Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 Vast Heaven Stele Open

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Five elements gathering, this was the process of quantitative change to qualitative change. It was already entirely different from the heavenly tribulations before.

Five elements reinforced and counteracted each other. But under the heavenly tribulation, the counteraction of the five elements was weakened to the lowest, while the reinforcement was augmented to the greatest!

This was also the reason why after the last tuft of tribulation cloud appeared, it gave people a feeling of decimating the heavens and destroying the earth.

The eight rounds of heavenly tribulation at the front were all for the sake of brewing this ninth round!

Hence, Ao Duo judged that this ninth round of heavenly tribulation was only one bolt.

This Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation completely could not be judged with common sense already.

Its terror was already totally not what a Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation could compare to.

Ye Yuan’s scalp tingled. The power of this Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation was seriously too terrifying. If he currently had Divine King Realm strength, maybe he could attempt to resist it a little.

But the present him could not oppose it at all.

Even if he had a divine artifact, it would not do either!

Just as Ye Yuan lost all hope, Long Teng’s voice suddenly transmitted into his head.

“Ye Yuan, quickly inject emperor qi into the Vast Heaven Stele!”

Ye Yuan was startled, but there was already no time to think at the moment. His mind stirred, and he escaped into the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

But this scene aroused the dragon clan’s attention.

“Eh, where did Ji Qingyun go to? Why is he gone?”

“Heard that he has a spatial quasi-divine artifact. He should have hidden inside, right? It’s just that … is this useful?”

“Heavenly tribulation points directly at the martial artist themselves. Even if he has a spatial divine artifact, it’s also not possible to avoid the heavenly tribulation! Furthermore, such a terrifying heavenly tribulation, even a quasi-divine artifact probably has to receive damage as well, right?”

The matter of Ye Yuan possessing the Vast Heaven Pagoda was already not some secret. Therefore, the dragon clan’s members all guessed where Ye Yuan went very quickly.

It was just that they thought that Ye Yuan was afraid of the heavenly tribulation and went to hide.

In virtually an instant, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared before the Vast Heaven Stele.

Long Teng’s figure also appeared at his side and said, “Fang Tian’s heavenly tribulation back then was also very terrifying. But his Dao Profound heavenly tribulation only called down a tri-heavenly tribulation, while you actually summoned the Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation in full!”

Clearly, Long Teng was speechless too.

When he saw the seventh round of heavenly tribulation, he knew that things were not good.

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Senior, since you knew long ago, you should have warned me beforehand! I’ll die like this!”

Long Teng said, “You have the Sacred Dragon Token, transcending past tri-heavenly tribulation shouldn’t be a problem. Who knew that … you actually called down the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation at one go?”

Ye Yuan said speechlessly, “Looks like it should be because of the Soul Suppressing Pearl! No time to talk nonsense anymore, what should I do?”

“Your emperor qi already went through the baptism of a quadruple-heavenly tribulation. It should be rather condensed and sufficient to activate the Vast Heaven Stele! Fire your emperor qi into the Vast Heaven Stele and produce a resonance with your bloodline, and you’ll be able to officially activate the Vast Heaven Stele!” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan was unbelievably amazed. He thought that he could already control the Vast Heaven Stele all along. Did not think that he had not even accomplished activating it until now.

Honestly speaking, obtaining the Vast Heaven Pagoda for so long, the Vast Heaven Stele really did not help him too much.

No wonder even Fiendgod Jia Lan was incredibly apprehensive of the Vast Heaven Stele. Turns out that this Vast Heaven Stele’s basic condition for activating was stepping into Dao Profound Realm!

Without emperor qi … one could not open up the Vast Heaven Stele at all!

Ye Yuan did not dare to hesitate, injecting the emperor qi that had just formed above the essence energy sea into the Vast Heaven Stele all together.


The Vast Heaven Stele suddenly erupted with a blinding light. The entire Vast Heaven Pagoda shook unceasingly.

In an instant, light illuminated the entire Vast Heaven Pagoda.

At this moment, the Vast Heaven Pagoda seemed to have been activated, its size suddenly growing rapidly.

The dragon clan members were endlessly shocked by this unforeseen event that came suddenly. Only at this moment, did they see the true features of that quasi-divine artifact!


An enormous pagoda directly stomped on top of the Seven Constellation Grand Array. That vast, imposing momentum actually faced the Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation above the firmament from far away.

Right at this time, the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation descended with a loud crash!

That terrifying power seemingly pressed the entire blue sky down!

“Is this Ji Qingyun’s final trick? Even the Sacred Dragon Token can’t block it, what use is a quasi-divine artifact?”

Even though the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s appearance was very astonishing, Long Zaitian was still very disdainful.

No reason other than that the Sacred Dragon Token was a heavenly divine artifact. It was even more terrifying than ordinary divine artifacts.

A mere quasi-divine artifact was not even fit to carry shoes for the Sacred Dragon Token. How could it possibly withstand such a terrifying heaven and earth major calamity?

But Ao Duo’s expression sunk slightly and said, “I keep having a feeling that this quasi-divine artifact is somewhat unusual!”

“Although the power is decent, it’s still too far away compared to the Sacred Dragon Token. It’s also useless no matter how unusual, right?” Long Zaitian said scornfully.

Ao Duo did not refute. Even though he also felt that it was not too likely to block the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation, he still felt that something was not quite right.

Right at this time, the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s entire pagoda body gave off a dazzling golden light, shining until everyone could not open their eyes.

Following that, an enormous bang came from the skies.

Ao Duo’s expression changed, and he said, “Not good!”

His figure suddenly vanished from where he originally stood. In the next instant, the Seven Constellation Grand Array suddenly radiated with a brilliant light, wanting to stop this massive aftershock.

Puu, puu, puu …

Even though Ao Duo increased the Seven Constellation Grand Array’s power, the slightly weaker martial artists of the dragon clan were still struck by this terrifying aftershock until they vomited fresh blood wildly.

Ao Duo’s figure appeared beside Long Zaitian once more and immediately spewed a mouthful of blood out. Long Zaitian’s expression changed, and he supported Ao Duo as he said, “Patriarch! You … You’re injured?”

Ao Duo waved his hand and said, “No worries, just a bit of minor injury. The power of this Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation is too terrifying! If I don’t strengthen the grand array’s power, there might be quite a few clansmen who’re going to die under this aftershock!”

Long Zaitian’s expression was incomparably ugly and already cursed Ye Yuan countless over in his heart.

This fellow actually transcended tribulation in the dragon clan, wasn’t this intentionally cheating people?

“Ji Qingyun that punk should have already thoroughly died, right? If he doesn’t die, I’d really wish to supplement two tight slaps!” Long Zaitian said hatefully.

Ao Duo said, “A heavenly tribulation of such power, how could he possibly survive? The aftershock is going to dissipate at once. Hurry up and order people to go search for the Sacred Dragon Token!”

“Yes, Patriarch!” Long Zaitian voiced his assent.

Currently, the light in the sky had not dissipated yet. The people did not know what was happening in the sky at all.

But there was one thing, under such a terrifying heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan was definitely a dead duck already.

And those five tufts of terrifying tribulation clouds were currently in the midst of slowly dissipating.

The pressure became lighter and lighter. Only then did the members of the dragon clan let out a long sigh in relief.

Experiencing the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation at such a close-range, they had really had enough of it.

This sort of thing, it was fine to take a look. Being affected by heavenly tribulation, this sort of thing, was seriously too terrifying.

If not for Patriarch, who knew how many people were going to die in the dragon clan today.

Very soon, the tribulation clouds scattered and disappeared, while the golden light that the Vast Heaven Pagoda released also gradually disappeared and faded away.

That instant when the light was completely gone, all of the dragon clan’s members cast their glances towards the sky curiously.

Then … their eyes became wide-saucers!