Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 102

Chapter 102: All Out Array Formations!

"Does Senior Lu want me to aid the Tranquil Cloud Sect to eclipse the other sects?"

From the exchange of words previously, Ye Yuan naturally knew Lu Yan's thoughts.

"Haha! This child is teachable! You indeed understood from just a bit! However, I don't only want you to eclipse the various sects in the Southern Domain. What I wish for even more is for you to lead the Tranquil Cloud Sect back to the Northern Domain!" Lu Yan said agitatedly.

Hearing this, Ye Yuan smiled bitterly. "Isn't Senior Lu thinking too highly of me? I'm just a junior at the Essence Qi Realm."

"Haha. You don't have to be modest. To be able to comprehend Heart Like Still Water, your future accomplishments are limitless! I only hope that when you possess sufficient strength, you will remember the water's source; that's all."

Lu Yan was already a dead man, so he naturally would not demand great help from a shallow relationship. If the request were too overboard, Ye Yuan would never agree. Even if he promised, it would also be impossible for him to do it in the future.

'Remembering the water's source,' these four words hit the spot nicely. It pointed out that Ye Yuan's future accomplishments were due to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, yet it did not mention any specific request.

What to do in the future would still have to rely on Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan were an ingrate, then these words would obviously be wasted. But if Ye Yuan were someone who valued loyalty and relationships greatly, these words would have buried a seed inside Ye Yuan's heart.

Hearing that, Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Senior worries too much. I'm originally a disciple of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Contributing to the sect is expected of me."

Lu Yan nodded with a smile. Clearly, he was very pleased with Ye Yuan's reply.

He did not need Ye Yuan to promise him anything. It was good enough for Ye Yuan to remember that the Tranquil Cloud Sect was good to him.

As for whether Ye Yuan could reach that height in the future, Lu Yan had never doubted it.

Back then, You Wuya's talent did not stand out at all. But ever since he fully comprehended Heart Like Still Water in the Spirit Condensation Realm, nobody could stop his rise anymore.

Even if Ye Yuan did not reach You Wuya's height, at the very least, he would have adequate strength to bring the Tranquil Cloud Sect back to the Northern Domain.

The power difference between the Northern and Southern Domains was rather huge. The truly mighty sects in the Endless World were mainly all in the Northern Domain.

Back then, the Tranquil Cloud Sect was also a major sect in the Northern Domain. Afterward, because their new generation could not handle things like the older generation, they were swallowed up by the other sects and even nearly lost their foundation.

All these years, the Tranquil Cloud Sect's upper echelon had never given up on the goal of returning to the Northern Domain. However, the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations were poor and barren lands, and their talents were zilch. How could it be easy to want to return to the Northern Domain?

There were also a few people who made it past the Nine Heavens Road these past few years among the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations' Dan Wu Academy. But not a single person had comprehended Heart Like Still Water.

Lu Yan laughed and exclaimed, "Haha! To be able to hear your words, the knot in this old man's heart these few years is finally resolved! Counting the main sect's Nine Heavens Road, there are still ten old undying guarding the stage like this old fellow. But they don't have my fortune! I didn't think that I could witness you crossing the Nine Heavens Road in my living years. This old man can finally pass away with a smile."

One could see that Lu Yan was indeed extremely satisfied, and he no longer cared about life and death.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Senior doesn't have to be pessimistic. Heaven does not seal off all roads. Perhaps you still have the chance to witness the day the Tranquil Cloud Sect returns to the Northern Domain!"

Lu Yan smiled, and he waved his hands. "Don't comfort old me, little brat. Life and death are up to fate. This old man has already seen past it."

Lu Yan thought that Ye Yuan was consoling him. But with Ye Yuan's methods, it was not impossible to bring Lu Yan back from the dead as long as he had adequate strength.

Ye Yuan did not explain anything either. It would be up to Lu Yan's fate whether or not he could hang on until that day.

If he had sufficient strength in the future and Lu Yan's divine sense had not dissipated yet, he would come and help Lu Yan.

"Alright. Enough of this nonsense. Even though you comprehended Heart Like Still Water, you still have to pass this third round. The third round's raison d'tre is my Tranquil Cloud Sect's supreme skill, the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. The might of this set of sword technique is unrivaled. How much you can comprehend is up to you. I will control the power of the array. If you can't hold on, I will withdraw the array and directly let you pass through the third round!" Lu Yan said.

The Nine Heavens Road had stood for a thousand years before a genius who could comprehend the Heart Like Still Water Realm came. Lu Yan did not wish for Ye Yuan to be killed by the array. That would be playing too big and risky.

After all, Ye Yuan was only at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. His chances of making it through the third stage were honestly not that great.

"Many thanks for Senior's concern. But please don't control the power of the array formation. If I don't even dare to take on the Nine Heavens Road, then what qualifications does this Junior have to help the sect return to the Northern Domain?" Ye Yuan rejected Lu Yan's good intentions instead.

Ye Yuan also did not expect that he would actually receive this sort of preferential treatment. But after thinking about it, he still rejected it.

He comprehended Heart Like Still Water in the second round, so he became curious about the third stage.

Even Heart Like Still Water was only placed in the second round. If one passed the third round, what benefits could they receive?

At this point, he would no longer look down on the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

You Wuya was an absolute genius, but why had he never heard of his name before in the Divine Realm?

But to be able to comprehend Heart Like Still Water in the Lower Realms, the sword art he left behind was definitely worth a look.

Lu Yan naturally did not know what Ye Yuan was thinking and thought that it was because of his pride and arrogance. He could not resist to persuade Ye Yuan. "Ye Yuan, the power of this Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art is extraordinary. Even for the sake of testing genius students, there were still many Spirit Condensation Realm students who fell to this sword art. Although you comprehended the Heart Like Still Water Realm, your power is shallow after all. It's better to think first before you act!"

Hearing this, Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Didn't senior tell me to comprehend the sword art just now? If you control the might of the sword art, then how can my insights be deep? If I learn a half-ass Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art later, then wouldn't it be a joke?"

"This . . ." Lu Yan had no words to retort with.

Ye Yuan continued saying, "Senior, this Junior is aware that you are doing this for my own good. But which true powerhouse grew up inside a greenhouse? Wanting to become an expert of my generation in a completely stable and safe way is undoubtedly a fool's talk. I believe that Senior You Wuya also went through nearly certain death back then before he could have such achievements, right?"

Lu Yan involuntarily let out a long sigh after hearing that, and then he said, "Looks like this old man was mistaken. I actually couldn't see things as clearly as a teenage brat like you. Forget it, forget it. Regardless of time or fate, try your best!"

Ye Yuan bowed towards Lu Yan and said, "Many thanks to Senior for allowing it!"

Finishing, Lu Yan's figure vanished, and the array immediately seethed with killing intent.

Ye Yuan could feel that this was a true blue killing array! One would lose their life on the spot if they let their guard down.

At the same time, the back segment of the Nine Heavens Road became enshrouded in clouds. Ye Yuan's figure also disappeared from everyone's sight.

Everybody could feel the waves of killing intent coming from the Nine Heavens Road. Even those Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists also felt their scalp tingle involuntarily.

Even the outside world could sense such vivid killing intent, let alone Ye Yuan who was residing within the array!

Everyone's hearts tightened, and their initial confidence in Ye Yuan turned into anxiousness right now.

They knew that Ye Yuan was about to face the most terrifying stage.

Could he really make it through?