Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Sacred Dragon Tokens Master

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Chatting idly for a couple more sentences, Rong Kun actually became somewhat evasive when talking.

Ye Yuan knew that he definitely had some words too hard to speak up. Hence, he said, “Whatever words Head Elder has, just be straight with it.”

Rong Kun appeared slightly embarrassed as he said, “Haha, Younger Brother Ye, the incident this time was stirred up so big, many things can’t be concealed anymore either. It’s fine that you’re bearing the dragon race’s bloodline, it’s just that this Sacred Dragon Token …”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he understood, and opened his mouth to ask, “Someone came from the dragon clan?”

Rong Kun nodded his head and said, “The Azure Dragon Clan’s Head Elder, Long Zaitian, personally brought people and came over. But Patriarch Rong Xiao blocked them first with Younger Brother Ye’s body not being recovered as the reason. It’s just that this Sacred Dragon Token is of utmost importance, they likely won’t be willing to leave the matter at that.”

The dragon clan’s supreme divine artifact, Sacred Dragon Token, was lost for over 100 thousand years. Now that it re-appeared in the Divine Realm, it was impossible for the dragon clan to not have any indication at all.

Such a treasure being left behind outside was a joke to the dragon clan in the first place.

Now that they knew that the Sacred Dragon Token was in Ye Yuan’s hands, they would think of ways to get it back no matter what.

Currently, there was the White Tiger Clan blocking. The dragon clan might still say a couple of nice words. If Ye Yuan was not willing to hand it over, they would definitely resort to martial strength in the end too.

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “Looks like this trip to the dragon clan is a must. Forget it, make a trip then. It’s also time for Senior Long Teng and the dragon clan’s grudge to be resolved.”

Although Long Teng had never talked with him about his history before, Ye Yuan was also more or less able to guess a little.

Even though as long as 50 thousand years had passed, some knots of the heart, Long Teng likely still could not put it down.

Hearing that Ye Yuan agreed to go to the dragon clan, Rong Kun also heaved a sigh in relief.

The White Tiger Clan was currently already in a precarious situation. If Ye Yuan was not willing to go to the dragon clan, the White Tiger Clan definitely could not look on with folded arms either. At that time, they would fall into a dilemma.

“Younger Brother Ye, rest assured, going to the dragon clan this time, this old man will travel together with you. If any of them dare to touch you, they must step over this old man’s dead body!” Rong Kun patted his chest and said.

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said with a smile, “Then I’ll have to trouble Head Elder!”

Ye Yuan knew that Rong Kun accompanying him on the trip was likely that the White Tiger Clan had long discussed it already. Therefore, he did not turn it down either.

Presently, Ye Yuan was the entire White Tiger Clan’s benefactor. They were unable to fight to the bitter end with the dragon clan, and could only do it to this sort of extent.

After chatting with White Light for a while, Ye Yuan started closed-seclusion to recuperate.

He had indeed expended too much this time. If he did not have a solid foundation, he might even have directly croaked.

He first withstood his own late-stage spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, and was already badly wounded. Next, he had 25% of his blood essence extracted by the Sacred Dragon Token, nearly draining him into a human jerky.

This degree of injury was virtually too far gone for many martial artists.

Even if their wounds healed, their martial Dao foundation was basically wasted too.

But this did not count for anything to Ye Yuan.

A super faction like the White Tiger Clan, their spirit medicine reserves were very abundant. He only needed to recuperate his injuries and refine some blood essence recovering medicinal pills would do.

It was a little slow, but it was still not to the extent that it would take his life.

After an appropriate amount of rest, Ye Yuan finally fully recovered his strength. And in this period of time, Ye Yuan also broke through quite a few cultivation realms in succession, directly reaching peak Phaseless Realm already.

This was entirely the sequela from him forcefully stimulating the primeval dragon bone. Plus this one month’s time, he ate countless spirit medicines. Hence, his cultivation realm could not be stopped anymore as well, jumping up three levels.

Obtaining Rong Kun’s answer, the dragon clan’s Long Zaitian did not interrupt Ye Yuan as well, and actually reined in his impatience and waited for him for a month’s time.

Presumably, this was also looking on account of the White Tiger Clan’s face.

A month later, Ye Yuan left seclusion but saw an old friend.

The Black Dragon Clan’s patriarch, Ao Lin!

The Black Dragon Clan’s standing among the Azure Dragon Clan was identical with the Crimsonflame Clan’s status in the White Tiger Clan, belonging to one of the most powerful branches.

Ao Lin had requested medicinal pills from Ye Yuan before. With this to and fro, the two people became very close friends.

Ye Yuan’s understanding of the dragon clan was also mostly through Ao Lin.

When Ao Lin saw Ye Yuan, he said emotionally, “Oh, Younger Brother, back then when I heard of your demise, Elder Brother, I, had no appetite for food and drinks for several months, and had no mood to cultivate as well. Hearing your news this time, Elder Brother repeatedly pleaded with Patriarch to definitely make a trip with Head Elder.”

Ye Yuan smashed a fist on his chest and said with a smile, “At least you, this old fellow, have some conscience! But coming this time, it isn’t with good intentions!”

Ao Lin’s expression turned slightly stiff and was rather embarrassed.

Him coming this time, saying it a bit nicely was to invite Ye Yuan back. Saying it nastily was to abduct Ye Yuan back. His identity was also very awkward.

“Younger Brother, I … ” Ao Lin said embarrassedly.

Ye Yuan sniggered and said, “You old punk, still the same ol’ honest blockhead! Just cracking a joke, you even took it seriously!”

Ao Lin this person was a very inflexible person. But was also rather loyal to friends; suited Ye Yuan’s temperament very much.

In his previous life, Ye Yuan did not like to play those little tricks. Therefore, he liked to make friends with straightforward people. This Ao Lin was one of them.

Ye Yuan helped Ao Lin with a great favor back then. This Ao Lin was naturally endlessly grateful towards Ye Yuan.

It was just that now, things were still the same, but the people were no longer the same. When Ao Lin saw Ye Yuan’s appearance, he could not help sighing deeply as he said, “Many years of not seeing, didn’t expect that Younger Brother, you … actually took on this appearance!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “What’s bad about this? To me, it might not be a bad thing! Head Elder, I still have some matters to attend to in the White Tiger Clan. I’ll travel together with you all to the dragon clan tomorrow, is it alright?”

Long Zaitian already waited for a month, he naturally did not care about this one day either, and there obviously was no reason to not permit it. He could only open his mouth and say, “Master Qingyun Zi, this Sacred Dragon Token … could you lend it to this old man for a look?”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Of course there’s no problem.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan directly took out the fire rod-like Sacred Dragon Token. The dragon pressure emitting off of the Sacred Dragon Token made Long Zaitian and co. all feel waves of terror.

Ye Yuan was not afraid of Long Zaitian stealing it either and directly threw it to him.

The Sacred Dragon Token already acknowledged him as its master. Unless Long Zaitian killed him, otherwise, even if he had the Sacred Dragon Token, he was unable to use it too.

And Rong Kun was present as well. This place was the White Tiger Clan’s territory too. Even if Long Zaitian was loaned two hands, he could not kill him either.

Long Zaitian lightly caressed the Sacred Dragon Token, like he was stroking his own lover, unable to take his hands of it.

“Over a hundred thousand years already! The Sacred Dragon Token was lost for a full 100 over thousand years! This time, it finally returned to the dragon clan!” Long Zaitian said with vicissitudes of emotion.

The meaning in his words was like Ye Yuan already agreed to return the Sacred Dragon Token.

But how was this possible?

In this world, nobody would hand over a divine artifact so casually to others, right?

Even Ye Yuan could not do it either.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Head Elder had best stop dreaming. The Sacred Dragon Token, I won’t return to the dragon clan! Right now, I’m the Sacred Dragon Token’s master!”