Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Essence Energy Spirit

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“Fiend race?”

Ao Yong’s brows furrowed slightly, clearly rather surprised by this term’s sudden appearance.

Not just Ao Yong, it was also Ao Qian’s first time hearing that the Bloodgod Temple actually had connections to the fiend race.

“Senior Long Teng, I wonder if my guess is right? If my conjecture is correct, then the master of that Bloodgod Temple should be the Heavenly Fiendgod whom you speak of, right?” Ye Yuan said.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s intelligence, Long Teng had a taste of it long ago. He nodded his head at once and said, “That’s right.”

“What on earth are you all talking about? What fiend race?” Ao Qian could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan did not conceal it either, recounting the incident of 50 thousand years ago when the Heavenly Fiendgod was controlling the Bloodgod Temple from behind, planning to devour the entire Divine Realm.

When the few people heard such a secret, they were all shocked until they could not speak.

The upheaval of 50 thousand years ago, the Divine Realm’s upper echelons were basically all aware. But nobody knew that the unrest that time was actually related to the fiend race!

Furthermore, according to what Ye Yuan said, that Heavenly Fiendgod’s strength was very terrifying. Void Mystic experts would crumble in one blow in front of him too.

If not for Fang Tian who came roaring into being, this Divine Realm would have long become the fiend race’s world.

But 50 thousand years had passed, this world did not leave behind Fang Tian’s name at all.

Hearing this story, the feeling that it gave them was … telling a story!

“Then, according to what you said, Long Teng’s strength should be much stronger than Patriarch Xinghan. Since he knew that Patriarch Xinghan betrayed him, why didn’t he come back to take revenge?” Ao Duo said.

Long Teng darted him a nonchalant glance but did not explain.

However, Ao Qian looked at him like looking at an idiot, and berated, “Are you pig-headed? Elder Long Teng definitely came back before and met Patriarch Xinghan! At that time, the dragon clan was one of the Divine Realm’s strongest factions. Elder Teng took into consideration the situation as a whole, that’s why he didn’t make a move against Patriarch Xinghan! Later on, he and Senior Fang Tian had a great battle with the Heavenly Fiendgod, with both sides being mutually weakened. It was even more impossible to return to the dragon clan. If you doubt Elder Teng anymore, you’d really be a pig! Didn’t you see his strength? If Elder Teng had a physical body, how many of his moves do you think you can block?

Ao Duo’s expression was incomparably ugly. But Ao Qian’s words, he really had no way of refuting.

That simple exchange earlier, Long Teng’s strength was simply unfathomable. His understanding of the dragon race’s martial techniques was too terrifying.

“Now that the story has played out like this, I wonder if you all are still acknowledging me as the lord of the dragon clan?” Ye Yuan suddenly asked in a solemn voice.

Ao Duo’s expression changed, and he opened his mouth but did not speak.

It already reached this point, it was all useless no matter what he said. Even Old Ancestor Ao Yong was standing on the other party’s side. Ye Yuan, this dragon clan lord, was incontestable.

Ao Yong said, “That’s of course! The Sacred Dragon Token acknowledging you as master, you’re the lord of the dragon clan! This is the rule set by the ancestors, no one can change it! Dissenters are expelled from the dragon clan!”

The moment these words came out, Ao Duo’s heart twitched fiercely and knew that him, this patriarch, had come to an end.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Since that’s the case, then I have three matters to instruct.”

Ao Yong bowed and said, “Dragon Lord, pray tell!”

Ye Yuan said, “First, Senior Long Teng returns to the ancestral shrine anew and is written into the family tree! Second, you all can forget about the Sacred Dragon Token, unless my great enmity is avenged! Third, Ao Duo, you still be your patriarch, nobody is vying with you!”

Ao Duo froze and could not help looking at Ye Yuan oddly, his gaze filled with a complicated expression.

“I-Is this true?” Ao Duo looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief and said.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Since you all know my past life’s identity, you should know a little about my personality! Your position of patriarch, I’m not interested! Furthermore, I won’t stay for long in the dragon clan. You can rest assured and be your patriarch. However … if there’s any more offense, don’t blame me for not being courteous!”

Talking until the back, Ye Yuan’s expression darkened and his words leaked a majesty that allowed no doubt.

He was uninterested in authority and power, but it did not mean that anybody could affront him. When there was a need, he would naturally bring out the identity of the dragon clan lord.

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone incredibly shocked.

The patriarch of the Azure Dragon Clan, that was a position that was scalding hot to the touch in the entire Divine Realm. Ye Yuan actually rejected it flat out.

Ao Duo and the rest were dazed a while before coming back to their senses now.

This one before their eyes was not some brat still wet behind his ears, but that unrivaled Alchemy Emperor who did not care about what went on in the outside world in his past life!

Ji Qingyun’s infatuation and heart that leaned towards Dao, the people in the Divine Realm all knew about it. If not for the sudden great change, there probably would not be this Ye Yuan in front of them emerging either, right?

Although his appearance changed, Ji Qingyun was still that Ji Qingyun. Towards authority and power this sort of thing, he really did not have too great of an interest.

Ao Duo froze there, uncertain how he should respond. It was still Ao Yong who came back to his senses first and said, “Many thanks for Dragon Lord’s generosity! The matters that Dragon Lord instructed, Ao Duo will definitely settle them.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head, but said to Long Teng, “Senior Long Teng, you said that when my bloodline rises to king rank, you’ll tell me the secrets of mystic qi. I wonder if … you can tell me now?”

Long Teng did not know Ye Yuan’s identity back then. Hence, that was why he entered this agreement. It was just that he never would have dreamed that Ye Yuan was actually of the Atavism Dragon Soul.

Even without this agreement, some of the dragon clan’s secrets, he could also inform Ye Yuan already.

Long Teng nodded his head right away and said, “You follow me!”

Inside an extremely hidden palace underground the dragon clan, Ye Yuan looked at the divine inscriptions on the palace walls, endlessly shocked.

“Divine inscriptions were written by Deity Realm powerhouses with the powers of law and are incomparably profound. This piece of divine inscription is the dragon race’s deity realm cultivation method. But ever since after Divine Dao disappeared, nobody was able to understand the mysteries anymore.” Inside Long Teng’s words also revealed thick regret.

Although the dragon clan was still domineering, after that great battle 50 thousand years ago, the dragon clan’s situation still went from bad to worse.

By now, their strength was already far, far weaker.

And the powers of law on the divine inscriptions, no one was able to comprehend them at all.

“Then … what’s mystic qi?”

Mystic qi was what Ye Yuan heard inside Xie Lingzi’s grotto, but it was also just superficial knowledge.

But this mystic qi seemed to be of utmost importance to achieving Deity Realm.

Long Teng sighed and said, “Mystic qi flooding the body, Deity Realm is naturally achieved! These were the words that the dragon clan passed down all along. But when I accompanied Fang Tian to traverse everywhere in the Divine Realm and Lower Realms back then, I also didn’t find any so-called mystic qi.”

Ye Yuan’s expression became austere, and he said, “The spirit of the white tiger said that the Divine Realm lost a portion of its powers of law. Could it be that … what’s missing is the most crucial mystic qi?”

Long Teng nodded and said, “It should be so! Although I don’t know the secret of becoming a deity, this old man knows that wanting to break through to Deity Realm, Essence, Energy, and Spirit, not one can be missing! Apart from this, there is still something of vital importance, that is … heart realm!”

When Ye Yuan heard that, his eyes involuntarily lit up.

The so-called essence, energy, and spirit, corresponded to the fleshy body, essence energy, and divine soul, respectively! This path, he had already all stepped into Tier 9 presently 1 !

As for heart realm, he was even unrivaled in the Divine Realm!

Heaven Man Unity, barely anyone in the entire Divine Realm reached it.

“Senior, just what function does this heart realm have?” Ye Yuan said curiously.