Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Former Hall Master, Martial Hall

Ye Yuan ascended the following steps like taking a leisurely stroll in a courtyard.

Having reached the Heart Like Still Water Realm, this Nine Heavens Road's illusionary realm practically only existed nominally to him.

He ascended one step after another, strong and firm, and crossed the entire second stage in an instant.

Su Yubai's face turned completely black looking at this scene.

He had already sentenced Ye Yuan to death twice and did not expect Ye Yuan to revive again.

Not only did he revive, but he was also living even stronger!

Now, he could not leave nor could he stay. He stood there very awkwardly.

He was not resigned to leaving either. If he did not witness Ye Yuan being annihilated by the Nine Heavens Road with his own eyes, he would not feel at ease when eating and sleeping even if he returned.

But he had already walked out of the pavilion. How could he not leave now? Could it be that he had to turn back, sit down, and be critical about it?

He could not afford to lose his face!

Su Yubai's face alternated color several times. Finally, he swept his sleeves and left.

The other elders actually really wanted to see if Ye Yuan could succeed in his challenge. This was a historic moment!

However, they saw that Su Yubai had left, so they naturally did not find it appropriate to sit back down. They could only follow along.

On the other side, Zuo Bugui watched Ye Yuan's steady footsteps and involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

To actually break through in such a manner on the Nine Heavens Road, he truly no longer knew how to describe Ye Yuan.

But at this moment, Long Tang suddenly turned around and was about to leave. Zuo Bugui was stupefied and hurriedly asked, "You aren't watching anymore, Old Long?"

Long Tang did not slow his footsteps and merely waved his hands with his back facing Zuo Bugui. "The overall situation has been set. There's nothing to see anymore. I'll go make my preparations. The next one will be me!"

Finishing, Long Tang left straightaway.

"The overall situation has been set?" Zuo Bugui repeated this and then muttered, "He's so sure that Ye Yuan can clear it? Even if he already broke through to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, it's still only the Essence Qi Realm. The last 333 steps are the most challenging segment of the road. Can an Essence Qi Realm cross it?"

Naturally, nobody answered him. The only response he got was Long Tang's solid footsteps.

. . . . . .

Stepping onto the 667th step, the illusion in front of Ye Yuan immediately vanished and changed back to the Nine Heavens Road's initial appearance, a set of steps connecting to the heavens!

Yet this time around, a green-robed elder appeared in front of Ye Yuan. He had a benevolent look, with the airs of an expert.

"Young man, to have made it here shows that you're a person with unmatched talent. However, this third stage is the most challenging round in the entire Nine Heavens Road. Are you ready for it?"

The old man actually opened his mouth to talk when he saw Ye Yuan. He actually had his own consciousness!

But Ye Yuan already saw that he was an apparition at first glance. Hence, he was not overly alarmed.

"To actually leave a trace of divine sense behind on the Nine Heavens Road, could it be that this Nine Heavens Road was created by Senior?" Ye Yuan did not answer the old man's question but asked another question instead.

The old man could not help being surprised by Ye Yuan asking that. "You can actually see through my apparition? Such a wonder, a wonder! Looking at your bone age, you are 15 or 16 years old, yet you have such knowledge! However, this Nine Revolutions Turbid Heaven Array was not created by this old man. Rather, it was created by my Tranquil Cloud Sect's founding ancestor, You Wuya! This old man was about to reach the end of my lifespan, that's why I willingly split a wisp of my divine sense into the Nine Heavens Road to host the third round!"

The green-robed old man twirled his beard with a smile as he revealed an admiring look. Clearly, he idolized that person, You Wuya, greatly.

Ye Yuan came to a sudden realization. Only now did he finally know the Nine Heavens Road's origins. It was actually established by the Tranquil Cloud Sect's founding father, You Wuya!

From this, one could see that You Wuya was definitely a dazzlingly talented individual.

Others might not understand, but Ye Yuan could tell that this Nine Revolutions Turbid Heaven Array employed the law of nine and faintly incorporated the Heavenly Dao. It was not something that the average person could construct!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan could see that this Nine Revolution Turbid Heaven Array's power was far beyond this. What was set up on this Nine Heavens Peak was merely a simplified version of the grand array.

The Dan Wu Academy was only the outer sect of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. How could the Tranquil Cloud Sect possibly lay out the complete version of the array formation here?

However, even if it was the simplified version, this Nine Revolutions Turbid Heaven Array was still an extremely remarkable array formation.

"So it turns out that it was created by Founding Ancestor You. No wonder it has such power!" Ye Yuan could not resist praising it.

" En? You actually comprehended Heart Like Still Water?"

The old man sized up Ye Yuan and was greatly surprised. Ye Yuan's mental state was calm, akin to an old well without ripples. Clearly, it was the sign of having comprehended Heart Like Still Water.

The old man willingly guarded the stage, so he naturally understood the array considerably and was aware that this second round incorporated the Heart Like Still Water concept. But he did not expect a 15-year-old brat to comprehend it!

Ye Yuan smiled lightly, and he said, "This Junior comprehended it by luck."

Only now did the green-robed old man examine Ye Yuan closely and commented agitatedly, "Good! Good! Good! It's truly talented people will be born to take over the previous generation! Heaven is protecting my Tranquil Cloud Sect! My Tranquil Cloud Sect will surely revive in the future with such a talent! I've waited for a millennium, and finally, I saw hope! Quickly tell me your name, young man!"

"This Junior is Ye Yuan. May I know Senior's name?" Ye Yuan asked respectfully.

Ye Yuan was still very respectful in his heart towards a figure like him who sacrificed himself for the development of the sect.

One had to know that this elder already did not have much lifespan back then. Splitting out divine sense to host the array formation would result in an even greater loss of lifespan.

What reason did he have to be discourteous towards such a selfless person?

"Ye Yuan? Not bad, not bad. This old man is Lu Yan. I'm the Tranquil Cloud Sect's 35th generation, Martial Hall, Hall Master!"

"So senior is the Martial Hall's Hall Master. This Junior pays his respect." Ye Yuan bowed respectfully.

" Haha! Quickly get up, quickly get up. I'm already a dead person, so what's the point of you doing this sort of empty courtesy? I've already hosted this array for over a hundred years. My divine sense is about to be exhausted already. To be able to encounter a peerless genius such as yourself before I perish, this old man can die peacefully!"

Through special means, divine sense could indeed be sustained for a long time. But there would come the day where it would eventually perish.

This Lu Yan's divine sense could at most hold on for another ten years. At that time, it would completely dissipate from this world.

A former powerhouse, yet he still had to return to dust. This was Lu Yan's desolation and also the anguish of all martial artists.

Even an unparalleled Divine King could not overcome the ravages of time.

Nevertheless, Lu Yan was a broad-minded person. He had long treated life and death lightly.

"I've hosted the Nine Revolutions Turbid Heaven Array for nearly two hundred years. Yet, the number of students I met were barely around ten people. Only that brat called Mo Yuntian from several years back left some impression on me. But compared to you, he was much more inferior!"

"Senior is too kind." Ye Yuan naturally would not blow his own trumpet in front of Lu Yan.

Although Lu Yan only hosted for nearly two hundred years, he was obviously extremely clear on the situation inside this Nine Heavens Road.

Those so-called geniuses did not even register on his radar.

How could one talk about being a genius if they could not even make it past three rounds?

What the Tranquil Cloud Sect required were not this kind of genius. What was needed were geniuses who could revive the Tranquil Cloud Sect, rally, and lead them!

The purpose of the Nine Heavens Road's existence also laid here!

While Mo Yuntian made it past the Nine Heavens Road, it was merely luck.

Heart Like Still Water and this third round was where the true essence of the Nine Heavens Road laid.

Otherwise, why would there be a need to sacrifice a Martial Hall's Hall Head's lifespan to host the array formation?

"Can you promise me something, young man?" Lu Yan suddenly opened his mouth and asked.