Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Finally Entering Alchemy Emperor

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"Is that so?"

Ye Yuan smiled faintly. A terrifying soul force suddenly erupted.

Crack! Crack!

Lightning suddenly flashed in the sky and thunder rumbled, bringing along a terrifying undulation.

"Nine Heaven Soul Tribulation! How is this possible? Hes only Fifth Level Phaseless Realm, how can he possibly transcend a Nine Heaven Soul Tribulation?" Rong Xiaos expression changed as he said.

Nine Heaven Soul Tribulation was the soul tribulation that Alchemy Venerables needed to transcend when breaking through to Alchemy Emperor. Its power was very horrifying.

But the power of Ye Yuans Nine Heaven Soul Tribulation was even greater than the average persons.

It was just that this Nine Heaven Soul Tribulation, one had to be at least peak Alchemy Venerable before they were able to trigger it. But Ye Yuan was actually not subjected to limitations and directly broke through the shackle.

This sort of situation completely shattered peoples understanding.

Ji Canglans eyes lit up, and he said with a slight smile, "Excellent capabilities, Little Junior Brother, to actually be able to transcend the soul tribulation without being restricted by cultivation realm. Looks like it should be due to the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, right?"

A silent bolt of soul tribulation landed. He did not have any intention of defending and allowed that bolt of purple lightning to fall on him. Then, tranquility returned.

"Make a guess! Dont you wish to acquire the Medicine Gods Soul Canon very much? Kill me, and you can obtain it!" Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

"Little Junior Brother, you wouldnt really think that I cant bear to kill you, right?"

Ji Canglan smiled slightly, a sword already slashed out.

"Humph!" Rong Xiao was long prepared and flicked his sleeves grandly.

Two mighty Void Mystic powerhouses seemed to attack casually, but that energy undulation overshadowed everyone!


Places that the two waves of energy intersected instantly turned to nothing.

Quite a few Divine King powerhouse currently engaging in battle were immediately sent flying to one side under the impact of this surge of energy.

Ye Yuan was the first to bear the brunt. A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out.

But Rong Xiao already helped him to resist most of the force. The injury that this small blow caused to him could be completely overlooked.

Wiping away the fresh blood at the corners of his mouth, Ye Yuan cracked a smile. The dragon pressure on his body likewise abruptly erupted.

He stimulated the potential of the primeval dragon bone desperately. The power of his fleshy body galloped wildly towards Tier 9.

At the same time, Long Tengs figure appeared once more and blocked in front of Ye Yuan. He held the Vast Heaven Pagoda in his hand, just like the pose of a guardian spirit.

Seeing Ji Canglan, Ye Yuan already could not care about holding strength back anymore. Even if this sort of breakthrough had some sequela, he would not flinch back either.

"So thats how it is. Looks like these 20 years time, Little Junior Brothers lucky chances were not few! However even if your soul force and fleshy body both breakthrough to Tier 9, to me its still too weak!" Ji Canglan said.

While talking, Ji Canglans figure suddenly vanished from sight.

Ye Yuan suddenly felt his scalp tingle. An extremely dangerous feeling surged in his heart.

"Careful!" Rong Xiao shouted.

Yet, it was already too late


A sword quietly passed through his chest. Ji Canglan actually already arrived by his side at who knows when. Even Rong Xiao was actually not in time to stop it either.

Ji Canglans sword was like a stick of sugarcoated haws, lifting Ye Yuan up.

At this moment, Ji Canglans face was practically pressed against Ye Yuans face as he said with a faint smile, "Little Junior Brother, your talent still lies on the alchemy path. This martial path is not for you."

Ye Yuan hung on the sword with his entire body powerless. But currently, a strange smile appeared on his face.

Ji Canglans brows furrowed, but he lightly spat. Extending his hand, he lightly patted on Ye Yuans body. Ye Yuans entire person turned into a pile of minced meat.

"Looks like I really underestimated my Little Junior Brother, to have actually obtained even the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, this kind of thing. However the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is too much of a waste on you!"

Ji Canglan put away the sword and stood there. His finger on his left hand gently tapped out. The illusionary realm collapsed with a loud bang.

Ye Yuan was still standing there perfectly well. How was there any sign of getting injured?

"Crazy, crazy! Your puny cultivation realm, even if you broke through to Tier 9, how can you possibly be his match? Youre courting death here! Making him succumb to it just now was only because he wasnt on guard. Once he takes precaution, in my current state, I cant do anything to him at all!" Inside Ye Yuans sea of consciousness, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil howled.

Ye Yuan gave a cold snort and said, "You shut your mouth for me! At this point, you still dare to be full of petty considerations with me? Im telling you, if I die, you cant survive either! Want to live, bring out all of your strength! The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil only has this bit of strength?"

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupils expression turned stiff but also sensed Ye Yuans resolve to fight to the death. It was totally impossible to have the slightest leeway to smooth things over.

"Hey, are the current divine kings all so strong? This guys understanding of Heavenly Dao is too terrifying! His strength is simply not what divine kings can rival!" Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil suddenly said.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was trapped by the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm for over a hundred thousand years. Although he could sense the arrival of an age of declining laws, he did not know the outside worlds martial artists transformation in strength.

Earlier, he clashed with Ji Canglan, but was frightened by Ji Canglan strength!

Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice, "This is the realm of Void Mystic which already surpasses the boundary of Divine King! Even though it doesnt reach the Deity Realms level, its more than a level stronger than Divine King!"

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupils expression was incomparably solemn. He had just displayed the Secret Illusion Heavenly Realm and actually could not even accomplish trapping Ji Canglan for an instant. The strength of this Void Mystic Realm was seriously too powerful.

Two kinds of heavenly tribulation adding to each others radiance and beauty, beside Ye Yuan already became a lightning sea. (CHECK AGAIN)

All of a sudden, the purple-colored tribulation clouds vanished into thin air. Ye Yuan actually already finished transcending the tribulation.

A majestic soul force spread out. Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes. Looking at Ji Canglan, he said coolly, "Begin then! Myriad Soul Extinction!"

In an instant, the entire world fell into darkness. Ye Yuan activated his strongest divine soul mystic art without the slightest hesitation, Myriad Soul Extinction!

Back then, when he displayed this move against Xie Lingzi, he was just Divine Traversing Realm strength. But the true power of this move needed Alchemy Emperor soul force before it could be unleashed.

Ye Yuans soul force already went through the Soul Suppressing Pearls strengthening twice. Currently, although he had just entered Alchemy Emperor Realm, in terms of strength, he was already not weaker than middle-stage Alchemy Emperor.

"What a powerful soul force! He has just stepped into Alchemy Emperor Realm, how can his soul force possibly be so powerful?"

"What kind of divine soul mystic art is this? So terrifying! I feel that my divine soul is quivering!"

"Peak Alchemy Emperor Qingyun Zi! As a pinnacle-most alchemist, his divine soul mystic art is sufficient to one-shot numerous divine kings!"

Below, when quite a few White Tiger Clan members saw this scene, they were all incomparably astonished.

In the sky, Ye Yuans soul force undulations, even when separated by such a great distance, they could also distinctly feel it.

When Rong Xiao saw this scene, he could not help being secretly alarmed at the might of Ye Yuans soul force. Although Ye Yuan could not compare to Ji Canglan in essence energy cultivation realm, with his current soul force coupled with such a powerful divine soul mystic art, it was enough to cause injury to Ji Canglan.

Rong Xiao was also someone very old and experienced and naturally knew that logic of an opportunity could not be missed.

"Absolute Flame Firmament!"

Rong Xiao pointed a finger out. A pale-white flame instantly enveloped Ji Canglan inside.