Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 Ao Yong

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Seeing Long Teng so certain, Ao Duo’s expression became incomparably ugly.

Entering the land of ancestral spirits, one would have to face the tomb guardian’s authentication. If there wasn’t absolute confidence, it was equivalent to going in and seek death.

Long Teng daring to say so, he was naturally fully confident in Ye Yuan.

In that case, Ao Duo became hesitant.

Once Ye Yuan obtained the tomb guardian’s recognition, it would be equivalent to confirming his identity as the lord of the dragon clan. At that point, there would not be leeway to turn things around.

Ye Yuan had been silently standing by the side all along and did not make a sound. Long Teng wanted to borrow his momentum to give vent to resentment, he naturally would not go and dampen his spirits.

But he also perceived that Long Teng really had the intention of letting him enter the dragon clan and replace Ao Duo.

As for the reason, Ye Yuan more or less could also guess some of it.

Venting grievances was just one aspect. It could even be said to just be done conveniently. Long Teng’s true intention was that he wanted him to borrow the dragon clan’s power to take revenge.

The battle of the white tiger, Long Teng had clearly also sensed Ji Canglan and the present Medicine King Hall’s might. He felt that it was difficult for Ye Yuan to prop up a tottering building alone. That was why he would think of using such a method to help Ye Yuan.

“Humph! So what even if Ye Yuan has the Sacred Dragon Token? So what if Atavism Dragon Soul? In the end, he’s just a human! Long Teng, you’re merely a dragon race traitor. Now, you brought a human to the dragon clan to force an abdication. Don’t you find it laughable?”

Just as Ao Duo was between a rock and a hard place, Ao Jianbo came forward.

He stuck firmly to Ye Yuan’s human identity and also spoke sarcastically of Long Teng’s traitor’s identity. One had to admit that it was an incisive counterattack.

It was just that the moment those words came out, the atmosphere became somewhat strange.

Ye Yuan’s face also fell slightly, and he said coldly, “Is that so? Originally, this Ye really wasn’t interested in this lord of the dragon clan. But just based on this sentence of yours, I got to charge into this land of ancestral spirits! Whether this Ye has the qualifications to be this dragon clan’s lord, it doesn’t count if you say it, it also doesn’t count if I say it, if the tomb guardian says it … it should count, right?”

Ye Yuan’s words made Ao Jianbo trio’s expressions become even uglier.

Ye Yuan was really not interested in being the lord of the dragon clan. But he absolutely did not allow for anyone to vilify Long Teng.

Just based on Ye Yuan’s understanding of Long Teng, there was no way he was the dragon clan’s traitor.

Furthermore, after such a long time, Ye Yuan more or less also perceived a little something. The matters back then, Long Teng was likely schemed against by someone. Hence, that was why he had always taken it to heart.

Now, Ao Jianbo using this to attack Long Teng, Ye Yuan got to have a spine.

Although he did not know why, Ye Yuan could confirm that there should exist some sort of relationship between him and the dragon clan.

White Light’s Perfect White Tiger Physique was able to be regarded so highly by the tomb guardian, his Atavism Dragon Soul was even more superior to his. Ye Yuan did not believe that the tomb guardian would turn his nose up at him.

“Ji Qingyun, don’t go too far in bullying others!” Ao Jianbo said threatening in manner, but inwardly shaky.

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “What a joke! You guys don’t even want your ancestor anymore and still say that I’m bullying too much? If you all don’t believe that this Ye can obtain the tomb guardian’s recognition, you probably wouldn’t be so nervous either. Since you’re nervous, presumably, you already believe 80% if your hearts, right?”

Ao Jianbo could not get angry anymore. He could only snort coldly and not dare to retort.

The evidence was certain, it was not up to them to not believe!

The various strange things that happened to Ye Yuan, it was also only the Atavism Dragon Soul that could explain them.

Furthermore, with the Sacred Dragon Token in his hands, Ao Duo completely could not find reasons to refute.

Being from the human race, this reason was already unable to stop the footsteps of Ye Yuan becoming the lord of the dragon clan.

Long Teng was felt incomparably liberated in his heart when he saw that Ao Duo trio all saying nothing.

“Heh, back then, if not for this old man, where would there be your several tens of thousands of years of glory? Traitor? Ao Xinghan is really shameless enough!” Long Teng said with a cold smile.

Ao Qian’s expression changed, and he said, “Elder Teng, just what in the world … happened back then? Even though I’ve always firmly believed that you won’t betray the dragon clan, but … you ultimately still didn’t come back!”

Long Teng waved his hand and said, “It’s all some old millet and stale sesame stuff already. What’s the use of saying it?”{1. means stale topics of conversation]

Ye Yuan actually did not have the slightest intention of defending himself. Ye Yuan also unwittingly sighed when he took it into his sights.

Long Teng could have such magnanimous breadth of mind, how could he possibly betray the dragon clan?

Others did not know, but Ye Yuan knew that he was together with Fang Tian at that time.

With Fang Tian’s strength, returning to the dragon clan to take revenge with Long Teng, absolutely no one could stop it.

But, he did not!

“Sigh …”

Right then, a long sigh echoed out, shattering this somewhat deadlock situation.

A figure slowly appeared. It was an old man whose hair and beard were all white.

When Ao Duo and the rest saw him, their faces all changed, and they bowed down to salute and say, “Old Ancestor!”

Old Ancestor waved his hand and said, “Lord Long Teng is here, aren’t you all shortening my lifespan by calling me old ancestor? Unfilial descendant, Ao Yong, pays respect to Lord Long Teng! Old Ancestor Ao Qian!”

Long Teng seemed to have long known about Ao Yong’s existence and did not feel surprised by his appearance. He just said nonchalantly, “You’re also an old fellow who’s almost halfway into the earth. No need to pay such solemn respects.”

Although he said so, Long Teng still accepted this bow without misgivings.

Ao Yong finished saluting and actually gave another deep bow towards Ye Yuan and said, “Ao Yong pays respect to the Azure Dragon Clan’s new lord!”

When Ao Duo and the rest saw this scene, their expressions all changed greatly as they hurriedly said, “Old Ancestor …”

“Shut up! Ye Yuan bringing the Sacred Dragon Token back to the clan, he’s the common lord of the dragon race! Ao Duo, why haven’t you paid respects to the new lord? Also, you guys!” Ao Yong directly interrupted Ao Duo’s words and said sternly.

Ao Duo’s expression changed several times. He did not understand why Old Ancestor would have this kind of attitude towards several guys with unclear backgrounds.

It was just that Old Ancestor’s words, he did not dare to defy. He could only step forward and give a bow towards Ye Yuan unwillingly.

“Ao Duo has seen the new lord!”

Ao Jianbo and the rest did not dare to defy either and also went forward to salute.

Ye Yuan was rather baffled. Why did the tone change so quickly?

“Ao Duo couldn’t bear to part with this position of patriarch, that’s why he would create all sorts of obstacles for the new lord. Ao Yong apologizes to you on their behalf!”

As he said, he bowed down towards Ye Yuan again.

Ye Yuan hurried helped him up and said, “Senior doesn’t have to be like this. Ye Yuan has a score in my heart. It’s just that they shouldn’t have attacked Senior Long Teng!”

Hearing Ye Yuan mention Long Teng, Ao Yong sighed again and said, “This secret has been hidden in the dragon clan for 50 thousand years. Now, it should also be brought into daylight! Lord Long Teng, the matters back then, Patriarch Xinghan was also endlessly ashamed and guilty later on. Looking on the account that everybody is of the same clan, will you forgive him?”

But Long Teng said with a smile that was not a smile, “At least the Ao Family has a reasonable person! It’s just that, why would this old man try to gain back face with a dead man? If this old man is really a traitor, even if I wipe out the dragon clan back then, it was also not unattainable! Don’t think that this old man is bragging, this old man’s strength back then is totally not what you all can imagine.”

Long Teng’s words made everyone endlessly terrified.

At present, he was just an artifact spirit, and he still had such a terrifying strength. Back then, when he was at his prime, the degree of terror could be imagined!

It was just that they did not know, Long Teng met Fang Tian later on. That was when he was truly terrifying.