Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Dragon Clans Two Great Flourishing Ages

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“This … This is not real, right? We activated the Seven Constellation Grand Array, and there were still so many people hurt. He … He’s actually fine!”

After the shock, the dragon clan’s experts all let out marveling sighs.

When everything dissipated, a tall and straight silhouette stood in the air. Although his entire body was covered with wounds, his imposing momentum was still shocking.

Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation was actually cleared by Ye Yuan?

This … How was this possible?

“Patriarch, this … this … I wouldn’t have seen wrongly, right?” Long Zaitian stammered for a long time before sorting his words out.

Ao Duo also had a look of astonishment and said solemnly, “You didn’t see wrongly, he really pulled through! Looks like that quasi-divine artifact really has strange aspects!”

Long Zaitian said in shock, “The Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation that even the Sacred Dragon Token couldn’t block, what right does that quasi-divine artifact have to withstand it?”

Ao Duo did not reply Long Zaitian, because he did not know either.

But he could confirm that after that boundless light, something unusual definitely happened.

At this moment, the emperor qi in Ye Yuan’s body surged. Going through the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation’s tempering, his emperor qi was way more powerful compared to ordinary martial artists.

Just earlier, he poured emperor qi into the Vast Heaven Stele. The Vast Heaven Stele actually directly flew away from the Vast Heaven Pagoda and collided together with the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation.

But all of this was concealed by the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s light.

This attack, the Vast Heaven Stele had a flawless victory!

Acquiring the Vast Heaven Stele for so long, Ye Yuan truly felt that Vast Heaven Stele’s might for the first time!

And currently, between Ye Yuan and the Vast Heaven Stele, a trace of faintly discernible connection was also established.

It was just that there were countless people staring at Ye Yuan at the moment, he could not probe into it in-depth either.

“Ji Qingyun, you actually dare to transcend such a great tribulation in my dragon clan’s totem territory! How do you plead?!” Ao Duo’s voice was like a great bell, directly spreading out.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and he was just about to speak when Long Teng’s figure suddenly appeared and beat him to it: “Ill-mannered little thing, what are you shouting and wrangling for?”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he was thrilled.

Long Teng remained dormant all along after returning to the clan. Currently, it seemed like he was finally going to activate posturing-mode.

In other places, an artifact spirit like Long Teng really did not have much capital to be arrogant. But in the dragon clan, Long Teng was practically an undefeatable existence.

Drifting for as long as 50 thousand years, Long Teng’s research into the dragon race’s cultivation methods and martial techniques had virtually reached the acme of perfection.

No matter how powerful the dragon race martial artist, the strength that they could unleash in front of him was also less than 10%.

But the moment Long Teng’s words were uttered, the entire dragon clan was thrown into an uproar.

“Where did this fellow appear from? To actually dare call Patriarch little thing … Is this throwing away his life?”

“This guy is looking down on my Azure Dragon Patriarch, his crime deserves ten thousand deaths!”

“That Ji Qingyun nearly brought a catastrophic calamity to my clan. Now, he let some baffling person out to insult the patriarch, truly tired of living!”

Ao Duo’s expression was also black as the bottom of a pot. He had taken charge of the dragon clan for several thousand years, when had he been looked down upon like this and scolded by people before?”

Little thing?

There was actually still someone who dared to call him that in this world!

Originally, Ye Yuan almost bringing a catastrophic calamity to the dragon clan, Ao Duo was already incomparably frustrated. At this time, some guy pretending to be mysterious suddenly appeared. How could he still endure it?

“Acting recklessly and blindly!” Ao Duo’s expression turned cold, and an incomparably powerful dragon race martial technique was fired towards Long Teng.

This move could not be said to not be strong.

The attack of a Void Mystic Realm powerhouses, no matter how casual, was also not what the average person could resist.

However, Long Teng imitated exactly and struck back just like that with the exact same move.

No earth-shaking collision sound occurred either. Ao Duo’s attack was extinguished like that.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s pupils constricted, looking at this scene in disbelief.

Ao Duo was obviously not some invincible existence. But in the entire Divine Realm, a person able to eradicate an attack of his so casually had yet to appear!

Even the Ten Great Divine Kings could not accomplish this either!

The dragon clan’s clan members all looked at that black silhouette in the sky with incredible shock.

“Patriarch! This person … is that mysterious expert that I mentioned to you before! Didn’t think that … didn’t think that even Patriarch is unable to beat him!”

At this moment, Ao Jianbo ran out from no idea where.

Hearing these words, Ao Duo was also endlessly shocked.

Linking it to the words Long Teng said previously, could this person be a senior of the dragon clan?

But he could not think of which dragon clan senior’s strength was so powerful!

“This Divine Sovereign Dragon Fist is still not bad; much stronger than that brat beside you. It’s just that … it’s still not perfect yet!” Long Teng’s voice sounded out once more arrogantly, attracting a wave of sidelong glances.

This guy was so arrogant, to actually start lecturing the patriarch of the Azure Dragon clan!

However, he seemed to really have the capital to be arrogant!

“Just which of my dragon clan’s senior is … Your Excellency? Since you returned to the clan, why not show people your true face?”

With this, Ao Duo also calmed down and knew that he was somewhat rash. Hence, his tone when talking also became slightly more amiable.

Long Teng said calmly, “I’m just not telling you! Better let your family’s own senior talk with you! You all who are surnamed Ao, none of you are good!”

Ao Duo’s old face that had just eased up immediately sunk again.

But right then, another figure appeared in front of everyone.

“Elder Teng, your words are also a bit too hurtful, right? At least I, Ao Qian, have always stood on your side!” Ao Qian said with a bitter face.

“Humph! The incident that happened in the clan back then, you all, those little punks, were all still unaccomplished. Otherwise, whose side you stand on is still hard to say!” Long Teng said with a cold snort.

Ao Qian was defeated and said helplessly, “Elder Teng, the matter has passed for so many years, could it be that your elderly self still not able to let it slide?”

“Heh heh, let it slide?” Long Teng laughed coldly, but zipped his mouth and did not speak.

While at this time, Ao Duo’s expression became ugly, his mouth continuously mumbling, “Ao Qian, Ao Qian, this name is so familiar!”

All of a sudden, he lifted his head and looked at Ao Qian’s figure in disbelief as he said in astonishment, “You … Are you the one known as the dragon clan’s strongest head elder 40 thousand years ago … Ao Qian?”

Ao Qian was rather surprised and said, “Heh heh, didn’t think that so many years have passed, there are actually still people who remember me, this old fellow! You’re surnamed Ao too, looks like in terms of seniority, you got to call me your geat grandfather!”

Hearing Ao Qian admitted it personally, Ao Duo’s shock could not be any greater!

Ao Qian was a legendary figure from 40 thousand years ago! How could he suddenly show up in the clan?

“Patriarch, this person is?” Seeing Ao Duo’s expression, Long Zaitian could not resist asking.

Ao Duo sucked in a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart before saying slowly, “In these 100 thousand years, my dragon clan had two great flourishing ages! The first flourishing age was 50 thousand years ago. In that era, seven Void Mystic powerhouses appeared at the same time! The second flourishing age was 40 thousand years ago. Five Void Mystic powerhouses appeared in that era at the same time! And Ao Qian is … the strongest one during that era 40 thousand years ago! And also that generation’s head elder!”