Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art

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Whether or not this pill formula could succeed, Ye Yuan himself was not certain either.

But in the era where Divine Dao dwindled to zero, the martial artists all exhausted ways to break through the fetters of Divine Dao. He, Ye Yuan, as a heaven’s chosen of his generation, was naturally not willing to fall behind.

This Immemorial Medicine Garden opened once every 500 years. Ye Yuan, as a peak Alchemy Emperor, it was naturally impossible to miss it.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was currently in urgent need of increasing his strength. The Immemorial Medicine Garden, this kind of place, was just right for him.

The Azure Dragon Clan was well-deserving of being one of the Divine Realm’s strongest factions. The spirit medicines that Ye Yuan needed was prepared on the second day.

After breaking through to Dao Profound Realm, Ye Yuan’s soul force already reached middle-stage Alchemy Emperor. Although refining high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills was somewhat taxing, it was also within the scope of his abilities.

Ye Yuan did not have any taboos when refining pills. Ao Qian and the rest all observed by the side. Several of the dragon clan’s upper echelons were also present.

As for Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong, they naturally would not be absent.

The two of them followed Ye Yuan and already broke through to Alchemy Venerable Realm as well. Their alchemy path strength was already extremely formidable.

Currently, making them establish their own school of thought, it absolutely would not be inferior to those Alchemy Emperors either.

Ye Yuan firing up the furnace and refining pills, there naturally could not dispense with the two of them.

“Alchemy Dao, high-grade Tier 9 is a watershed. High-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills, each one seizes the good fortune of heaven and earth and resonates with the Great Dao. Without a deep understanding of the Great Dao, it’s impossible to refine successfully. Today, what Master is refining is the most elementary Nine Truth Pill among high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills. You guys learn from it well,” Ye Yuan lectured Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong.

“Yes, Master!” The two people immediately voiced their assent.

Only after following Ye Yuan these few years did they truly discover the joys of alchemy Dao, and immersed in it, and were unable to extricate themselves.

It was also precisely because so that their alchemy Dao strength advanced by leaps and bounds.

This persistence was quite similar to the previous life’s Ye Yuan. This point also made Ye Yuan very relieved.

Especially Xiao Ruyan, she had long thrown that beautiful thought beyond the ninth heaven already. Currently, towards Ye Yuan, other than worship, it was still worship.


Ye Yuan lightly shook, directly shattering those spirit medicines to dust.

Shattering medicine and condensing the embryo!

It was only to see Ye Yuan seemingly perform magic condensing the shattered medicinal powder into an embryo.

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s other hand lit the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron adeptly with one hand.


The medicinal embryo entered the cauldron, emitting a series of jubilant and dancing sounds.

Along with Ye Yuan starting to refine, his refining technique was not incomparably sensational like in the past. But every action, every movement, gave people a feeling of refreshing the spirit.

The current Ye Yuan gave people a sort of unreal feeling.

He was clearly refining pills right here, but the feeling he gave people was so fleeting and ephemeral.

“Resonance with Great Dao! S-Such formidable alchemy skills!” Ao Qian cried out in shock.

Void Mystic experts’ comprehension of the Heavenly Dao was extremely keen.

Each one of Ye Yuan’s movements all worked in concert with the mysteries of Dao. Hence, that was why it would give people this sort of illusionary and real misconception.

“They all said that Master was an unrivaled Alchemy Emperor in his past life and only used several hundred years time to reach the peak of alchemy Dao. I still didn’t quite believe it in my heart. Looking at it now, his boundary in alchemy Dao is even further than what we’ve walked along the martial path!” Wu Luo sighed with admiration.

Jian Taicang felt that way deeply too and said with a nod, “The effort that the alchemy path requires to expend tends to be ten times, even a hundred times compared to the martial path’s. For Master to be able to reach such a boundary in a short few hundred years, it’s truly inconceivable! If not for unexpectedly perishing, he might not be unable to rely on Alchemy Dao to break apart the shackles!”

These three people were all figures standing at the peak of Martial Dao. The geniuses that they had seen before were countless.

But when they saw Ye Yuan’s alchemy skills, they also had a feeling of being ashamed of their inadequacy.

To be able to walk to this step along the alchemy path, Ye Yuan was truly an unparalleled genius.

Just as everyone was sighing with admiration, the skies suddenly dimmed. Lifting their heads and looking over, they saw a massive formation diagram appear in the sky.

There were complex lines above the formation diagram. But the most conspicuous was still those nine dim stars.


A ray of light suddenly shot out from inside the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron and charged straight for the clouds!

Under everyone’s astonished gazes, that first dim star was suddenly lit!

Incomparably shocked expressions showed on Ao Qian’s and the others’ faces. This scene was too overwhelming.

“This … This is the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art! My god, His Excellency actually mastered this alchemy skill! No wonder he dared to refine a high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill when he had just entered Dao Profound!” Ao Qian said with incredible shock.

Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo also had solemn looks as they said, “You’re certain that … this is the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art?”

Ao Qian nodded and said, “Absolutely correct! Back then, this old man expended a tremendous price and found the Alchemist Association’s chairman in order to refine a medicinal pill. What that old fellow used at that time was the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art! Back then, the exact same phenomenon also appeared above the sky as now! When the nine stars on the formation diagram are lit up, the medicinal pill will be formed!”

Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo were also old monster class figures and had great experiences. But the people able to master the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art were seriously too few. Therefore, they had only heard of it but never saw before with their own eyes.

Hearing Ao Qian’s words, they were all endlessly shocked.

Only at this time, did they know how terrifying a master they followed!

Ao Qian paused for a bit and continued saying, “But that old fellow spent a full 5000 year’s time to cultivate the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art! While Ye Yuan he … Counting in his previous life’s years, it also won’t surpass 500 years old. This disparity …”

Ao Qian did not say finish, but the meaning in his words was already very obvious.

Similar to peak Alchemy Emperors, Ye Yuan’s potential was far greater compared to that generation’s Alchemist Association’s chairman!

Just as Ao Qian and the rest were in shock, the dragon clan already burst into an uproar.

“What’s going on? It was still fine earlier, why did the sky suddenly darken?”

“The heavens dropping a phenomenon, could it be that someone is transcending tribulation again? But looking at this appearance, it’s not too alike!”

“Nine stars formation diagram, what the hell is this?”

Those dragon clan’s clan members, nobody had seen before such a phenomenon at all and was guessing ceaselessly one after another.

Ao Lin looked at that nine stars formation diagram above the firmament and said with a sigh, “This punk reincarnating, not only did his alchemy path strength not regress, it advanced even more!”

Ao Duo’s expression flickered ceaselessly and said somberly, “Nine stars formation diagram, Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art! Dragon Lord’s alchemy path strength is indeed daunting until it makes people feel frightened! Perhaps … he can really carve out a path that the forefathers have never taken before, who knows!”


Another beam of light shot towards the sky and lit up the nine stars formation diagram’s second star!

Ye Yuan was currently fully immersed in the pill refinement and already completely could not sense the outside world’s matters.

But right then, an abnormal change suddenly occurred inside his sea of consciousness!

Those divine inscriptions suddenly radiated with brilliant golden light and flew out of his sea of consciousness one by one, and entered inside the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron through his soul force.


The Dragon Sovereign Cauldron gave off intense tremors. Ye Yuan’s eyes suddenly snapped open, his gaze revealing a dumbfounded look of amazement.