Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Emperor Qi

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“Patriarch, Ji Qingyun is insolent and disrespectful, and really took the Sacred Dragon Token to be his belonging! I’m really perplexed why the Sacred Dragon Token would choose a human.”

When Long Zaitian returned to the clan, the moment he saw the Azure Dragon Patriarch, Ao Duo, he poured out all of the grievances during this period.

Ye Yuan having the Sacred Dragon Token in his hands was like a porcupine; unable bite down at all.

But Aoduo did not have Long Zaitian’s fretfulness. He just said coolly, “A divine artifact is an item with a spirit. Moreover, the Sacred Dragon Token is a heavenly divine artifact. It has its own reasons for picking Ji Qingyun. What I mind more is that Ji Qingyun has only resurrected for 20 years, why would his bloodline power be so powerful? Heard Jianbo say that his bloodline power actually exceeded the limits of the Bloodsoul Stone. This is simply something inconceivable.”

On the day when Ao Jianbo was severely wounded by the Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation, it was also thanks to Ye Yuan breaking the deadlock that he got away with his life. At this time, he was currently recuperating inside the clan.

Getting Ye Yuan over, it was naturally impossible for Ao Duo to not do a comprehensive understanding of Ye Yuan.

In his previous life, Ye Yuan had come to the dragon clan before. But at that time, he was the high and lofty Qingyun Zi. No one in the entire Divine Realm dared to provoke.

In this life, Ye Yuan was merely Ye Yuan. But the dragon clan’s own clan rules gave Au Duo a big headache.

After Long Zaitian brought Ye Yuan back, the dragon clan could only wait upon Ye Yuan with good food and drinks. Ao Duo did not have the intention of meeting.

If he really met, it would be embarrassing to open his mouth instead.

It was just that the thing that made Ao Duo found it hard to conceive was not just the Sacred Dragon Token in his possession, there was also Ye Yuan’s dragon race bloodline.

“This … could it be that the White Tiger Clan’s Bloodsoul Stone had problems?” Long Zaitian said rather uncertainly.

Ao Duo shook his head and said, “Shouldn’t be! Zaitian, say, since he obtained the Sacred Dragon Token, could he have obtained a genuine divine beast bloodline?”

Long Zaitian was startled inwardly and looked at Ao Duo strangely.

The so-called genuine divine beast bloodline was naturally the bloodline of a Deity Realm Azure Dragon powerhouse!

This sort of thing was simply a priceless treasure.

And genuine divine beast bloodline had never been seen before ever since Divine Dao dwindled to zero.

Now that the Sacred Dragon Token came into being, divine beast bloodline coming into being was naturally nothing strange either.

“With Patriarch saying so, it really is like that! Only a divine beast bloodline can make the Bloodsoul Stone unable to withstand it, right? Patriarch, this boy is certain that we don’t dare to touch him, that’s why he followed me back to the dragon clan. Why not …”

Long Zaitian gave a vicious look. That meaning was obviously to dispose of Ye Yuan and forcefully snatch the Sacred Dragon Token and bloodline.

But Ao Duo shook his head and said, “This matter still needs to be thought through at length. It has to be Ji Qingyun handing it over willingly. Going against the ancestral teachings, this sort of thing, isn’t considered much among humans. But among my demon race, especially to the Azure Dragon Clan, it’s a massive matter. Unless there are no other alternatives, this seat doesn’t wish to come to that point.”

Long Zaitian’s face fell slightly, but he nodded his head.

He was aware of Ao Duo’s misgivings. The dragon race’s inheritance was in the bloodline. Violating the ancestral teachings, this sort of thing, one might just suffer a bloodline backlash. Regardless of who it was, nobody was willing to go and do it either.

Ye Yuan came to the dragon clan but was very leisurely and carefree.

The dragon clan seemed to have forgotten about his existence and pushed him to one side the whole time.

Ye Yuan did not idle away either and had a catch up about the old days with Ao Lin, but placed the majority of the time on cultivation.

The matter of Ji Canglan honestly caught Ye Yuan by surprise.

Facing the Ji Canglan who entered the realm of Void Mystic, Ye Yuan was currently too weak!

Dealing with ordinary divine king powerhouses, Ye Yuan leaping realms to battle was like having a common meal. But against Void Mystic powerhouses, Ye Yuan’s strength was somewhat lacking.

Void Mystic powerhouses, every last one’s comprehension towards concepts was extremely profound.

With Ye Yuan’s current concepts comprehension, even if he was sent to Void Mystic Realm directly, it was also impossible for him to defeat Ji Canglan.

Putting aside capturing the white tiger spirit, Ji Canglan’s strength was even that tiny hint stronger than Rong Xiao!

One had to know that Rong Xiao was a veteran Void Mystic powerhouse, while Ji Canglan had at most just entered the realm of Void Mystic for 20 years.

All along, concepts were Ye Yuan’s ace-in-the-hole to leap realms and battle. His concepts comprehension was more than just a tiny bit stronger than the average person.

But the time he cultivated was too short when all was said and done. To an alchemist who had never cultivated concepts in his past life, to be able to cultivate to such a boundary in 20 years time, this was simply a peerless genius.

But no matter how genius, he was also not Ji Canglan’s match!

That battle that day, if not for Ye Yuan inflicting self-harm as the price and catching Ji Canglan off guard, he would have long become a deceased soul under Ji Canglan’s sword already!

Prior to this, Ye Yuan’s greatest reliance was that he was in the dark, and Ji Canglan was in the open.

But now, his identity was already exposed. Ye Yuan no longer had anything to count on. God knows when the next time Ji Canglan make his move would be?

Resigning himself to death was not Ye Yuan’s character.

His greatest reliance right now was the Sacred Dragon Token. So no matter what, he would not give it to the dragon clan.

And although the Vast Heaven Stele and Soul Suppressing Pearl, these two items, were formidable, he could not harness them at all currently.

According to Long Teng’s version of things, only when he reached Dao Profound Realm, could he sense the Vast Heaven Stele’s truly formidable aspects.

And Ye Yuan was already Ninth Level Phaseless currently. These few days, he had been consolidating his cultivation realm the entire time, planning on breaking through to Dao Profound in one stroke!

The Dao Profound Realm was different from any cultivation realm previously.

This was a mysterious and hard to fathom boundary!

After breaking through to Dao Profound, the martial artist’s essence energy sea would produce a change once more. The originally ocean-like essence energy sea would form clouds of dense qi.

The Dao Profound Realm’s might lied precisely here!

The Dao Profound Realm also went by emperor realm. This was not randomly termed. The dense qi formed after breaking through to the Dao Profound Realm was called emperor qi!

Once emperor qi was formed, the power of martial techniques would skyrocket. A martial artist’s grasp of essence energy would also reach an inconceivable level.

The amount of emperor qi also represented the superiority or inferiority of emperor realm powerhouses.

Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea already reached an unimaginable 100 million feet in circumference. It was a hundred times of the average Ninth Level Phaseless!

Once he broke through to Dao Profound Realm, it would produce large quantities of emperor qi. His strength would also not be what the average First Level Dao Profound Realm would compare to.

After resting and rehabilitating for the greater part of a month in the dragon clan, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm finally finished consolidating.

He made use of another three day’s time to refine a kind of medicinal pill called Emperor Qi Pill.

In his past life, he relied on precisely this Emperor Qi Pill before breaking through to Dao Profound Realm.

In this life, Ye Yuan’s soul force already broke through to Alchemy Emperor Realm. Refining this mere Tier 8 Emperor Qi Pill was naturally no object.

Without a doubt, transcendent-grade Emperor Qi Pill!

All preparations in place, the dragon clan still did not seem to have the intention of finding him to negotiate. Ye Yuan just broke through in the dragon clan straightforwardly.

At present, his fleshy body and divine soul both already stepped into emperor realm. It was only missing this essence energy cultivation realm alone.

Rumble …

After Ye Yuan consumed the transcendent-grade Emperor Qi Pill, very soon, large quantities of emperor qi took shape inside his essence energy sea.

Heavenly tribulation arrived once more right on schedule!