Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 What Grade?

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“This … What’s going on here? Could it be that … the refinement failed?”

Ruan Shuangzhou looked at the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron’s transformation nervously. This medicinal pill was refined for him. If it were to be ruined, he would have no place to go and cry.

The expressions of Ao Qian and the rest were likewise very ugly. It was clearly still smooth-sailing earlier, why would the situation suddenly change drastically?

The Dragon Sovereign Cauldron’s undulations became more and more intense. This sort of undulation was virtually identical with the forewarning of cauldron explosion.

“Not good, the cauldron is going to explode!” Ao Qian’s expression changed as he said.

Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong were already greatly alarmed when they saw the situation and yelled, “Master, quickly give up, the cauldron is going to explode!”

High-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills, once the cauldron exploded, the power was unimaginable. It was virtually equivalent to a Divine King’s all-out attack.

At a distance as close as Ye Yuan’s, he would be seriously injured if not dead.

But Ye Yuan seemingly could not hear everyone’s yells at all. The movements of his hands did not pause in the slightest. The Dragon Sovereign Cauldron’s undulations became more and more intense.

Ao Qian’s face fell, and he said, “No way! At this rate, Ye Yuan will be blown to death! You all move aside, I’ll go save him!”

Done talking, Ao Qian arrived within the range of Ye Yuan’s pill refinement in a panic. He did not pause in the slightest and directly extended his hand towards Ye Yuan and grabbed.

But right at this time, a ray of golden light flashed out from inside the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.


Ao Qian was directly blasted until he flew out far away, without the least bit of strength to resist.

Everyone turned pale with fright and hurriedly went over to help Ao Qian up.

“Ao Qian, are you alright?” Wu Luo asked.

Ao Qian did not speak, his gaze locked onto the direction Ye Yuan was at, his gaze filled with a look of shock!

“Divine Dao aura! It’s absolutely Divine Dao aura! This is the undulation of Divine Dao laws! H-How is this possible?” Ao Qian had a look of disbelief as he muttered.

Hearing Ao Qian’s murmurings, everyone’s faces all revealed dumbfounded expressions. Refining Tier 9 medicinal pills, how could the undulation of Divine Dao laws possibly appear?


Right then, another ray of golden light shot toward the sky from inside the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron and headed straight for the nine stars formation diagram.

But this ray of golden light was several times more blinding compared to the two rays previously!

For some time, the nine stars formation diagram radiated with a brilliant splendor, dazzling until people could not open their eyes.

But at this time, Ye Yuan had a look of intoxication. All of his body and mind was used to comprehend the divine inscriptions of the Medicine God’s Soul Canon!

He also did not expect that this kind of abnormal change would actually occur when refining Tier 9 medicinal pills after breaking through to Dao Profound.

Ye Yuan knew that this was his alchemy Dao comprehensions arousing the divine inscriptions’ resonance, that was why this kind of change would occur.

Divine inscriptions were written with the power of laws. Ye Yuan’s alchemy Dao comprehensions already reached an exceedingly high realm. With every movement, it would produce a resonance with the Great Dao.

While the Medicine God’s Soul Canon was an alchemy Dao’s arcane canon. What was written inside were all alchemy Dao laws.

Therefore, Ye Yuan displaying the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art finally triggered the divine inscriptions’ abnormal change.

Ye Yuan carefully comprehended the Divine Dao laws and actually had a feeling of achieving mastery through a comprehensive study of a subject. Although this sort of feeling could not be put into words, it was recorded inside his body bit by bit. It had tremendous benefits regarding Ye Yuan’s path of alchemy Dao in the future.

The Dragon Sovereign Cauldron did not blow up. It emitted rays of golden light instead. Ye Yuan actually gave people a sort of sacred feeling being situated inside these golden lights. Ao Qian they all actually had an impulse to want to prostrate in worship.



Rays of golden light shot towards the sky. The stars on the nine stars formation diagram were lighting up one by one.

Originally, with Ye Yuan’s present cultivation realm, completing the refinement this time and lighting up the nine stars required a full three days.

Now, this process was cut down by three times!

And the refinement of the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art was more difficult the more it reached the back. Especially the ninth star, it was when problems occurred the easiest.

But now, this process was completed incomparably smoothly.

The final ray of golden light shot up towards the sky and directly converged into the ninth star on the formation diagram.

All of a sudden, the entire formation diagram gave off a dazzling light, illuminating the originally dark skies like it was daytime.

A glint flickered across Ye Yuan’s eyes, and he cried out, “Formation diagram, retract! Medicinal pill, form!”

It was as if the nine stars formation diagram obtained a command and actually slowly landed in the direction of the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.


Under Ye Yuan’s manipulation, that gargantuan formation diagram shrunk until it was roughly the size of a square inch, and directly entered inside the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.

Seeing this scene, the agitation inside Ruan Shuangzhou’s heart was simply unable to be described with words.

This was a medicinal pill refined with Divine Dao laws. What kind of effect would it achieve?

But he immediately became somewhat worried about personal gains and losses. This medicinal pill was so precious, so would Ye Yuan give him or not?

Ye Yuan currently took in four Divine King servants, and his strength was the weakest. If Ye Yuan did not give him, that was also something within reason.

“Go, go over and take a look!” Jiang Taicang patted Ruan Shuangzhou’s shoulder and said smilingly.

“Don’t come over, it hasn’t ended yet!” Ye Yuan suddenly gave a stern cry, frightening Ao Qian and the others who were just about to come over.

Originally, the nine stars formation diagram was already withdrawn, and the skies had cleared up. But at this time, dark clouds suddenly gathered overhead in the skies again. A terrifying pressure descended upon the dragon clan once more.

“What the hell? Heavenly tribulation again?”

“It wouldn’t be a Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation one more time, right? Isn’t this wanting our old lives?”

“Seeing ghosts! Dragon Lord is too capable of inflicting suffering! Refining a pill actually called down such a terrifying heavenly tribulation!”

There was a hubbub of clamoring in the dragon clan, each and every one criticizing him endlessly.

The other day, Ye Yuan had just summoned a terrifying Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation and nearly made the dragon clan suffer heavy casualties.

It had only been a few days and he summoned such a terrifying heavenly tribulation again by refining a medicinal pill.

Crack crack … Rumble!

In a twinkle, a bolt of lightning the thickness of a basin directly hurtled down from within the void, rumbling into the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.

Following that, bolt after bolt of lightning tribulation rumbled down, continuously lasting for as long as an hour!

Seeing that that terrifying heavenly tribulation did not affect bystanders, only then did everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Yuan did not stay very far away. He knew that this was pill tribulation. It aimed for medicinal pills and did not target the person.

To be able to trigger pill tribulation, not one was not a heaven-defying medicinal pill.

His pill refinement this time actually triggered Divine Dao laws. This Nine Truth Pill was probably not ordinary.

Once his thoughts reached here, Ye Yuan also could not wait to open up the furnace and examine the pill.

This level of high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill, it was Ye Yuan’s first time refining it too. He naturally looked forward to it endlessly.

As for the other people, especially Ruan Shuangzhou, that went even more without saying.

“Your Excellency, this … What grade will this Nine Truth Pill be?” Ruan Shuangzhou asked very cautiously, like a little wifey that did not dare to speak.

What he was most afraid of right now was Ye Yuan suddenly saying that this medicinal pill was not giving to him.

How could Ye Yuan not know his thoughts? He smiled and said, “Relax, no matter what grade of medicinal pill it is, it’s yours!”

Ruan Shuangzhou felt that the most wonderful words he heard in this lifetime were this sentence of Ye Yuan’s just now.

“Everybody back off a little, I’m going to open the furnace and inspect the pill!”

Everyone retreated several steps, but their eyes were staring fixedly at the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.


Ye Yuan slightly formed a seal and suddenly saw a ray of golden light flash past, shooting straight for the clouds!