Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Using Seniority To Crush You To Death

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The moment Ao Duo’s words came out, Ao Jianbo and Long Zaitian’s faces both changed.

They were seriously unable to imagine how a figure from 40 thousand years ago would possibly appear before their eyes.

Although the dragon race’s life-span was much longer compared to the human race, it was at the very most also just around 20 thousand years. Then what was going on what this legendary head elder before their eyes?

“Doesn’t that mean that … compared to the patriarch back then, he’s even more …” Long Zaitian said in amazement.

Ao Duo nodded and said, “If he is really Old Ancestor Ao Qian! Except, Old Ancestor Ao Qian is a figure from 40 thousand years ago, how can he possibly live until now?”

Ao Qian was not angered and said with a faint smile, “Looks like this old man still has some prestige. It’s just that, so what if 40 thousand years? You all know that the strongest person 40 thousand years ago was this old man, then do you guys know who the strongest person in that era 50 thousand years ago was?”

Ao Duo was not an idiot. He virtually reacted right away to who that person Ao Qian was talking about, and could not help revealing a look of shock.

“You’re saying, he … he is … Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Ao Duo’s expression changed greatly. The demeanor of a patriarch was all gone at this moment.

These two people were both figures who were long already submerged in the annals of time. But now, they appeared in front of him alive. How could this not shock him?

Although he was unwilling to believe it from the bottom of his heart, apart of that person, who else could evolve the dragon race’s martial techniques to such perfection?

Just that move the black-robed person exhibited earlier, it did not just require unparalleled talent, it even needed the accumulation of time!

With this, that black-robed person was really extremely likely to be the strongest person 50 thousand years ago —- Long Teng!

“Patriarch, who on earth is that black-robed person? Is he really so formidable?” Ao Jianbo could not refrain from asking.

This sort of secret, only Ao Duo, this patriarch, know. They all, these people, even Head Elder Long Zaitian, was also unaware.

Seeing Ao Duo’s expression, Ao Qian said with a faint smile, “Actually, you already believe it in your heart, right? In these 50 thousand years, to be able to cultivate all of the dragon race’s martial techniques to the limits, apart from Lord Long Teng, who else can there be?”

“Long Teng? Long Teng! The Old Ancestor Long Teng, known as the dragon clan’s number genius in these 100 thousand years? He … Isn’t he the dragon clan’s traitor?”

Long Zaitian felt that this name was very familiar first, but suddenly came to a realization and thought of Long Teng’s name.

“Heh, traitor? Ao Xinghan that damn thing is really shameless enough! Forget it, you just take this old man to be a traitor then. But the title of number one genius in these 100 thousand years, this old man doesn’t deserve it.” Long Teng said coolly.

After so many years, Long Teng had long gotten over it already.

Ao Xinghang already died for who knows how many years. The dragon clan’s patriarch had also changed quite a few batches already. He could not raise his spirits to haggle over it with these juniors.

“Elder Teng, apart from you, who else is worthy of this title?” Ao Qian even thought that Long Teng was being modest.

But Long Teng said smilingly, “Before meeting Ye Yuan, this old man was really worthy of this title. But now, this title naturally has to return back to your master.”

Long Teng’s words startled everybody.

Including Ao Qian, everyone’s gazes all turned towards Ye Yuan in wonder.

Long Teng’s title of number one genius in 100 thousand years being able to circulate until today, it was sufficient to indicate how great his talent was.

But he actually yielded this title to Ye Yuan totally willingly!

But, Ye Yuan was just a human!

“L-Lord Long Teng, Ye Yuan he is just a human,” Ao Jianbo said.

Long Teng said disdainfully, “So what if he is a human? Ye Yuan isn’t just the number one genius in 100 thousand years, saying that he’s the dragon clan’s number genius in a million years isn’t overboard at all!”

Everyone was confused and suddenly felt that Long Teng was a complete lunatic; simply impervious to reason.

“Elder Teng, isn’t it a little too much? Although Ye Yuan is my master, to say that he’s the dragon clan’s number genius in a million years, it’s too exaggerated, right?” Ao Qian could not carry on listening anymore as well.

Although Ao Qian and Long Zaitian and the rest did not refute owing to Long Teng’s prestige, disbelief was written all over their faces.

Even though Ao Qian served Ye Yuan as master, he did not eradicate his own thoughts. He admitted that Ye Yuan was formidable. But to say that he was the dragon clan’s number one genius in a million years, this was too ridiculous.

Such a title was not what anybody could bear.

“Heh, this old man was somebody who should have died long ago. Why would I shoot my mouth off in front of you all, these juniors? Do you all think that the Sacred Dragon Token will anyhow acknowledge a master like you fools? Do you all think that a problem really occurred with the White Tiger Clan’s Bloodsoul Stone?” Long Teng’s words did not spare others’ feelings in the slightest and were full of ridicule.

How could these guys not perceive Ye Yuan’s extraordinariness? It was just that they were unwilling to admit it from the bottom of their hearts!

“But … But Ji Qingyun he is a human after all. What connections does he have with my Azure Dragon Clan?” Ao Duo finally could not resist refuting.

He perceived that Long Teng was rectifying Ji Qingyun’s name.

Long Teng was driven out of the dragon clan back then with the reputation of a traitor. 50 thousand years had passed, he brought Ji Qingyun to stage a comeback. His goal was already self-evident!

What was damnable was that Ji Qingyun actually had the Sacred Dragon Token in his possession!

According to the ancestral teachings, the owner of the Sacred Dragon Token was the lord of the dragon clan! Then he, this patriarch, was awkward!

Ye Yuan grasped the Sacred Dragon Token and brought Long Teng and Ao Qian, these two seniors with seniority that frightened people to death, back to the clan. This was simply dreadful.

His only excuse now was that Ji Qingyun was a human. How could a human possibly become the dragon clan’s patriarch?

Long Teng said smilingly, “Actually, when the Sacred Dragon Token acknowledged Ye Yuan as master, I was as surprised as you are. All the way until he entered the White Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits and saw the White Tiger Sacred Ancestor’s spirit, did this old man know … why the Sacred Dragon Token would choose him! Because he is of the … Atavism Dragon Soul!”

“A-Atavism Dragon Soul?”

The moment these three words came out, the other few people’s heads all rumbled, virtually going to explode.

Atavism Dragon Soul, that was a legendary existence capable of reaching the Ancestral Dragon’s height! How could a human possibly possess an Atavism Dragon Soul?

“Elder Teng, this … this mustn’t be joked about!” Ao Qian opened his eyes wide and said in incredulity.

Long Teng said coolly, “Joked about? I only met Ye Yuan for a dozen over years. If not for the Atavism Dragon Soul, how can his dragon wave possibly train to late-stage spirit rank? If he’s not of the Atavism Dragon Soul, on what basis would the Sacred Dragon Token acknowledges him as its master?”

The four people’s minds fell into a sluggish state and did not come back to their senses for a long time.

The news that Long Teng brought gave them immense psychological impact.

Atavism Dragon Soul was an existence even more terrifying than the Perfect White Tiger Physique. It only existed in the legends.

For a million years, it had never been heard of that anyone in the dragon clan possessed an Atavism Dragon Soul. Therefore, there was completely no way of identifying it too.

But hearing Long Teng say so, it seemed like apart from the Atavism Dragon Soul, there was no other explanation at all.

“If you don’t believe, it’s also very simple to verify my words. As long as you let Ye Yuan enter the dragon clan’s land of ancestral spirits, the outcome will be clear,” Long Teng said coolly.