Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Not Happy Suck It Up

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Done talking, Ye Yuan silently recited an incantation. The Sacred Dragon Token actually directly broke free of the palm of Long Zaitian’s hands and returned to Ye Yuan’s hands.

Long Zaitian’s face turned black. The originally amicable atmosphere was immediately utterly ruined.

“Ji Qingyun, I call you Qingyun Zi, doesn’t meant that you can treat the dragon clan anyhow you please! Disregarding that you’re currently all alone in the world, even when you were still the Medicine King Hall’s young lord back then, my dragon clan will also have to retrieve this Sacred Dragon Token! This Sacred Dragon Token, you got to hand it over whether you want to or not!” Long Zaitian said in a solemn voice.

But Ye Yuan was not annoyed in the slightest. Instead, he said with a faint smile, “If I didn’t remember wrongly, regarding this Sacred Dragon Token, the dragon clan seems to have a rule, right?”

Long Zaitian could not help choking up. Only now did he recall that rule.

The person able to make the Sacred Dragon Token acknowledge as its master was the leader of the dragon clan!

Just now, Ye Yuan summoned back the Sacred Dragon Token effortlessly. Clearly, the Sacred Dragon Token had already acknowledged him as master. That was to say that Ye Yuan was currently the lord of the dragon clan!

This … What nonsense?

How could a human possibly become the lord of the dragon clan?

But the problem was, why would the Sacred Dragon Token acknowledge a human as its master? Where did this outcome put them, these true dragon clansmen?

No idea why, Long Zaitian actually became angry with a mere tool.

Seeing Long Zaitian’s reaction, Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Looks like Head Elder knows about this rule. Then it’s easy to settle. Putting aside other things for the time being, just your attitude earlier, shouldn’t you apologize to me first? Or is Head Elder planning to disrespect your forefathers?”

A faint smile hung on Ye Yuan’s face, quietly awaiting Head Elder’s apology.

Ao Lin seriously could not look on anymore. Seeing Long Zaitian in a bind, he could only say to Ye Yuan, “Younger Brother, this … Head Elder was also anxious for a moment and didn’t have the intention of offending. Looking on account of Elder Brother’s face … let it go?”

Long Zaitian’s expression was very ugly. Ye Yuan holding the Sacred Dragon Token in his hand was equivalent to holding a royal regalia. Even if he went the dragon clan, he could also do as he pleased!

Unless they really disrespected their forefathers and snatched away the Sacred Dragon Token in Ye Yuan’s hands.

But think of how they treated the lineage of bloodline as the most important in the family clan, they naturally also respected their forefathers the most. Making them go against this ancestral teaching was simply even harder than carving off the flesh.

Long Zaitian suddenly felt that this Sacred Dragon Token was simply like a fish bone stuck in the throat; unable to go up nor go down, suffocating to the extreme.

Ao Lin’s face, Ye Yuan naturally had to give. Hence, he nodded and said, “Alright then, I’ll give Elder Brother, you, face today. But … not to be taken as a precedent! I’m the master of the Sacred Dragon Token. Even if you guys are unhappy about me, you have to at least maintain due respect on the surface. As long as you don’t let me see it, however you all talk in private, that’s your business.”

Ye Yuan knew that going to the dragon clan this time, he would definitely have many difficulties.

The final goal was naturally for the Sacred Dragon Token’s ownership.

Furthermore, his current strength was indeed a little weak. Even if they knew that he was Ji Qingyun, it was also not possible to truly attach importance to him.

Therefore, Ye Yuan’s objective was very simple: if there was unhappiness, suck it up!

Otherwise, it was disrespecting the forefathers!

This crime was not what the average dragon race member could take on.

After a round of not-very-merry meeting, Ye Yuan went to see Rong Xiao again.

His goal of meeting Rong Xiao was very simple, he wanted to bring away a few people from the White Tiger Dungeon.

Originally, he was planning on directly taking the people away. But now that the White Tiger Clan owed him a tremendous favor, this bit of request was not considered over the top as well.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was not letting them go, but enslaving them for several thousand years. It was also considered continuing to atone for the things they did before as well.

When Ye Yuan’s figure appeared in the White Tiger Dungeon once more, it caused a stir again.

“I’m only bringing three people out. My requirement isn’t high: be my servant for a thousand years, and I’ll let you guys go free!”

Ye Yuan’s sentence immediately caused an uproar.

He bargained with Rong Xiao and finally obtained three quotas.

These people were all the White Tiger Clan’s felons. For Rong Xiao to be able to give Ye Yuan three quotas was already going by a massive backdoor.

Moreover, Rong Xiao knew that the people Ye Yuan was bringing away were definitely all people with extremely formidable strength.

Even if it was just a thousand years, if the other party took revenge on the White Tiger Clan in the future, the White Tiger Clan would likely suffer heavy casualties.

This, Rong Xiao actually took on a tremendous risk.

Everybody did not think that Ye Yuan actually really realized his promise back then, and was going to bring people out!

Especially those people who mocked Ye Yuan the last time, each and every one of them was on tenterhooks, fearful of Ye Yuan directly rejecting them.

They were already trapped in the White Tiger Dungeon for god knows how many years. More than half of their strength was already lost. Carrying on to waste away like this, it was also an outcome of death.

This damned place, they did not wish to stay for a second anymore.

Ao Qian was naturally the first one to sign up. He immediately shouted loudly, “Younger Brother, I’m willing to be your servant for a thousand, no, two thousand years! As long as you bring me out! Look, Elder Teng and I came from the same lineage. You have got to consider me first no matter what, isn’t that so?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “You count as one! Enter a soul contract first, the White Tiger Clan will naturally let you out.”

The moment Ao Qian heard, he could not help being overjoyed and hurriedly signed a soul contract with Ye Yuan. This transaction was also considered done.


The dungeon gates opened with a loud crash. A dark figure leaped out. It was actually an azure dragon!

“Hahaha! I, Ao Qian, was trapped for 20 thousand years! I finally came out!” Ao Qian laughed wildly.

After a while of unbridled dancing in the air, Ao Qian finally turned into human form and came before Ye Yuan to bow in salute as he said, “Ao Qian has seen Your Excellency!”

Seeing that Ao Qian really went out, the rest could not hold back anymore as well.

“Your Excellency, I’m willing to become your servant!”

“Your Excellency, I’m willing too!”

These criminals all fell over each other in a mad rush to be first, afraid of being left out by Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan naturally would not pick those people with low strength.

He asked Ao Qian, “Apart from you, who else is the strongest in this place?”

Ao Qian gave a bow towards Ye Yuan and said, “Replying Your Excellency, this place, apart from me, just Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang’s strength are the strongest. Apart from them, there are still quite a few divine king powerhouses. It’s just that their strength compared to the two of them are all a notch inferior.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Who you’re talking about should be those two people who questioned me the last time, right?”

The moment these words came out, Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang, the two of them, their breathing could not help become disorderly.

This sentence was practically sentencing them to death!

At this moment, the two of them wished that they could slap their mouths mushy.

This mouth was so despicable, no point in wanting it either!

“Your Excellency, I … I’m a frog at the bottom of a well! My dog eyes were blind! I, Wu Luo, am willing to become Your Excellency’s servant! I beg Your Excellency to bring me out!” Wu Luo practically said with a wail.

“Your Excellency, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have acted like a snob! Your Excellency, I’m begging you to take me out! This damn place, I don’t wish to stay for a second anymore! As long as Your Excellency bring me out, even if I slave and toil, Jiang Taicang is perfectly happy to do so too!”

Jiang Taicang was even more direct, immediately slapping his own mouth, going slap-slap.