Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Void Mystic Realm

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“Little … Little Junior Brother?”

Ji Bingyun was muddled up by this form of address and looked towards Ye Yuan in disbelief.

To be able to be addressed by Ji Canglan like this, there was only one person!

This person was, Ji Qingyun!

Ji Bingyun sized Ye Yuan up for a long time and completely could not find any trace of Ji Qingyun on him.

Hang on!

That monstrous hatred in Ye Yuan’s eyes right now was already sufficient to explain everything!

No wonder even with his disguise, Ye Yuan recognized him at a glance.

“Ji … Cang … Lan!” These three words, Ye Yuan practically squeezed it out from the gaps between his teeth.

Yue Mengli’s entire body trembled. She finally knew why Ye Yuan would lose composure like so. This person before her eyes was actually Ye Yuan’s former elder senior brother, the Medicine King Hall’s present master, Ji Canglan!

Ye Yuan’s blood feud originated from precisely this man.

All of his hardships in this life was all in order to beat down this man in front of them!

However, the present Ye Yuan had not fully grown up yet! How could the Phaseless Realm Ye Yuan possibly be this person’s match?

Yue Mengli’s anxiety was at its height inwardly. She had never felt that she was so useless before and also never felt so helpless before.

A friendly face, a faint smile hanging on the face. He looked just like the boy-next-door.

Nobody would have thought that this man would do something like murdering his master and killing his younger brother.

But he did it. This matter had once caused quite a stir in the Divine Realm for some time.

“Yeah, really didn’t think after a time interval of 20 years, our Little Junior Brother actually came back! It’s a pity that … you’re still so weak!”

A smile still hung on Ji Canglan’s face. But his disdain towards Ye Yuan was exhibited in its entirety.

Ji Canglan’s smile deeply wounded Yue Mengli and White Light.

They wished that they could rush up and dice Ji Canglan up into pieces.

But Ji Canglan’s might, even if they had not made a move yet, they knew that they were absolutely not a match.

Ji Canglan was able to become the master of a super holy land. His strength was unfathomable.

Rather, it was Ye Yuan, he actually suddenly calmed down under Ji Canglan’s contempt.

20 years later, Ji Canglan’s strength already could not be mentioned in the same breath.

The current Ji Canglan gave Ye Yuan a feeling of deep as the seas. Looks like him reaching Void Mystic Realm was not a groundless rumor!

The so-called Void Mystic Realm referred to the Ten Great Divine Kings’ level of boundary in particular.

Divine King Realm’s scope was ordinary divine king, first-rate divine king, as well as peak divine king. This differentiation in realm was done according to the supreme true intent level that a martial artist grasped.

100 thousand years had passed since Divine Dao dwindled to zero. People were unable to break through to the Deity Realm from start to end. As the saying went, poverty gave rise to the desire for change, martial artists placed even more energy onto comprehending Heavenly Dao.

A myriad Great Daos, even Deity Realm powerhouses did not dare say that they grasped the laws of Great Dao too.

Divine Kings were unable to break through to Deity Realm, but it did not hinder them from comprehending Heavenly Dao.

When the Heavenly Dao they comprehended reached a certain degree, it would go from a quantitative transformation to qualitative transformation and reach a mysterious and hard to fathom realm. People called it Void Mystic Realm!

The realm of Void Mystic was still the Divine King Realm, yet also surpassed the Divine King Realm.

This realm was very mysterious. It was hard to sum it up in a word.

But Void Mystic Realm powerhouses were sufficient to easily kill peak Divine King powerhouses.

This was the reason why powerhouses at the Ten Great Divine Kings’ level were so scary in the Divine Realm.

Back then, when the Medicine King Hall had a drastic upheaval, Ji Canglan was already a peak Divine King. Now, going a step further and stepping into the realm of Void Mystic was also not something so hard to understand.

Ye Yuan knew that Ji Canglan’s talent in martial arts was indeed incomparably shocking.

“Yes, I came back! I’ve already waited 20 years for this day!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s transformation, Ji Canglan was slightly surprised. In his impression, Ye Yuan’s temperament was never so steady.

But facing such a huge debt of blood, Ye Yuan actually controlled his fury in an instant.

But it was also just a little bit surprised, that was all. Ji Canglan had absolute confidence in his strength,

A Phaseless Realm little junior brother, how large a wave could he stir up?

“Huhu, 20 years of not meeting, Little Junior Brother’s transformation is really huge! But we know each other too well, isn’t that so? Even if you changed a body, I recognized you in an instant too.” Ji Canglan said with a faint smile as if he was engaging in small talk.

But the two people’s conversation caused massive waves to surge below!

“Ji Canglan’s little junior brother? Isn’t that peak Alchemy Emperor, Ji Qingyun? He … He actually didn’t die!”

“That is the Qingyun Zi who was the last hope to achieve Alchemy God? He actually seized possession to revive, and returned to the Divine Realm!”

“This Ye Yuan’s strength is rather terrifying. Even Long Jinhao isn’t a match! If you give him time, he might really be a strong adversary for Ji Canglan. It’s a shame that …”

Qingyun Zi’s fame was too resounding in the Divine Realm. Even in the Demon Region, it was virtually known to all as well.

The Medicine King Hall’s accident was not some secret. The Divine Realm’s powerhouses were all aware. It was just that they never would have thought that the Qingyun Zi in the past actually became Ye Yuan, and staged a comeback.

“You showing up here today, even you didn’t recognize me, a battle between us is unavoidable too!” Ye Yuan also said coolly.

In other people’s view, Ye Yuan was desperately upholding his face.

But to Ye Yuan, in front of Ji Canglan, he had no reason whatsoever to shrink back!

Ji Canglan chortled with laughter and said, “Little Junior Brother’s temper, I’m naturally aware. However … the present you don’t have the qualifications to exchange blows with me. Since you appeared here, that old man should have imparted the Medicine God’s Soul Canon to you, right? Back then, I expended such a tremendous effort, it was for the Medicine God’s Soul Canon. Didn’t think that that old fellow would rather die than be willing to give it to me. Never thought that 20 years passed, heaven actually delivered you in front of me a second time. You really never know what would happen! How about it, Little Junior Brother, not returning to the Medicine King Hall for 20 years, I think you miss it very much as well, right? Take a trip back with me?”

Ye Yuan looked at Ji Canglan with a smile that was not a smile and said, “The Medicine King Hall, I naturally have to go back! But before this, I have to clean up the household first!”

Ji Canglan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Looks like Little Junior Brother is refusing a toast, only to drink to a forfeit? Forget it, Bingyun, since Little Junior Brother came back, invite him back home.”

Ji Bingyun’s expression changed, and he actually hesitated for a moment and did not make a move.

Ji Canglan said with a faint smile, “Bingyun, could it be that … you wish to talk about the old days with Little Junior Brother too?”

Ji Bingyun shuddered and hurriedly said, “Yes, Eldest Senior Brother!”

Done talking, Ji Bingyun expanded his divine sense, instantly locking Ye Yuan down, and tapped towards Ye Yuan with a finger.

The present Ji Bingyun was a peak Divine King. Unleashing an attack, the momentum was extremely shocking.

While Ye Yuan was merely a Fifth Level Phaseless Realm, that was all.

Right at this moment, an extremely terrifying aura billowed to the skies from inside the White Tiger Territory, and slammed right towards Ji Bingyun!


A streak of blood light flashed past and collided together with this attack.

But this attack was too fierce and blasted Ji Bingyun flying.