Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask

Chapter 1006: Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask!
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Regarding this attack, Ji Canglan was not the least bit surprised. Instead, he turned his gaze towards inside the White Tiger Territory.

“Patriarch Rong Xiao, finally willing to come out!” Ji Canglan said calmly.

There was a ripple in the space. An elderly person dressed in white clothing appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing this white-clothed old man, the White Tiger clan members were all excited.

“Patriarch Rong Xiao!”

This person was precisely the White Tiger Clan’s current patriarch, Rong Xiao!

A sudden major calamity, but neither joy nor sorrow could be seen on Rong Xiao’s face. He just looked at Ji Canglan and said coolly, “My White Tiger Clan doesn’t encroach upon the Medicine King Hall’s affairs. What is your esteemed self’s action today for?”

Ji Canglan said with a smile, “A man’s wealth is his own ruin by incurring others’ greed. This Ji naturally doesn’t wish to become enemies with a powerhouse such as Patriarch Rong Xiao too. Too bad that this Ji has to do an important thing and can only invite everyone back for a visit. Is Patriarch Rong Xiao leaving on your own, or do you want to make this Ji take action?”

Rong Xiao said coolly, “Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation, your esteemed self really played such a big hand! But for my White Tiger Clan to be able to stand erect in the Divine Realm for as long as hundreds of millions of years, how can we be so easy to knead?”

Following Rong Xiao’s voice fading, inside the White Tiger Territory suddenly erupted with rays of brilliant light.

Seven light pillars towered to the sky, emitting a shocking power.

On the summit of the light pillars, seven dots condensed and formed one after another, forming a massive formation diagram!


Above the formation diagram, a white tiger phantom gradually appeared.

One roar actually made the Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation quake unceasingly.

Two mighty divine rank array formations colliding, a situation where they stood up to each other as equals actually appeared.

The clan members below all had looks of excitement. The White Tiger Clan’s foundation was not what some minor faction could compare to.

But seeing this scene, Ji Canglan was not alarmed at all. He said with a faint smile, “White Tiger Seven Constellation Spirit Guarding Grand Array! Huhu, this Ji has admired this formation for a long time. Seeing it today, it indeed lives up to its reputation! Even the Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation can’t do anything to it as well.”

Right at this time, Ye Yuan’s expression suddenly changed and he cried out, “Quickly withdraw the array formation! He’s baiting you all to activate the White Tiger Seven Constellation Spirit Guarding Grand Array! His true objective is the spirit of the white tiger!”

Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to face when the wind and clouds in the sky suddenly changed. An enormous black hole actually appeared!

The massive vortex churned until heaven and earth changed colors because of it!

With this, a change in countenance finally appeared on Rong Xiao’s face.

“Divine artifact Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask! Ji Canglan … you’re despicable!” Rong Xiao’s expression changed drastically, looking at the unforeseen change that suddenly occurred in disbelief.

Only to see that above the sky, an enormous flask-shaped divine artifact poked out from that black hole.


That enormous flask suddenly emitted a streak of green-colored light beam. It actually directly covered the white tiger spirit that was currently roaring incessantly!

This white tiger spirit was different from the sacred ancestor spirit Ye Yuan encountered before.

The sacred ancestor spirit was summoned by the tomb guardian with a special bloodline power. It was something the sacred ancestor flowed in the blood of the White Tiger Clan. Therefore, it had intelligence.

While this white tiger spirit before their eyes was the White Tiger Clan’s totem spirit beast, guarding the White Tiger Clan. It was where the faith of the White Tiger Clan lied!

Of course, in this present era, the power of the white tiger spirit was already less than one-ten thousandth of its prime.

Once the spirit of the white tiger was captured away, it was equivalent to severing the foundation and where the destiny of the White Tiger Clan lied.

Putting aside the White Tiger Clan’s members’ strength becoming greatly diminished, even if Ji Canglan did not deal with the White Tiger Clan, they would decline sooner or later too, even go extinct!

Ji Canglan laying down this Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation was completely in order to force out the White Tiger Seven Constellation Spirit Guarding Grand Array, then capture this white tiger spirit with that Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask!

The motive was truly sinister to the extreme.

That white tiger spirit was enshrouded by the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask’s light beam and gave off shocking roaring sounds.

Although it did not have intelligence, it instinctively wanted to resist that divine artifact’s capture.

Except, that Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask was clearly not an ordinary divine artifact. No matter how the white tiger spirit struggled, it could not break free of its shackles either.

Under everyone’s gaze, the body of the white tiger spirit actually slowly rose into the air and flew towards the flask opening.

Seeing this scene, everyone sucked in a cold breath. Especially the White Tiger Clan’s members. Each and every one of them was anxious until they were almost vomiting blood.

A Divine King Realm elder finally could not endure it and shot to the sky, flying over towards that Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask.

“Want to capture my White Tiger Totem’s spirit, absolutely no way!”

That elder roared and reached the sky in a blink of an eye.

When Rong Xiao saw this scene, his expression could not help changing drastically. But it was already too late to want to stop it.
“Wu Ning, quickly come back!” Rong Xiao said sternly.

Ji Canglan’s party did not have the intention of going to stop at all. They just looked at this scene calmly.

Wu Ning did not have the intention of giving up at all. He used the most powerful attack in his lifetime and slammed it towards the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask.

Right then, a ghostly light emitted from within the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask, directly extinguishing Wu Ning’s attack. Its remaining momentum did not reduce and shone on Wu Ning.

Wu Ning did not even get to give a tragic cry and disintegrated into ashes.

Seeing this scene, everyone was endlessly shocked inwardly.

This Wu Ning was a first-rate Divine King powerhouse. Under the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask, he was actually too weak to withstand even a single blow.

This level of battle was already not what the average person could take part in.

Rong Xiao gnashed his teeth until it made grinding sounds. He looked at Ji Canglan and said coldly, “Looks like your esteemed self has schemed for a long time to eradicate my White Tiger Clan! Today, we’ll not rest until we’re dead! Rong Kun, gather all of the White Tiger Clan’s divine king powerhouses! Fight to win or die!”

Rong Kun’s expression changed, and he said, “Yes, Patriarch!”

Receiving the order, Rong Kun immediately summoned all of the White Tiger Clan’s divine king powerhouses, and charged over towards the sky.

The White Tiger Clan and Medicine King Hall, these two super factions, actually fell into a great war so abruptly.

As for the Vermilion Bird Clan and the Black Tortoise Clan’s powerhouses, they naturally joined the fight too.

If the lips are gone, the teeth would be cold. Once the White Tiger Clan fell today, not one of them would be able to escape.

Ji Canglan still had that smile which exasperated people to death without paying for it. He said calmly, “Patriarch Rong Xiao, don’t you forget, the white tiger spirit’s influence is continuously weakening, while the Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation’s power is continuously strengthening. As long as the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask fully absorbs the white tiger spirit, your White Tiger Clan’s doomsday will also be arriving.”

Rong Xiao’s expression was incomparably ugly as he said with a cold snort, “As long as kill you before this, it will do!”

Ji Canglan smiled but did not speak, as if he paid no attention to Rong Xiao’s strength at all.

Right then, Ye Yuan’s figure moved and also arrived not far from Rong Xiao.

Ji Canglan could not help being stunned when he saw the situation and said with a faint smile, “Why? Little Junior Brother wants to join in the fun too? But with your strength, even if you lend Patriarch Rong Xiao a hand, it’s also adding more to the disarray, right?”

When Rong Xiao saw the situation, he also said, “Young friend Ye Yuan, I know that between the two of you is a deep enmity like the sea. But you by the side really can’t help this old man.”

A Phaseless Realm brat joining in the battle of Void Mystic Realm powerhouses, this was simply a joke.