Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Deceiving Everyone

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Sensing the terrifying sword intent coming from inside the domain, everyones faces all changed.

As the Medicine King Halls new master, in these 20 years, Ji Canglan was incomparably low-profile.

Nobody knew about his strength. But no one would have thought that in just a mere 20 years time, Ji Canglans strength actually already reached such a terrifying degree.

Currently, both parties great battle already reached a white-hot stage. There were divine king powerhouses falling down from the sky non-stop, or being finished off directly.

But the Medicine King Halls divine king powerhouses were more than the White Tiger Clans.

Along with the passing of time, the battle situation also leaned towards the Medicine King Halls side.

But this great battle was bound to persist for a very long time. Right now, what the Medicine King Hall was waiting for, was for the spirit of the white tiger to be utterly taken in.

Up high in the sky, the spirit of the white tiger was giving off roaring sounds that reverberated through the sky from time to time. He was struggling desperately.

But his body still moved towards the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask bit by bit beyond his control.

Currently, the spirit of the white tiger was already almost reaching the opening of the flash. A little bit more forward and he would be utterly seized.

While the White Tiger Clan members also sensed that the strength in their bodies was flowing away little by little currently.

Even the imposing momentum of Rong Xiao inside the Eight Extremes Sword Domain also weakened considerably for a moment. Being forced until he was staggering on his feet by countless sword lights, he actually had some trend of being unable to ward off the attacks.

As for Ye Yuans side, it actually went completely silent.

For some time, a massive change occurred to the battle situation. The Medicine King Hall already utterly overpowered the White Tiger Clan.

"Huhu, the die is cast! Patriarch Rong Xiao, give up on resisting!" Ji Canglan said with the attitude of a victor.

Rong Xiaos face fell, and he said solemnly, "If you have the capabilities, bring my corpse away!"

Ji Canglan shrugged his shoulders and said with a faint smile, "Then I will just have to bring Patriarch Rong Xiaos corpse away. Except, its fine if you died, but could it be that you want all of your clansmen to be buried in death together with you?"

Rong Xiaos expression changed, and a look of struggle surfaced on his face.

But right then, a terrifying undulation suddenly came from high up in the sky!

Everyone lifted their heads in astonishment and looked towards the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask. Only to see a figure suddenly appear high up in the sky. That figure wielded a short stick in his hand and was currently speeding towards the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask with an incredible speed!

That figure was none other than precisely Ye Yuan!

The current Ye Yuan was bathed in blood all over, his entire body like he crawled out from a sea of blood.

But the dragon pressure on him already reached the peak at this time!

The expression on Ji Canglans face had a change for the first time.

He looked at the Ye Yuan covered in wounds in shock, but it was already too late to want to stop Ye Yuan!

"Sacred Dragon Token! That is the Sacred Dragon Token! The Sacred Dragon Token which disappeared for 100 thousand years is actually in Ji Qingyuns hands!"

Rong Xiao was incomparably shocked too, his eyes glued on the Sacred Dragon Token in Ye Yuans hand!

Suddenly, Rong Xiao let out a roaring laugh and said, "Hahaha! Truly, heaven is protecting my White Tiger Clan! Ji Canglan, you used all sorts of intrigues and wiles, didnt think that in the end, you were still defeated at Ji Qingyuns hands, right?"

"I offer my blood as sacrifice to the heavenly dragon! Sacred Dragon Token, break for me!"

Ye Yuan gave a loud roar, and fresh blood immediately sprayed wildly! But his blood did not fade with the wind but poured frenziedly into the Sacred Dragon Token.

At the same time, the divine essence within Ye Yuans body also poured crazily into the Sacred Dragon Token like it was free.

In virtually an instant, 25% of Ye Yuans blood essence was drawn away!


An enormous azure dragon broke free from inside the Sacred Dragon Token and charged over towards the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask.

Right at this time, the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask was not willing to show weakness either and immediately radiated with a brilliant splendor, and actually immediately gave up on capturing the white tiger spirit. It released a streak of ghostly light towards the azure dragon!


A blinding light was released up in the sky. A massive spatial rift appeared in the sky.

The pinnacle confrontation of two mighty divine artifacts fought until space virtually cracked apart.

The divine king powerhouses in the sky were also injured by this terrifying impact. All of them staggered back and dropped down from the sky.

"Roar "

Without the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flasks constraint, the spirit of the white tiger gave off earth-shaking roars.

Ye Yuans figure also dropped down from the sky powerlessly.

The power of this attack already exhausted all of Ye Yuans strength. Being drained of 25% of his blood essence in an instant, this was simply something that could take ones life.

This Sacred Dragon Tokens method of usage, Ye Yuan learned of it from Long Teng there.

Without Deity Realm strength, one was simply unable to unleash the true power of the Sacred Dragon Token. Even having divine essence would not cut it either.

But the Sacred Dragon Token as the dragon races most powerful divine artifact, one could use dragon race blood essence to drive it.

Ye Yuan did not sit and wait helplessly for death being imprisoned inside the Eight Extremes Sword Domain.

In that instant, Ji Canglan unleashed the Eight Extremes Sword Domain, Ye Yuans late-stage spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was already launched!

Ye Yuan broke through to Tier 9 fleshy body. Coupled with the late-stage spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, the power was unimaginable. But this palm of his was not launched at Ji Canglan, but directly detonated on the spot!

The injuries on Ye Yuans body were not caused by the Eight Extremes Sword Domain but caused by the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palms explosion.

Detonating the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm within an extremely small area, Ye Yuan was virtually committing suicide here. That power was sufficient to blast himself to death.

However, it was by relying on this explosion that Ye Yuan forcefully opened up an extremely small no-mans-land inside the Eight Extremes Sword Domain, a vacuum zone that did not belong to the Eight Extremes Sword Domain!

Withstanding this intense explosion, Ye Yuan directly merged into heaven and earth and reached high up in the sky with one teleport, and launched a heaven-shaking attack against the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask!

To be able to break apart the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask, there was only the similarly divine artifact, Sacred Dragon Token.

This move deceived everyone. Ye Yuan practically completed it in an instant. Everyone did not react to it, including Ji Canglan!

Talking about it was simple, but in-between this, as long as there was the slightest bit of error, not only would Ye Yuan be directly hacked into meat paste by the Eight Extremes Sword Domain, he would also be blown into minced meat by his own Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

From the start, Ye Yuans objective was not Ji Canglan, but the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask!

Because he knew that his current strength could not kill Ji Canglan at all.

While Ji Canglan risked universal condemnation and wanted to eradicate the White Tiger Clan straight away and capture the white tiger spirit. There was definitely a heaven-shocking conspiracy.

Once they let him prevail, the outcome would be unimaginable.

And among the people present today, only one person had the ability to break the deadlock.

That was Ye Yuan himself!

Hence, he offered up his blood essence as the price without the slightest hesitation and activated the Sacred Dragon Token.

After one attack, the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flasks aura became a great deal more lackluster all at once and was completely unable to capture the white tiger spirit anymore.

That white tiger spirit seemed to have been frightened too. After breaking free, he directly turned into a multi-colored stream of light and entered inside the totem territory, not coming out anymore.

Right at this time, an unexpected change suddenly occurred!

Ji Canglans figure immediately vanished on the spot. The Eight Extremes Sword Domain also scattered and dispersed with a loud bang. Rong Xiao finally broke free.

However, Rong Xiaos expression changed drastically too. Because the direction Ji Canglan was going in was precisely Ye Yuan there!

A terrifying aura rushed towards Ye Yuan at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

"Ji Qingyun!" Rong Xiao gave a loud cry, a look of hopelessness revealing on his face.

At this time, he was already too far away to help!