Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Lightning Fire Ice

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Ye Yuan was smashed fiercely onto the dragon clan’s grand array light barrier.

Lightning and flames swathed on his body, akin of bone-infesting maggots; unable to dispel.

“Fiery, quick!”

Right then, Fiery appeared like a spirit. Kneading incantations, he absorbed the flames on Ye Yuan’s body greedily.

This fire of heavenly tribulation was the most original source of energy in the world.

After Fiery absorbed, his cultivation realm increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Taking advantage of this interval, Ye Yuan seemed completely fine and started to revolve his skill and regulate his breathing, to prepare to receive the next heavenly tribulation.

“This bullshit Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation, just the fourth round and it’s so terrifying! If it were to reach the ninth round, what would it be like?!” Ye Yuan cursed.

Not just Ye Yuan, each and every one of those dragon clan powerhouses were all dumbfounded from watching too.

Such a dreadful heavenly tribulation, they had rarely seen it in all their lives too.

“How monstrous to what degree is this Ji Qingyun to bring forth such a terrifying heavenly tribulation!”

“This old man has cultivated for several thousand years and also never saw before such a terrifying Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation! The height of this child’s talent has probably met with heaven’s jealousy!”

“You all look at that thing by his side, it should be a primordial spirit, right? My god, he’s actually absorbing tribulation fire! Could it be …”

“That’s right, it’s definitely the spirit of an essence fire! No wonder Ji Qingyun can provoke such a terrifying heavenly tribulation. His fortuitous encounters are also a bit too good! The spirit of an essence fire absorbing these tribulation flames, even breaking through to Tier 9 is nothing difficult too!”

Fiery’s appearance made all the powerhouses incredibly envious.

Reviving for these 20 years, Ye Yuan’s lucky chances were simply great until it drove people nuts.

Sacred Dragon Token, bloodline power, spirit of essence fire, these things were all existences capable of driving Divine King powerhouses crazy. They were actually all acquired by Ye Yuan.

It was also no wonder that Ye Yuan brought down such a terrifying heavenly tribulation.

Just as everyone was in shock, the second bolt of lightning-fire dual tribulation came down furiously.

This time, Ye Yuan did not dare to be careless anymore.

The feeling of directly being smashed onto the protective screen by heavenly tribulation was not that pleasant.


Another bolt of terrifying lightning-fire dual tribulation landed. Ye Yuan was immediately slammed until he flipped quite a few somersaults.

Lightning-fire dual tribulations smashed down in clusters. That tremendous impact force was secondary. The most frightening thing was still the two different kinds of lightning and fire energy corroding endlessly.

These two kinds of heavenly tribulation both possess exceptional offensiveness. Even if Ye Yuan’s fleshy body already broke through to Tier 9, under such a terrifying heavenly tribulation, he was already on the verge of not being able to stave it off.

Fortunately, Fiery was absorbing the power of tribulation fire frenziedly while the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood within Ye Yuan’s body was also extracting the lightning tribulation frenziedly.

Relying on these two protective talismans, Ye Yuan forcefully withstood three rounds of lightning-fire dual tribulation!

After three rounds of lightning-fire dual tribulation, Fiery and the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood’s rank both reached peak Tier 8!

Only missing a step and they could enter the rankings of Tier 9.

“Not good! Big Brother, my heavenly tribulation is going to arrive right away as well!” Fiery suddenly said at that moment.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “You hurry up and leave the dragon clan. Find a place to transcend the tribulation. Over here at my side don’t need you to worry about.”

“Big Brother, you still have three rounds of heavenly tribulation at the back, the power is likely even greater than the lightning-fire dual tribulation! I …” Fiery was worried about Ye Yuan and did not wish to leave.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “When soldiers come, use a general to hold them off. When the water rises, use dirt to keep it back. I don’t believe that a mere 9-by-9 heavenly tribulation can smite me, Ye Yuan, to death!”

Fiery was helpless and could only leave the dragon clan and go transcend tribulation himself.

Primordial spirits were products that seized the good fortune of heaven and earth. They would likewise suffer the punishment of heavenly tribulation. Furthermore, a primordial spirit’s heavenly tribulation’s power would be even more terrifying than the average martial artist’s heavenly tribulation.

But Ye Yuan imparted Fiery many techniques. His combat strength could not compare to ordinary primordial spirits. Ye Yuan was not worried.

What he was worried about right now was the seventh round of 9-by-9 heavenly tribulation that was slow in arriving!

“Quickly look, there’s another additional tribulation cloud!” Right then, someone in the dragon clan cried out in surprise.

Actually, no need for his exclamation, everybody saw it.

Right beside those two tufts of tribulation clouds, there was actually an additional tuft of tribulation cloud!

“N-No way, right? That seems like a water-attribute tribulation cloud! Could it be … Could it be that his Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation is going to gather together all Five Element attributes?” 1

Everyone was filled with fear in their hearts. Ye Yuan’s Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation was a little too terrifying, right?

Lightning-fire dual heavenly tribulation was already exceedingly frightening. Now, there was an additional water-attribute heavenly tribulation. Did it still want people to live?

Ye Yuan was angered until gnashed his teeth with an ugly smile. This villainous old heaven was simply playing a joke on him!

Heavenly tribulations of three attributes, was it? This was forcing this young lord to play his trump card!

Ye Yuan took out the Sacred Dragon Token without the slightest hesitation and started pouring divine essence into it.

Fiery left, if he carried on forcefully resisting like this, he would die very miserably.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The seventh wave of heavenly tribulation finally formed. Lightning, fire, ice, three heavenly tribulations descended with a roar, looking extremely glaring and incomparably spectacular.

But to Ye Yuan, this was something deadly.

The three heavenly tribulations had yet to land, but that horrifying pressure already made everyone asphyxiated!

Even a powerhouse like Ao Duo also revealed a look of astonishment, looking at this scene in disbelief.

“Screw your uncle! Break for me!”

Ye Yuan gave a fierce cry and flashed the Sacred Dragon Token in anger!

Only to hear a rumble. A terrifying undulation rippled out in the sky. That tri-colored heavenly tribulation was forcefully blocked.

But this undulation was too strong. Even if the dragon clan’s people hid inside the array formation, they were also shocked until they swayed around wildly.

Today, they were also considered to have broadened their horizons, to have actually seen such a terrifying heavenly tribulation.

But this was not over yet. Nine bolts of tri-heavenly tribulation landed one by one. Ye Yuan also could not care about wasting divine essence at this time anymore. He just deployed the Sacred Dragon Token fervently.

It was just that he could sense that even if he deployed the Sacred Dragon Token, each bolt of this heavenly tribulation was also stronger than the last.

The eighth round of heavenly tribulation had yet to begin. At this rate, the eighth round was still okay, but he was unable to withstand the ninth round no matter what.

By relying on the Sacred Dragon Token, Ye Yuan finally pulled through the tri-heavenly tribulation.

“This brat is already on the verge of giving out. Even if he relies on the Sacred Dragon Token to make it through the eighth round of heavenly tribulation, he absolutely can’t make it past the ninth round either!” Head Elder looked at Ye Yuan in the sky with a heated gaze as he said,

Ao Duo shot him a glance and immediately understood his meaning, but let out a sigh and said, “Using such a method to take back the Sacred Dragon Token is really what I didn’t expect.”

“Heh heh, who can be blamed for him seeking death himself? It’s hard to defy heaven’s will! Looks like the Dragon Ancestor’s spirit is there in the unseen world. He’s just borrowing Ji Qingyun’s hands to deliver the Sacred Dragon Token back to the dragon clan!” Long Zaitian said rather gleefully.

Ao Duo also nodded his head and said, “Looks like there’s only such an explanation. The Sacred Dragon Token is spiritual, but used this sort of theatric-way to return to the clan.”

The way the two of them saw it, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to transcend this variant Major 9-by-9 heavenly tribulation already.

There was the Dragon Ancestor guiding in the unseen world to deliver the Sacred Dragon Token back to the dragon clan.

Right at this time, the eighth round of heavenly tribulation initiated once more.

This time … a fourth tribulation cloud actually appeared again!