practically leveled to flat ground.

Many Crimsonflame Clan members were actually directly obliterated by this attack!

Everyone was caught unawares by this change which came unexpectedly, looking at the only clan member still standing in the Crimsonflame Clan in disbelief.

That was … Rong Ning!

Ten thousand feet away, Rong Yin’s expression was incomparably ugly. His body was long drenched in sweat already.

“Y-Ye Yuan, thank you for saving me!” Rong Yin said dryly.

Ye Yuan ignored him, his gaze staring fixedly at the blue-clothed divine king in the sky.