Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 Eternal Medicine Garden

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“Heart realm can be said to be the bond linking the form of Essence, Energy, and Spirit, the three types of energy! Heart realm falling short, when assaulting Deity Realm, the three kinds of energy will be unable to reach an equilibrium state. The success rate of breaking through to Deity Realm will also be reduced drastically. To the majority of martial artists, they are ultimately still stuck on the checkpoint of heart realm.” Long Teng said.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he finally had a direct understanding regarding how to assault the Deity Realm.

“Oh, right, you said that Senior Fang Tian had once reached Half-Deity Realm before. What kind of realm is that?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

Long Teng smiled bitterly and said, “Fang Tian was the same as you, cultivating the Nine Characters True Word Formula at one point, and his heart realm likewise reached the degree of Heaven Man Unity. He once fused essence, energy, and spirit, and assaulting the Deity Realm. It’s just a shame that … without mystic qi flooding the body, emperor qi is unable to transform to become divine essence. He ultimately still failed. One can say that he only lacked mystic qi between him and Deity Realm!”

Ye Yuan came to a realization. He understood Long Teng’s meaning.

Fang Tian actually succeeded in the fusion and reached a miraculous state between Dao Profound and Deity Realm. As long as there was mystic qi flooding the body, he would be able to break through to Deity Realm!

It was too bad that in this world, one totally could not find mystic qi anymore.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “Looks like if I can’t find mystic qi, wanting to break through to Deity Realm is something impossible!”

Long Teng also said emotionally, “Precisely so!”

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, four divine king powerhouses appeared somewhat agitated. Even an old undying like Ao Qian also had a look of anticipation.

Now, he already knew just how formidable Ye Yuan was in alchemy!

An existence standing at the pinnacle of the entire Divine Realm’s alchemy path, if not for Divine Dao dwindling to zero, Alchemy God, this name, would absolutely belong to Ye Yuan.

“You all don’t have to be so excited. High-grade Tier 9 spirit medicines are not that easy to find. At present, the one who is truly able to benefit is also just Shuangzhou. I’ve already let the dragon clan prepare the required spirit medicines for the Nine Truth Pill. Presumably, it can be refined today. As for the three of you, your medicinal pills, Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang’s Pure Source Infusion Divine Pill is still alright. But Ao Qian has been suppressed in the White Tiger Dungeon for too long and his foundation is pretty much damaged to the limit already. It’s extremely hard to restore.” Ye Yuan said.

The moment these words came out, Ruan Shuangzhou’s expression was agitated until it almost flushed crimson.

He never would have thought that Ye Yuan actually did not take to heart his prior transgressions and helped him to refine medicinal pills!

Reaching their boundary, ordinary medicinal pills basically all did not have much use anymore. Only high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills would be of assistance to them.

And in the entire Divine Realm, how many could refine high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills?

Therefore, after reaching the Divine King Realm, it was basically all relying on oneself to cultivate already. It was only the super holy lands, that sort of existences, that had the qualifications and extravagance to use high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills.

Itinerant cultivators like Ruan Shuangzhou, if their talent was not exceptionally terrifying, they had pretty much reached an end too.

But this Nine Truth Pill’s name, Ruan Shuangzhou had heard before. He did not think that Ye Yuan actually had the Nine Truth Pill’s pill formula. Furthermore, he could refine it at merely First Level Dao Profound.

“Y-Young Master, my, Ruan Shuangzhou’s old life, will be sold to you from now onwards! In the future, Shuangzhou will definitely do my best to repay you even at the expense of my own life!” Ruan Shuangzhou said agitatedly.

He was already at the peak of ordinary divine king now. With the Nine Truth Pill, he had full assurance in being able to break through to the ranks of first-rate divine king.

Ye Yuan said, “Although the time you follow me isn’t long, this period of time, it was also at the risk of your own life and helped me greatly. As long as you all put your heart and soul into working for me, I naturally won’t treat you shabbily.”

Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang also said agitatedly, “Many thanks, Your Excellency!”

Only Ao Qian had a bitter look as he said, “Your Excellency, then … what what about me?”

One’s own matters, one was aware of it. Actually, even though Ao Qian thought of leaving the White Tiger Dungeon, he completely had not thought about being able to recover at all.

He was suppressed for as long as 20 thousand years, his Dao foundation had basically already completely collapsed. If not for him consuming the crane essence and his vitality was exuberant, he would have long croaked in the White Tiger Dungeon.

To be able to come out, he already expressed thanks to heaven and earth.

But he completely never thought that Ye Yuan, this master, actually gave him hope anew!

Ao Qian was shrewd with age and knew that Ye Yuan was not too definitive in what he said. Then it meant that there was hope.

Indeed, Ye Yuan opened his mouth and said, “Counting the days, the Eternal Medicine Garden should be opening up soon, right?”

When the few people heard the name Eternal Medicine Garden, their expressions became fearful. Clearly, they were very apprehensive of this place.

“Your Excellency, you want to go to the Eternal Medicine Garden to find spirit medicines for us?” Jiang Taicang’s expression became an unprecedented solemness.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “The two of your situations are similar. Spirit medicines to refine the Pure Source Infusion Divine Pill shouldn’t be hard to find inside the Eternal Medicine Garden. As for whether or not the spirit medicines that Ao Qian’s Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill requires can be found, it will need to depend on luck. Ao Qian is a Void Mystic expert and already surpassed the scope of Tier 9. The spirit medicines required are also not very easy to find.”

The three people exchanged glances and suddenly gave a solemn bow towards Ye Yuan and said, “Your Excellency is actually willing to take the risk for us, we’re willing to follow Your Excellency to the death!”

The three people’s faces all revealed touched expressions. Clearly, they did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually do things to such an extent for his servants.

Divine Realm had three great perilous lands and one great desolate land!

The three great perilous lands were respectively Skywave Marsh, Void God Temple, as well as the Eternal Medicine Garden, while the one great desolate land was the Godsfall Mountain Range!

The Eternal Medicine Garden opened once every 500 years, with countless spirit medicines inside. It was the place that martial artists and alchemists yearned for even in their dreams.

This place had countless treasures but also had countless dangers.

Inside not only had countless restrictions, array formations, there were also many spirit medicines that became spirits, as well as desolate beasts that even the Divine Realm did not have; extremely difficult to deal with.

Each time the Eternal Medicine Garden opened, there were innumerable experts going after it like a flock of ducks. But every time, there were large batches of Dao Profound Realm experts who die inside.

Of course, there were also people who obtained heaven-defying spirit medicines in the Eternal Medicine Garden and soared to the heavens with one leap from there.

Therefore, even though it was dangerous, every time it opened, there were still countless experts who attempted to enter inside.

Ye Yuan was actually willing to enter the Eternal Medicine Garden for them. How could this not move Ao Qian trio?

But Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “You all are following me for as long as a thousand years, I naturally won’t treat you poorly. After the Nine Truth Pill is done refining, we’ll head for Cloudmarsh City and wait for the Eternal Medicine Garden to open.”

Actually, even if it was not for the three of them, Ye Yuan inevitably had to make this trip too.

Firstly, it was in order to train. The other reason was going to find several spirit medicines.

In his past life, Ye Yuan’s life-long pursuit was the Alchemy God Realm. For this, he made use of his erudite alchemy Dao knowledge and self-created a pill formula!

This pill formula could be said to have gathered the major achievements of what Ye Yuan learned. He expended a hundred years altogether, and experienced countless times of failure, before barely completing the pill formula.

It was just that he had yet to have time to officially refine the pill when Medicine King Hall’s change occurred, making his hundred years be all for naught.

Re-doing it a second time in this life, Ye Yuan had to attempt it no matter what, and take a path that others had not walked before!

He wanted to borrow the power of medicinal pills and break through to the Deity Realm in one go!