Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Ji Canglan

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Ye Yuan’s action similarly aroused the blue-clothed divine king’s attention.

“It’s actually Heaven Man Unity! Didn’t expect that I could actually still run into such a genius on this trip. Boy, this seat will give you a way out, join us, how about that?” The blue-clothed divine king said very interestedly.

Ye Yuan did not answer the blue-clothed divine king and still had his eyes glued onto him. His entire body actually started trembling.

While over here, all of the White Tiger Clan members were all abnormally shocked and furious.

“Rong Ning! What are you doing?!” Rong Yin saw that Ye Yuan ignored him and glared at Rong Ning instead, questioning him.

Rong Ning smiled faintly and said, “Doing what? Did you saw it all? Didn’t Head Elder ask how they infiltrated into the totem territory? I’m telling you guys the answer!

Although Rong Yin was the patriarch of a clan, his mind still had not wrapped itself around things until now.

The unforeseen event which arrived unexpectedly caught everyone by surprise.

“You … What do you mean?” Rong Yin felt like it was seemingly his first day getting to know Rong Ning.

Although Rong Ning could not compare to Rong Xin, he was also groomed by him single-handedly!

“What other meaning can there be? He’s telling you that he sold off the entire White Tiger Clan! This guy is a traitor! Rong Ning, my White Tiger Clan has treated you well! How can you do this sort of thing that betray your master and forefathers!” Bai Jue said in a solemn voice.

Rong Ning laughed and said, “Treated me well? Starting from birth, I’ve been living under Rong Xin’s shadow all along. With him and Wu Mo around, it’s forever impossible for me to become the White Tiger Clan’s patriarch! What right do they have to be a notch above others right from birth? Based on what that this position of young patriarch, only they can be? In the White Tiger Clan, I, Rong Ning, will never come a day to hold my head up! You look at me now, I possess powerful strength. As long as I’m willing, I can even kill Rong Yin! All these, can the White Tiger Clan give it to me?”

Rong Nine laughed wildly wantonly, laughing until everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

Everyone was extremely shocked. All along, Rong Ning actually concealed his strength for the sake of today!

The strength he erupted with just now absolutely reached the Divine King Realm!

With Rong Ning’s cooperation, that was how these mysterious people were able to sneak into the White Tiger Clan silently, and rounding them up in one fell swoop.

Rong Ning’s state was as if he went mad, roaring with laughter as he said, “Now, some whatever White Light appeared again. Wouldn’t I, Rong Ning, have even less of a chance? Do you think that based on Rong Ze and Bai Xu, those two fools, they can get in contact with Ling Ninehills? Originally, I was planning on waiting for White Light to have his qualifications revoked, then find an opportunity to expose those two fools. Didn’t expect that an outsider brat actually ferreted it out first and utterly messed up my original plan! If not for Ye Yuan, my plan would be able to be carried out smoothly. I can also become young patriarch right and properly! Want to blame, you all just blame him!”

Rong Ning’s words made the White Tiger Clan’s members all shiver without being cold.

They did not think that this Rong Ning’s scheming was actually so deep!

Borrowing Rong Ze and Bai Xu’s hands to eliminate White Light first, then blowing up this matter and finishing off Rong Xin. One could imagine that he definitely still had other ways to deal with Wu Mo at the back.

This guy actually set up such a shocking chess game in the White Tiger Clan, while he hid behind the scene and manipulated everyone!

If not for Ye Yuan’s sudden appearance, he would probably have already become the young patriarch as a matter of course. Then led the White Tiger Clan towards the abyss, right?

A minor character whose name was unknown actually planned to finish off all of the successors in front, then become young patriarch himself.

The depths of this guy’s scheming, just thinking about it made people feel afraid!

If not for him saying it out himself, they would likely be kept in the dark all the way. He sold everyone, and they were still helping Rong Ning count the money!

“Boy, have you thought clearly? This seat’s patience has a limit!”

The blue-clothed divine king was not interested in the White Tiger Clan’s matters. Ye Yuan was clearly able to arouse his interest more.

“Big Brother Yuan, what’s wrong? Could it be that … you know these people?” Li-er already arrived beside him at who knows when, lightly holding his hand, and asked.

Li-er was very sensitive towards Ye Yuan’s emotions. She had never seen Ye Yuan with this expression before.

This was absolutely not because he was afraid. Then the greatest possibility was that he knew these people!

Feeling the temperature of Li-er’s palm, Ye Yuan felt his ice-cold heart gradually melt away.

He drew a deep breath and said to Li-er with a light smile, “I’m fine! Today’s matter probably can’t be settled already. In a while, you hide inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Without my permission, you absolutely mustn’t come out!”

Although Ye Yuan said it lightly, Li-er still sensed the heaviness and concern.

These bunch of people was probably not that simple!

Although Li-er’s strength was decent, facing all Divine King powerhouses of the same suit, she was still too weak. Staying outside would only add more to the disarray.

Hence, she nodded her head obediently and said, “Li-er will listen to Big Brother Yuan!”

Done instructing Li-er, Ye Yuan’s gaze recovered its composure once more. He leaped up into the skies and faced the blue-clothed divine king from a distance.

“Ji Bingyun, when did you become so furtive too? Want to solicit me, you don’t have this qualification yet!” Ye Yuan looked at the blue-clothed divine king and said coolly.

The blue-clothed divine king originally had a composed look. But Ye Yuan’s one sentence finally made his expression change.

“Boy, you actually know this seat?” Ji Bingyun said solemnly.

“Heh, in the past, the Medicine King Hall looked down arrogantly upon the world and roamed the nine heavens and ten lands unhindered. There was never any shady business when doing things. Didn’t think that 20 years passed, you all actually became a bunch of cowardly rats! Ji Bingyun, you’ve already become an out-and-out lackey!” Ye Yuan said very meaningfully.

These group of people originated from none other than precisely the Divine Realm’s super holy land, the Medicine King Hall!

Although these people put on disguises, Ye Yuan was too familiar with them!

Especially Ji Bingyun, he was one of Ji Zhengyang’s nine great foster sons. His strength was unfathomable. Even if he turned to ashes, Ye Yuan would recognize him too!

From the moment he laid eyes on Ji Bingyun, he recognized him.

It had been 20 years, this was Ye Yuan’s first time getting so close to the Medicine King Hall’s people. How could he not be agitated?

These 20 years, Ye Yuan had fantasized about the scene of meeting the Medicine King Hall’s people before countless times. But he completely did not think that they would actually meet in such a way.

Ji Bingyun’s face fell, and he said, “Who the hell are you?”

Ye Yuan said with a relaxed look. “Who I am, you don’t need to care! Where’s Ji Canglan? Such a huge line-up today, there’s no way he didn’t come, right?”

The moment these words were said, Ye Yuan’s expression suddenly changed greatly. A terrifying aura suddenly appeared and instantly enveloped his entire person inside.

At this instant, it was as if Ye Yuan had his throat clutched by someone. He could not even breathe!

This aura was too powerful, making people unable to give rise to a shred of desire to resist at all!

A black silhouette slowly appeared in the air. He was clearly standing there, but it was like he did not exist at all.

Seeing this figure, Ye Yuan’s entire body involuntarily shuddered. His gaze could no longer move away!

“Little Junior Brother, long time no see!” That black figure seemed like an old friend, greeting Ye Yuan.