Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Accepting Servants

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Ye Yuan waved his hand and said impatiently, “Don’t give me that in front of me. Talk to me, why were you guys locked up in here?”

The two people froze. Wu Luo opened his mouth and said embarrassedly, “Actually, I was born in the White Tiger Suppression Martial Clan. When I was young, because I formed an enmity with an elder in the clan, in a rage, I killed the other party. Later, I escaped from the White Tiger Clan. Didn’t expect that 200 years later, I was actually still captured back.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head when he heard that and said, “Alright then, you count as one. Enter a soul contract then. 2000 years, take it as a punishment for the incident last time.”

Wu Luo froze. When he reacted to it, he could not help being wildly ecstatic.

He did not think that Ye Yuan actually brushed over the matter last time so easily.

In his view, Ye Yuan definitely wanted powerful helpers. Hence, that was why he would bring them out. But he did not have eyes and offended Ye Yuan the last time, even if Ye Yuan wanted him, he would definitely make him pay a painful price too.

Did not think that Ye Yuan just casually added a thousand years and agreed to it.

A thousand years might be rather long, but compared to the White Tiger Dungeon, he was more willing to be outside.

To an expert who was trapped for several thousand years, there was nothing more precious than freedom.

“Many thanks, Your Excellency! Many thanks, Your Excellency! Don’t say 2000 years, even 3000 years, I’m willing too!” Wu Luo said excitedly.

Wu Luo immediately entered a soul contract with Ye Yuan without another word, to be Ye Yuan’s servant for 2000 years.

Ye Yuan’s breadth of mind was not narrow to this sort of degree; to seek revenge for the smallest grievance because of one or two words. He had a condition for bringing people out: people whose crimes were inexpiable, he did not want.

Wu Luo just killed an elder because of a grudge. This sort of thing was a severe crime to the White Tiger Clan, but it was actually happening in every corner of the Divine Realm every day. It did not count as some unforgivable crime.

Furthermore, for Wu Luo to be able to cultivate to such a boundary and be able to kill a White Tiger Clan’s elder, that by itself showed how formidable his strength was.

Seeing Wu Luo break free, Jiang Taicang became very anxious.

“Y-Your Excellency, w-what about me?” Jiang Taicang said weakly, cold sweat pouring out.

Ye Yuan voiced his assent and said, “You talk about it too.”

Jiang Taicang recounted his experiences very fidgety. But it was rather wondrous.

This guy was a human, but cultivated the ‘sacred hand dao.’ (CHECK)

Putting it bluntly, he was a thief!

Jiang Taicang’s strength was heaven-piercing, but could not change the habit of kleptomania. 5000 years ago, the White Tiger Clan organized a sacrificial grand ceremony and prepared several top-notch sacrificial goods. Who knew that this guy actually directly pocketed those few sacrificial goods.

The white tiger spirit was not lacking those few sacrificial goods. But it survived through the White Tiger Clan’s powers of faith.

Those few sacrificial goods were entrusted with the White Tiger Clan’s powers of faith. Being taken away by Jiang Taicang like this, how could the White Tiger Clan not be furious?

Hence, the White Tiger Clan’s patriarch back then personally moved out, chased him down for a full two year’s time, and finally captured him back.

To be able to escape from under the White Tiger Patriarch’s hands for a full two years, Jiang Taicang could also be sufficiently proud.

Hearing Jiang Taicang’s experiences, Ye Yuan did not hesitate either, immediately deciding on him.

Thereupon, this three-person group was also considered officially formed. The other people’s strengths were clearly more than a level weaker than the three of them. Ye Yuan did not consider anymore either.

As for Ao Qian, Ye Yuan also asked about his situation.

As a result, the reason why he was imprisoned shocked Ye Yuan too.

This guy actually challenged the White Tiger Clan and swallowed a 50 thousand-year-old crane essence inside a mystic realm. As a result, he was immediately captured by the White Tiger Clan.

Crane essence was not a white crane that became a demon, but a kind of longevity-promoting spirit medicine. It was not within the scope of the nine tiers.

A 50 thousand years old crane essence was sufficient to extend a person’s longevity by more than a fold!

At that time, Ao Qian was also anxious until his eyes turned red. Looking as his time was almost up and that he was going to pass away in meditation, how could he care about whether it offended the White Tiger Clan? He directly swallowed it.

In the end, he lived until now, but was also locked up inside this White Tiger Dungeon, never to rise again!

Back then, the White Tiger Patriarch said: Didn’t you devour the crane essence? Then I’ll let you savor the taste of waiting for death inside the White Tiger dungeon well!

The White Tiger Clan sealed Ao Qian’s demonic core and sealed off his bloodline power. He could not do anything inside this dungeon at all, and could only stare blankly with his eyes open.

This stare was more than 20 thousand years!

If not for Ye Yuan, he would really stare all the way here until death.

However, while these three people’s strengths were formidable, being sealed inside this White Tiger Dungeon, the effect on them was immense.

Even if Ye Yuan let them out, without a thousand year’s time, it was very hard for them to recover to the peak.

Their current strength was at most the level of ordinary divine kings too; a long shot away from their peak period.

Reaching the Divine King Realm, each step taken was extremely arduous.

Unless it was the Ten Great Divine Kings, that kind of peerless geniuses, otherwise, to many Divine King experts, they would pretty much be like that for their entire lives.

Ye Yuan bringing the three people out, Rong Xiao naturally could not dispense with a warning.

His expression was very grim as he said coldly, “The three of your matters, you know it yourself! You all are my White Tiger Clan’s mortal enemies! Ye Yuan is my White Tiger Clan’s savior, that’s why this seat gave him three quotas. However … there’s also an agreement between Ye Yuan and me. After returning you guys your freedom in the future, if you dare to come to find trouble with my White Tiger Clan, he’ll personally cut the three of you down! Don’t doubt my words, if Ye Yuan wants to kill you all, he might only require several decades! After a thousand years, you won’t even be fit to carry his shoes for him! Following him might be the luckiest thing in the three of your lives!”

When Ao Qian trio heard that, their expressions all changed. To be able to make the White Tiger Patriarch say this sort of words, Ye Yuan was clearly very extraordinary.

Furthermore, Rong Xiao said it, Ye Yuan was the White Tiger Clan’s savior.

What kind of incident could make the White Tiger Clan release the three most important people in the dungeon?

These three people were not stupid and knew that they had underestimated Ye Yuan too much previously.

After the joy of getting out of prison settled down, they became aware that they seemed to have followed a very remarkable master!

Especially Ao Qian, he was the clearest what kind of existence Long Teng was.

In that era, Long Teng was reputed as the dragon clan’s most powerful genius after Divine Dao dwindled to zero!

Even he acknowledged Ye Yuan like so. This child was bound to be extraordinary!

Of course, when Ye Yuan took them into the Vast Heaven Pagoda, their astonishment reached an even more unsurpassable height.

This was a quasi-divine artifact!

Ye Yuan’s figure appeared and said nonchalantly to the three people, “The three of you following me, I naturally won’t treat you guys shabbily. My current strength isn’t there yet. When I break through to Dao Profound, I should be able to refine medicinal pills for you guys. At that time, it should be able to help you all recover to peak strength. Of course, Tier 9 spirit medicines aren’t that easy to find. This period of time, I’ll keep an eye out for you all.”

Ye Yuan’s words made the three people endlessly shocked.

Breaking through to Dao Profound Realm and he could refine medicinal pills?

The medicinal pills that the three of them required were high-grade Tier 9!