Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 Eight Extremes Sword Domain

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A divine soul attack, an absolutely formidable martial technique.

Although it was Ye Yuan and Rong Xiaos first time cooperating, the interaction complemented each other. The two peoples timing was grasped perfectly.

Both were mighty peerless experts. Regarding the grasping of timing, it was very on point.

Inside that pale-white flame, there was already not a tiny bit of undulation emitting out.

In the sky, waves of terrifying divine soul undulation transmitted over. The temperature of the pale-white flame virtually ignited the totem territory.

"Take the chance now, quickly go and rescue the white tiger spirit!" Rong Xiao roared.

The spirit of the white tiger was still struggling desperately. But the distance from the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask was becoming closer and closer.

"This bit of attack is useless to him." Just as Rong Xiao slightly heaved a sigh in relief, Ye Yuan suddenly opened his mouth to say.

Rong Xiaos expression changed. That pale-white flame suddenly burst open, splattering with countless sparks.

Areas where the sparks splashed actually immediately burned several divine king powerhouses to death!

Two unparalleled sword lights pierced right through the pale-white flame and shot towards Ye Yuan and Rong Xiao duo.

The seemingly ordinary sword light contained tremendous power.

Scattering apart the pale-white flame, Ji Canglans figure emerged once more.

The expressions of the group of divine kings all changed and said, "How is that possible?! Patriarch Rong Xiaos Absolute Flame Firmament is a divine rank martial technique of the White Tiger Clan! Its power is unimaginable. He actually isnt injured at all?"

"This Ji Canglan is merely a newly-ascended Void Mystic powerhouse, how can his strength possibly be so strong?"

"Hang on, hes not completely fine! Ye Yuans divine soul attack previously was not scattered and seemed to have affected him!"

Similarly being a Void Mystic powerhouse, Ji Canglans sword light could not pose much of a threat to Rong Xiao. But to Ye Yuan, this casual slash was deadly!

Especially when Ye Yuans current tribulation of the fleshy body had not finished transcending completely yet!

Ye Yuans face fell, and he actually grabbed a bolt of lightning bare-handedly and directly hurled it at that sword light.


Being obstructed by this lightning, the sword lights power instantly diminished considerably.

But Ye Yuan did not stop and threw several bolts of heavenly tribulation over again. Finally, he utterly extinguished this ray of sword light.

While at this time, Ye Yuans fleshy body tribulation was also finally transcended.

The power of a Tier 9 fleshy body let Ye Yuan possess explosive strength! This comfortable feeling made Ye Yuan practically want to tilt his head up to the sky and roar.

"Myriad Soul Extinction! Heh heh, what a terrifying divine soul mystic art! Back then, if not for using tricks, you and Ji Zhengyang just by relying on divine soul mystic arts are not what I could contend with!"

Even if the Myriad Soul Extinction was pestering Ji Canglan like a bone-festering maggot, he was still talking in a jovial manner currently.

"Just broke through to Tier 9 and Little Junior Brothers soul force is actually formidable to such a degree. Truly mind-boggling! But if you only have this bit of means, it will likely still be hard for you to escape a calamity today! You all have already made a move before. This time, its my turn! You guys have to be careful!" Ji Canglan said with a faint smile.

Up until now, Ji Canglan had not attacked properly yet.

But it was precisely because so that Ji Canglan gave people an even more mysterious and hard to fathom feeling.

Just how powerful he was, was going to be revealed right away.

Even the expression of someone as strong as Rong Xiao was also extremely serious at this time.

Ji Canglan wielded a longsword in his hand and leisurely strolled over. At this moment, it was as if there was only him alone left in this world!

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, his expression involuntarily turned gloomy as he said icily, "You actually comprehended the eighth extreme! No wonder you could break through to the realm of Void Mystic!"

Ji Zhengyang said with a smile, "Yeah! This Eight Extreme Sword Art was even imparted to me by Ji Zhengyang. This Eight-Direction Extreme Distance is truly shrouded in mystery! Now, Ill let Little Junior Brother witness it!"

The Eight Extreme Sword Art was not a divine rank martial technique, but a martial technique that Ji Zhengyang tailor-made for Ji Canglan!

This martial technique, when cultivated to the extreme, would not be any worse off compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Ji Canglan had already comprehended the seventh extreme for a hundred years but was always unable to comprehend the eighth extreme.

Did not expect that after he murdered his master, he actually thoroughly comprehended the eighth extreme! Truly, heaven was blind!

Eighth extreme, Eight-Direction Extreme Distance, contained an extremely profound and abstruse concept.

Each step that Ji Canglan took, Ye Yuans pressure would increase by a portion. That terrifying aura locked onto Ye Yuan from a distance.

Under such a powerful martial technique, Ye Yuan was unable to merge into heaven and earth at all. What he could do was to have a frontal-clash with Ji Canglan.

However, this was also precisely what he hoped for!


A terrifying dragon pressure emitted from Ye Yuans body!

Breaking through to Tier 9 fleshy body, Ye Yuans strength increased more than a hundred times compared to before.

Currently, Ye Yuans body was gradually being covered by green dragon scales, and directly transformed into a half-dragon physique!

With a flip of a hand, terrifying undulations transmitted from Ye Yuans dragon claws.

When Rong Xiao saw this scene, his expression could not help changing drastically!

"This This is late-stage spirit rank dragon wave! A human actually cultivated dragon wave to such a terrifying level! How on earth did he accomplish it?"

The four symbols family clans people all understood that the cultivation of dragon wave was extremely difficult. Those able to cultivate dragon wave to spirit rank within a thousand years were all people with extraordinary talent.

But after cultivating to spirit rank, advancing another step forward was even more doubly difficult, and required the accumulation of several thousand years!

But how old was Ye Yuan only?

Even counting his past lifes time, Ye Yuan was also merely just several hundred years old!

Ye Yuan was able to cultivate dragon wave to late-stage spirit rank. Genius was not enough to describe him.

One had to know that the junior being hailed as a genius in the dragon clan only just cultivated dragon wave to initial-stage spirit rank!

Initial-stage spirit rank and late-stage spirit rank, this disparity was not just a little.

Only with this, did those people below know that Ye Yuan dealing with Long Jinhao previously was simply just playing around.

But Ji Canglan was not the slightest bit moved. He already entered a mysterious state, accumulating power and awaiting release.

No matter how the outside world changed, it had nothing to do with him as well.

The tip of his sword suddenly lifted. A terrifying domain power instantly wrapped Ye Yuan and Rong Xiao up inside.

This scene seemed to ring a bell!

Back then, when the Spirit Bristle Divine King massacred a hundred divine kings, what he used was this sort of terrifying domain power!

Inside the domain, Ji Canglan was a god!

Countless sword qi swam around within this domain as if they were currently preparing a terrifying attack!

Rong Xiao also revealed a visibly moved expression at this time. Ji Canglan this newly-ascended Void Mystic Realm, his strength was actually powerful to such an extent!

Rong Xiao also opened up his domain. Except, his domain was clearly a little weaker compared to Ji Canglans domain.

Under such a situation, Rong Xiao could only preserve himself too.

Over at Ye Yuans side, he was completely powerless to care.

"Late-stage spirit rank dragon wave, pretty decent! Really didnt think that Little Junior Brother actually became powerful to such a degree in this life! However, it ends here! Eight Extremes Sword Domain, kill!" Ji Canglan was still totally unconcerned as he said.

Following the kill word leaving his mouth, within this enormous domain, countless sword light fly around back and forth, and carried out round after round of indiscriminate attacks!

Those countless sword lights instantly drowned Ye Yuan out.