Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Five Elements Gathered

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Seeing those rolling four tribulation clouds, Ye Yuan’s complexion was green.

“Villainous old heaven, you’re f*cking messing with me!”

This was clearly bullying people. Tri-heavenly tribulation was already incomparably terrifying. Now, a fourth tribulation cloud actually came as well.

According to this situation, the last round would definitely be the Five Element Heavenly Tribulation all arriving!

Such a heavenly tribulation, even if a Divine King powerhouse was here, it would likely be hard to transcend too, right?

While he, Ye Yuan, was only just breaking through to Dao Profound Realm!

When those dragon clan martial artists saw this scene, each and every one of their scalps tingled.

The moment the fourth tribulation cloud appeared, that terrifying energy undulation made their hearts palpitate unceasingly.

This was the genuine might of heaven and earth. It was a power that virtually could not be resisted with a human’s strength.

In the dragon clan, there were quite a few people who did not have a favorable impression towards Ye Yuan because of the Sacred Dragon Token’s matter. Seeing Ye Yuan encounter such a terrifying heavenly tribulation, there was even some gloating over his misfortune.

But each and every one of them could not cheer up currently.

Ye Yuan was transcending tribulation right above their heads!


Four bolts of heavenly tribulation rumbled down, wrapped in the power of heaven and earth.

That one additional heavenly tribulation this time was wind tribulation!

Gusts of strong wind were shaped like they were materialized, intertwining together with the ice, fire, and lightning, increasing the power of the other three heavenly tribulations even more.

This degree of strong wind was not the Fierce Gale World’s level of strong wind anymore. Even the Fierce Gale World’s ninth level region paled in comparison to this storm too.

Disregarding the wind tribulation, the power of the other three heavenly tribulations were already not what the seventh round could compare to either.

Such a heavenly tribulation, just thinking about it made people despair.

Ye Yuan cursed countless times over in his heart. But this heavenly tribulation, he had nowhere to hide.

Gritting his teeth, Ye Yuan directly poured in ten times the divine essence from before. The Sacred Dragon Token immediately erupted with rays of brilliant light!

The last time, in order to deal with the Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask, Ye Yuan expended a large quantity of divine essence in one go. Currently, the divine essence within his body had already shrunk greatly.

No matter how many the divine essence, it was also just a consumable. It was very hard to replenish.

He did not think that transcending tribulation this time actually had to utilize so much divine essence.

At this rate, the divine essence in Ye Yuan’s body was already unable to support more than a few times of his consumption.

It was just that this current sort of situation, Ye Yuan had no other alternatives too. No matter how precious divine essence was, it was also not as precious as his life.

Rumble …

The quadruple-heavenly tribulation landed in succession. Even if he had the Sacred Dragon Token in his possession, Ye Yuan was also slammed by the massive energy undulation until he tumbled around everywhere.

When the dragon clan’s members saw the situation, all of their expressions changed drastically.

It changed not because Ye Yuan was sent flying, but because the clan protecting grand array’s tremors were already becoming more and more intense under this kind of terrifying impact.

Under the four heavenly tribulations, the entire Azure Dragon Clan felt the earth quakes and mountains sway. This sort of feeling was distinctly more much intense compared to before.

Ao Duo’s expression also changed, and he said to Long Zaitian, “Prepare to activate the Seven Constellation Grand Array! The clan protecting grand array probably can’t last until Ye Yuan finishes transcending the tribulation!”

Long Zaitian’s expression changed, and he said, “This … This isn’t possible, right? Making the experts in the clan maintain the array formation, it shouldn’t be possible to breach it, right?”

Ao Duo shook his head and said, “This boy must have done something that violated Heavenly Dao. Otherwise, it’s definitely impossible for Dao Profound heavenly tribulation to be so terrifying! Carry on developing like this, the power of the ninth wave will definitely be unimaginable. Even you and I might not be able to survive inside it too.”

Long Zaitian opened his eyes wide but was still somewhat half-dubious towards Ao Duo’s words.

But the meaning in Ao Duo’s words was that this Ji Qingyun was dead for sure.

At least, the Sacred Dragon Token was going to return to the dragon clan.

Bolt after bolt of quadruple-heavenly tribulations landed, each more powerful than the last. Ye Yuan’s divine essence poured into the Sacred Dragon Token like it was free. But even so, after nine bolts of quadruple-heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan’s injuries were already very frightening.

If not for Ye Yuan being powerful, just the aftershocks of the heavenly tribulation were sufficient to smite him to death.

Ye Yuan had just recovered for not long, and he was covered in blood all over again, becoming a spent force.

Except, the heavenly tribulation did not have the slightest intention of pitying him. After the eighth round’s nine bolts of heavenly tribulation, the fifth tuft of tribulation cloud started slowly forming in the sky.

At this moment, even heaven and earth changed color!

Sensing that terrifying pressure, Long Zaitian’s expression became incomparably ugly. Only now did he know that Patriarch’s words were not exaggerating things to raise the alarm!

Even though this quintuple-heavenly tribulation was not coming for him, he actually had an impulse to turn around and run. Then the pressure of Ye Yuan situated in the center of the storm could be imagined!

Ao Duo’s expression could not help changing greatly when he saw the situation and shouted sternly, “Quick! Activate the Seven Constellation Defending Grand Array!”

In the wake of Ao Duo’s order, several rays of light beams rose from the ground up in the totem territory, exactly identical with the White Tiger Clan.

Seven light beams directly condensed and formed a grand array, but did not summon out the spirit of the azure dragon.

After this Seven Constellation Grand Array condensed and formed, the originally faltering dragon clan territory also stabilized itself.

“Huuuu …”

With the fifth tribulation cloud as the center, a fierce wind suddenly howled. Countless flying sand and stone closed in.

Gradually, those scattered sand and rocks all condensed together, becoming larger and larger!

At first, it was a small hill.

Later on, this small hill became bigger and bigger!

Ye Yuan dragged his exhausted body, his entire scalp tingling as he said with a bitter smile, “Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation! Truly thinking too highly of me, Ye Yuan! This kind of heavenly tribulation, how can a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse possibly transcend it?”

It was also just Ye Yuan. If it were others, they would have long been blasted into residue by the heavenly tribulation at this time already.

But facing this Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation, Ye Yuan also somewhat broke down.

Even if he had the Sacred Dragon Token in possession, facing this Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation, a feeling of powerlessness also welled up in his heart.

This battle with the heavenly tribulation was even more terrifying than when he faced Ji Canglan.

This power of heaven and earth was not what a human’s strength could resist at all!

Lightning belonged to metal. It was a metal-attribute heavenly tribulation.

Tribulation fire was fire-attribute heavenly tribulation.

Ice belonged to water, it was a water-attribute heavenly tribulation.

Wind belonged to wood, a wood-attribute heavenly tribulation.

This fifth heavenly tribulation was naturally an earth-attribute heavenly tribulation.

That towering high mountain already gradually formed, giving people a pressure of Mount Tai crashing down.

Five elements gathering, this power was already completely not what individual attributes could compare to.

Five elements gave birth to each other. This Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation gathering together, the power was not as simple as one plus one.

“Patriarch, is … is this really heavenly tribulation? Why do I feel like the entire world is going to be destroyed?”

Only at this time, did Long Zaitian know that Ao Duo’s prediction was not over-the-top, but too light.

This level of heavenly tribulation, with his current strength, going up was also certain death!

Ye Yuan had only just stepped into Dao Profound, and he had to face such a catastrophic heavenly tribulation. How was there still any chances of survival?

Even though Ao Duo had long expected it, seeing that kind of heavenly tribulation in the sky, he was deeply astonished too.

“For 100 thousand years, I’ve never heard before of anyone who could encounter this level of heavenly tribulation! What in the world did Ji Qingyun do to attract such a heavenly tribulation?” Ao Duo muttered to himself.

Long Zaitian sucked in a deep breath and said, “Patriarch, if nine bolts come from such a heavenly tribulation, can the Seven Constellation Grand Array withstand it?”

Ao Duo shook his head and said, “If my conjectures are right, this ninth round of heavenly tribulation should just be this one bolt!”