Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 The History 50 Thousand Years Ago

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“Senior Long Teng, actually, this junior has always been curious about your old scores back then. Can you tell me about it?” Ye Yuan suddenly asked curiously.

Hearing Ye Yuan inquire like so, the others also perked their ears up, especially Ao Qian.

The person he respected the most back then was Long Teng. But later on, Long Teng was driven out of the dragon clan because of the crime of betraying one’s clan. This made him unable to accept it at all for some time.

Long Teng gave Ye Yuan a glance and said, “You brat, I know that you want to right my name for me. It’s just that so much time has passed, what’s the point of this undeserved reputation? The characters at that time have all already turned into withered bones in a graveyard. I only have empty words, saying it out, they might not believe it either.”

It was true that Ye Yuan was curious, but he was not curious for one or two days already.

For so many years, Ye Yuan never opened his mouth to ask before all along. Inquiring in front of everybody at this time, it was naturally in order to rectify his name for him.

Ao Yong hurriedly said, “Lord Long Teng, although Ao Yong doesn’t know what happened, I know that Patriarch Ao Xinghan frequently reproached himself in his twilight years, saying who he let down the most in this life was Lord Long Teng. Ao Yong also heard Father mention it by chance and came to know this matter. At present, there is only Ao Yong alone already!”

“Yeah, Elder Teng. When you were commanding the wind and clouds back then, I was still just a junior and did not have the authority to speak at all. But I believe that you definitely wouldn’t betray the clan! Actually, it was also because of this matter that I was always on bad terms with the patriarch back then before finally leaving the dragon clan.” Ao Qian said.

Long Teng waved his hand and said, “Forget it, since Ye Yuan wants to know, this old man will say it for you to hear. As for the rest, up to you to believe it or not.”

Following that, Long Teng talked tirelessly about this secret buried for 50 thousand years in his heart.

Back then, Long Teng was not just the dragon clan’s number genius, he was also the dragon clan’s number two powerhouse. His strength was practically on the same level as the old patriarch.

But he was much younger compared to the old patriarch. Given time, he would definitely become an existence like the old patriarch.

At that time, the old patriarch was not Ao Xinghan yet, but it had also reached the time to pass the position.

Long Teng was the number one expert among the clan’s junior generation, his support was naturally the highest. While the second successor, Ao Xinghan, regardless of whether in strength or prestige, it was way too lacking compared to him.

At that time, the dragon clan had seven Void Mystic powerhouses. Their limelight in the entire Divine Realm also had no comparison and was fully deserving of being the number one major faction!

But at that time, the human race also had a faction with exceedingly formidable strength called Bloodgod Temple.

This Bloodgod Temple’s strength was much more formidable when compared to even the Azure Dragon Clan. The Azure Dragon Clan allied with the four symbols family clans at that time before fighting to a draw with the Bloodgod Temple.

The Bloodgod Temple’s strength was exceedingly powerful, and their ambition also swelled excessively. They even wanted to unify the entire Divine Realm. And their greatest adversary was without a doubt the Azure Dragon Clan.

These two great factions clashed with each other. Large-scale wars frequently occurred.

Long Teng as the number one successor in-line at that time also achieved brilliant accomplishments in ware. The Bloodgod Temple divine king powerhouses that he slew numbered in the hundreds!

All the way until one time, Long Teng obtained an intel. The Bloodgod Temple ambushed the Vermilion Bird Clan and caused the Vermilion Bird Clan to suffer heavy casualties.

Long Teng had just completed a mission back then and was currently on the way back to the dragon clan. After obtaining this news, he did not say a word and immediately rushed towards the Vermilion Bird Clan without stopping.

Who knew that with this, he actually fell into the encirclement of five Bloodgod Temple Void Mystic powerhouses!

Only then, did Long Teng swiftly came to realize the truth. Turned out that this was just a trap!

And the one who passed this intel to him was precisely Ao Xinghan!

Facing the besieging of five Void Mystic experts, even if Long Teng had the ability to mount the heavens, it was also hard to escape death.

That battle, Long Teng fought until everything turned dark one-versus-five.

Finally, after slaying two of the other party’s Void Mystic experts, Long Teng finally could not hold on anymore.

But even he also did not think that at the final moment, he was actually saved by Fang Tian.

Although Long Teng did not die, after that battle, he used ten years time before healing all of his wounds.

Later on, he returned to the clan, but discovered that he had already become a traitor, while Ao Xinghan already became the new patriarch!

Hearing this story, everyone all sobbed and sighed unceasingly.

Long Teng fought till the end for the dragon clan and nearly died. In the end, he was actually vilified as a traitor. How great of a humiliation was this!

After Ao Qian heard, he could not help saying slowly, “Turns out … Turns out that there was actually such a thing in-between this! I remember the matters on that day, Patriarch Xinghan said that he obtained the news Lord Long Teng sent over, saying that the Vermilion Bird Clan was ambushed and losses were heavy. Hence, he led numerous of the dragon clan’s experts to launch an attack. In the end, he also fell into the Bloodgod Temple’s encirclement, suffering a heavy toll of lives! Later, Elder Teng also went missing without a trace. Hence, the reputation of the dragon clan’s traitor became certain, and he was ousted from the dragon clan.”

Ao Qian was just a junior back then and could not come into contact with these upper echelon matters at all.

And his version was entirely different from Long Teng’s. That meant that somebody was definitely lying between the two people.

“Then … Then what the hell happened?” Long Zaitian also could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan gave a cold snort when he heard and said, “Isn’t this obvious yet? That Ao Xinghan knew that it was a huge set up in the first place, but this was an excellent opportunity that only happened once in a thousand years to him! Because Senior Long Teng became a traitor, he could succeed the position of patriarch right and properly! Therefore, he was clearly aware that this was a trap but still transmitted the news to Senior Long Teng. Then, he said that this intel was brought back by Senior Long Teng and also brought the dragon clan’s experts, and intentionally got caught in the Bloodgod Temple’s encirclement. This way, Senior Long Teng’s name of being a traitor became set in stone! It’s just that he probably never imagined that this setup was in order to deal with Senior Long Teng in the first place. Fighting five alone, Senior Long Teng never came back again!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Ao Duo’s expression changed, and he said coldly, “That is impossible! Old Ancestor Xinghan was the noblest patriarch in these 50 thousand years. He let the dragon clan crush the Bloodgod Temple, and his accomplishments surpassed ancient and modern times! You all … are throwing dirty water on him!”

The Bloodgod Temple’s ambition was ended at precisely Ao Xinghan’s hands. Therefore, his prestige was also the greatest among the successive patriarchs.

All the way until today, his magnificent exploits and great feats were still talked about with great gusto among the dragon clan’s experts.

And the dragon clan’s flourishing age 10 thousand years later could also be said to have been founded by him single-handedly.

Now, Ye Yuan actually said that Ao Xinghan was the dragon clan’s traitor. Ao Duo could not accept it no matter what.

But Ye Yuan burst into laughter when he heard and said with a disdainful look, “Ao Xinghan? He ended the Bloodgod Temple’s ambition? Bullshit!”

As he said, Ye Yuan propped up a small pagoda in his hand and said mockingly, “Do you all know the origins of this quasi-divine artifact? And know why Senior Long Teng would become this quasi-divine artifact’s artifact spirit too? A bunch of fools who think of themselves to be infallible! If not for Senior Fang Tian and Senior Long Teng, this Divine Realm would have long become the fiend race’s world! Would it still be your turn to criticize Senior Long Teng?”

Now that it came to this, Ye Yuan sorted out the matters that happened 50 thousand years ago clearly too.

That Bloodgod Temple’s master was definitely the Heavenly Fiendgod that Long Teng talked about!

The one who truly saved the Divine Realm was not Ao Xinghan. It was Fang Tian and Long Teng!