Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 Variant Major 9 By 9 Heavenly Tribulation

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“Who’s transcending tribulation in the clan? Seems like, it’s transcending Tier 9 heavenly tribulation. It’s just that this heavenly tribulation’s pressure … is a bit too terrifying, right?”

“Yeah. I feel that if I were to transcend the tribulation, I’d definitely be smitten to death! I’ve never seen a heavenly tribulation with this sort of power before! It’s too scary!”

“Fool, what do you guys know? This is a Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation. It was said that when Patriarch broke through to Tier 9 back then, he only transcended an Intermediate 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation too!”

To be able to attract a 9-by-9 heavenly tribulation when breaking through to Dao Profound, those were all geniuses among geniuses.

But the vast majority of martial artists were all just Minor 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

Those able to bring down an Intermediate 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation were just an extremely, extremely small portion.

A powerhouse like Ao Duo also merely attracted an Intermediate 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation. The rarity could be imagined.

And attracting a Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation was even rarer. In the entire Divine Realm, it was also extremely rare to hear of someone able to attract a Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation!

Under the tribulation clouds, inside the storm, Ye Yuan stood in the air, causing an uproar in the dragon clan.

This time, the scope of the tribulations clouds were extremely vast, virtually covering the entire Azure Dragon Clan’s totem territory.

In the sky, lightning danced like silver snakes. The accumulated pressure became more and more horrifying, but drew the bow without shooting, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression.

Ao Duo looked at that figure in the distance, his face revealing a look of shock as he said, “Ji Qingyun focused on alchemy and was uncommitted to martial arts. Didn’t think that in this life, he actually exhibited such terrifying martial Dao talent. This martial Dao talent compared to his alchemy Dao isn’t the least bit inferior either!”

“This … How is this possible? It’s only been a short 20 years time, I even thought that his cultivation realm was all stacked up with medicinal pills, didn’t think that …”

Long Zaitian looked at the Ye Yuan in the sky and was speechless for a long time.

Crack! Crack!

Amidst the dragon clan’s astonishment, the first bolt of heavenly tribulation tore through the air and arrived!

That coarse lightning seemingly tore open a large hole in the sky. Just the power of the first bolt of heavenly tribulation made people feel terror.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate in the slightest either. Lifting his hand, it was a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.


Ye Yuan’s figure was suddenly smashed down several hundred feet. But he still forcefully stood his ground.

This first bolt of heavenly tribulation was more terrifying compared to any of the heavenly tribulations he had transcended before in the past.

One had to know that Ye Yuan was already Tier 9 fleshy body currently. Although this palm was not his all-out attack, the power was also very terrifying already.

But facing the heavenly tribulation, he was actually a notch weaker!

Seeing this scene, Ao Duo’s expression suddenly changed, and he instructed, “Immediately activate the clan protecting grand array!”

Following Ao Duo’s roar, the dragon clan immediately bustled about. Very soon, an enormous light screen thoroughly covered the Azure Dragon’s totem territory inside.

Ao Duo’s expression was ugly as he said, “A Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation indeed lives up to its reputation! This first bolt of heavenly tribulation was already so terrifying. If I wait until the final bolt of heavenly tribulation land, wouldn’t my dragon clan become a mess? This brat is definitely deliberately putting on a show of force to us!”

Ao Duo really wronged Ye Yuan. He also did not expect that he actually attracted a Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

When transcending the fleshy body heavenly tribulation and soul tribulation on that day, they were both not so terrifying. He also could not figure out why the tribulation of essence energy would be so frightening.

Furthermore, Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation, even Ye Yuan had only heard about it before too. As for how formidable the power was, he only experienced it personally with that blow just now.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Bolt after bolts of heavenly tribulation landed with loud bangs, different from that sort of exasperation in the past. This time, it was clearly very calm.

The heavenly tribulation’s interval was very rhythmic. After each time it landed, it would even give Ye Yuan some time to catch his breath.

Ye Yuan’s figure was struck down time and again, but he flew up stubbornly again.

9-by-9 heavenly tribulation had a total of nine rounds. Each round had nine bolts of heavenly tribulation. After each round, the power of the next round would have a substantial increase.

Although the power of the first round was fierce, it was clearly inadequate to deal with Ye Yuan.

After nine bolts of heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan’s aura became somewhat chaotic but did not have too great of a change.

During the second round, the power was clearly more than a level stronger compared to the first round!

Ye Yuan did not dare to slight it and already brought out 80% of his strength!

Very soon, the second round was withstood by Ye Yuan as well.

The third round, Ye Yuan practically took out all of his strength. He even used the late-stage spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm too, before barely managing to pull through.

When Ao Duo saw this scene, his expression was incomparably ugly.

“Heard Jianbo say that Ji Qingyun’s dragon race martial techniques were all taught by a mysterious person. At most, it’s also just 20 years time. Could it be that he only used 20 years time to cultivate dragon wave to the late-stage spirit rank? This … the Ji Qingyun after reviving is truly leaking out bizarreness all over!” Ao Duo said with vicissitudes of emotion.

“Yeah! My dragon race martial techniques are all cultivated with centuries as units. This guy merely cultivated for 20 years and actually reached such a level already. Truly inconceivable!” Long Zaitian also said in astonishment.

Although they were long aware that Ye Yuan comprehended late-stage spirit rank dragon wave, seeing him display it with their own eyes, they still felt unbelievably shocked.

Suddenly, Ao Duo’s expression changed, and he stared at the tribulation clouds as he said, “The tribulation clouds seemed to have undergone a transformation. The Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation doesn’t seem like it would be like this, right? What on earth did this brat do? Even Heavenly Dao can’t tolerate him?”

Only to see that in the sky, the tribulation clouds suddenly became strange.

Inside the originally pitch-black color tribulation clouds, a faint-yellow color tribulation cloud faintly appeared.

A terrifying fire-attribute energy transmitted out from within the tribulation clouds, making everyone’s expressions change.

“This … This is lightning-fire dual tribulation! The power of lightning-attribute heavenly tribulation is a level greater, and there’s even an additional fire-attribute heavenly tribulation! Would this sort of situation happen to a Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation?” Ao Duo said in shock.

Ye Yuan’s expression was also incredibly ugly. He seriously could not understand, just transcending a heavenly tribulation, was there a need to end up like this?

But Ye Yuan faintly had some conjectures. The power of the heavenly tribulation was so great, it likely had something to do with the several terrifying treasures on him.

He had ten thousand profanities galloping through his head. The treasures on him, seemed like other than the Sacred Dragon Token, he could not harness the rest at all, alright?

Ye Yuan had a flash of inspiration and suddenly called Fiery out.

“Big Brother!”

Through such a long time of cultivation, Fiery only just broke through to Tier 8. There was still a very long distance away from Tier 9.

Ye Yuan’s current battles, he virtually could not help with anything much.

It was exactly because of so that Fiery was very anxious too.

Ye Yuan said, “This damn heavenly tribulation actually dropped down a lightning-fire dual tribulation! This tribulation fire is born from heaven and earth and contains a terrifying power of fire essence. It’s a great tonic item to you. In a while, you’ll transcend the tribulation together with me and absorb this tribulation fire with all your strength. It should be able to help you to break through to Tier 9 in one go!”

The moment Fiery heard, he could not help being overjoyed and said, “Yes, Big Brother!”

Right then, a yellow a white, two bolts of heavenly tribulation, intertwined and fell down, as if it was two enormous dragons that devoured heaven and earth, crushing down towards Ye Yuan.

The fourth round of 9-by-9 heavenly tribulation descended with a loud crash!

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth. Lifting his hand, it was a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

It was just that the power of the lightning-fire dual tribulation was abnormally strong. His Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm only resisted for a split second before collapsing with a loud bang …