Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Number One Beauty In The Divine Realm

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Ji Canglan’s speed was extremely fast. In virtually a blink of an eye, he already arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

With Ji Canglan’s strength, nobody among the people present could stop him at all.

Currently, Ye Yuan already fell unconscious and was totally unaware that he was so close to death.

Of course, even if he was aware, suffering such severe injuries, it was also not possible to make any counterattacks.

“Ji Canglan, if you dare to kill Ji Qingyun, my White Tiger Clan will not stop until your death!” Rong Xiao roared.

However, Ji Canglan did not delay at all. A sword already arrived in front of Ye Yuan!

Yet, right at this critical moment, boundless snowflakes that filled the sky suddenly appeared in the sky! Virtually in an instant, the entire world became a vast expanse of whiteness.

At this moment, it was as if the whole world froze.

A fierce wind swept up waves of snowflakes, attempting to stop Ji Canglan’s advancement.

It was very strange, those delicate snowflakes actually made Ji Canglan’s speed fall sharply. In the end, he was actually unable to advance an inch forward anymore.

A lithe and graceful figure appeared in the wind and snow. Only to see her beckon with a hand. Countless flurries of snow formed an ice bed below Ye Yuan’s body, letting Ye Yuan land slowly.

This woman was exceedingly cold and gorgeous as if she was an ice mountain. But her unparalleled looks virtually made all women turn colorless!

“Ji Canglan, I won’t let you kill him a second time!” The woman’s words were nonchalant but revealed determination.

Ji Canglan put away his sword and stood there, but thought nothing of this cold and beautiful to the extreme woman in front of him.

“Since Lingxue came forward, I’ll let him off today. However, you have to watch Little Junior Brother closely. Next time, he won’t be so lucky!”

“Next time, he’ll definitely kill you!” Spirit Snow Divine King said coldly.

This woman was actually the one known as the number one beauty in the Divine Realm, Spirit Snow Divine King, Mu Lingxue! Her sudden appearance finally resolved Ye Yuan’s predicament.

Ji Canglan smiled but declined to comment. His figure moved and vanished from sight.

The moment Ji Canglan left, the Medicine King Hall’s other experts also left one after another.

The White Tiger Clan suffered heavy casualties. At this point, they were completely powerless to stop the departure of the Medicine King Hall’s experts.

Spirit Snow Divine King looked at the Ye Yuan lying on the ground. A hint of tenderness flickered across her gaze.

The Divine Realm’s number one beauty, Spirit Snow Divine King, probably only when facing him, would she revealed this hint of tenderness, right?

“I chased after Ji Canglan until here, didn’t expect that I actually ran into you! Since you came back to the Divine Realm, why didn’t you come and look for me?”

Spirit Snow Divine King muttered to herself, but two clear rows of tears flowed down from her eyes.

After the great battle, the White Tiger Clan was in a state of ruin. The losses were immense.

When Ye Yuan woke up, it was already ten days later.

The current Ye Yuan was incomparably frail. It was as if his entire person was drained dry.

He heard from Li-er about the matters after he fell unconscious. Ye Yuan never would have dreamed that he was actually saved by Mu Lingxue in the end.

After Ji Canglan left, Mu Lingxue also left immediately.

“Lingxue still hates me!” Ye Yuan said with a bitter smile.

“The Spirit Snow Divine King she … should still be in love with Big Brother Yuan, right? Otherwise, how could she possibly take action to rescue you? Furthermore, the timing she showed up was so coincidental. Most likely, she has constantly been paying attention to Ji Canglan’s movements too. This indicates that she might have been thinking of avenging you all along!” Li-er hesitated for a bit but still said it in the end.

Towards the Spirit Snow Divine King, Li-er’s feelings were very complicated too.

But she would not become jealous like the average girl. On the contrary, she even harbored some remorse towards the Spirit Snow Divine King.

On that day, Ye Yuan locked Li-er and White Light inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda and did not give them the chance to come out at all. They were very anxious inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda but completely could not do anything.

Hearing Li-er’s words, Ye Yuan also did not know what he should say.

Previous life, Ji Qingyun looked down upon the Divine Realm, his status was incomparably revered. Only romance this word, he left behind this regret.

Reviving, Ye Yuan got together with Li-er at the behest of supernatural powers. This could not be said to not be destiny making a fool of men.

When Ye Yuan came back to his senses, he noticed that Li-er’s expression was rather odd, and asked, “Li-er, if there’s anything you want to say, just say it. Between you and I, do we still need to make distinctions?”

Li-er suddenly lowered her head and used a mosquito-like voice to say softly, “Big Brother Yuan, actually … Li-er doesn’t mind.”

Ye Yuan froze, and laughed in spite of himself and said, “You lass, what are you saying? It’s still more of a debt towards Lingxue. Sigh, this favor, it will probably be hard to pay off for a lifetime!”

Li-er was delighted in her heart. But had an additional trace of loss.

Ye Yuan valued relationships the most. He himself already said that Spirit Snow Divine King’s favor could not be repaid for life.

How could this entanglement be that easy to sort out?

The hardest to pay off in this world was a debt of love.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s feelings towards Mu Lingxue, most likely even he himself was unable to say clearly, right?

“Big Brother, you finally woke up!” Right then, White Light’s voice suddenly sounded out, interrupting the two people’s thoughts.

Ye Yuan looked over and saw White Light left Head Elder Rong Kun over.

When Rong Kun saw Ye Yuan, he also cupped his fists and said, “Younger Brother Ji finally woke up. If Younger Brother had a mishap, my White Tiger Clan would really have wronged Your Excellency.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Head Elder, it is best to call me Ye Yuan. Ji Qingyun is already a bygone.”

Rong Kun was startled in his heart but still said, “Huhu, Younger Brother Ye lost too much blood essence in order to unleash the Sacred Dragon Token this time. The clan has already prepared many blood essence recovering spirit medicines for Younger Brother. This time, this old man brought it over at the same time.”

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said, “Then Ye Yuan will accept it respectfully. Thank you very much, Head Elder.”

“What’s Younger Brother Ye talking about. This time, if not for you, our White Tiger Clan would have already utterly disappeared from the Divine Realm. Want to thank, it also has to be this old man who says it to you.” Rong Kun waved his hand and said.

Talking about this, Ye Yuan’s expression darkened as well and said, “Ji Canglan locked on the target on the White Tiger Clan this time. What he’s plotting is most likely not small. Furthermore, according to what I know, there isn’t the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask, this grade of divine artifact, in the Medicine King Hall at all. I feel that there’s likely someone currently brewing a tremendous conspiracy in the Divine Realm!”

Rong Kun also nodded when he heard that and said, “What Patriarch Rong Xiao is worried about is also this! Ji Canglan knows about my White Tiger Clan like the palm of his own hand. Even an existence on the level of the white tiger spirit, he’s also aware. The operation this time, he has likely prepared for a long time already. Patriarch already informed the other three clan patriarchs of the four symbols family clans to let them be more careful. My White Tiger Clan having traitors, it’s hard to ensure that the other three clans don’t have traitors.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and could not help falling silent.

At present, the Divine Realm was endlessly turbulent. That enormous hand at the back seemed to have already gradually revealed its fangs.

The Medicine King Hall openly making a move against the White Tiger Clan this time, regardless of success or failure, it would shock the entire Divine Realm.

Existences on the level of super holy lands always stayed low and restrained. It was already uncertain how many years it had been since such a large-scale divine king battle had been instigated before.

Through this incident, the Medicine King Hall’s ambition was also laid completely bare!