Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Arcane Insight Rank


“Want to run?”

A hint of a faint smile flashed past the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth, and his figure suddenly vanished from sight. When he appeared again, he already grasped that ray of golden light in his hands.

When he returned, a group of people immediately moved close in front of him, with curious looks.

“Your Excellency, this medicinal pill is truly magical, to actually want to escape!” Jiang Taicang said with a curious baby appearance.

“Master, just what grade is this Nine Truth Pill? Let us take a look!” Xiao Ruyan said curiously.

Even old monsters like Ao Qian also could not restrain their curiosity, all stretching their necks far out.

Ye Yuan smiled and casually laid down several restrictions. This medicinal pill could forget about escaping.

He slowly opened up his hand. For a moment, golden light shone resplendently.

“Ouch, blinding my eyes!” Jiang Taicang howled.

This guy was just a thief in the end and also the most peculiar among the four people. But that glaring golden light really dazzled him.

“One actually can’t smell any medicinal fragrance from this medicinal pill! Looks like the medicinal smell condenses and doesn’t dissipate! It’s just that … there’s no way to determine this grade at all! Seems like … it’s not transcendent-grade?” Ao Qian said doubtfully.

The grade of medicinal pills tend to be able to be judged from appearances as well as the energy undulations the medicinal pill emitted.

But this Nine Truth Pill before their eyes, one could not perceive its depths at all.

But without a doubt, this medicinal pill’s grade was exceedingly high. The medicinal effects were probably unimaginable.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Have you all heard of arcane insight before?”

When Ao Qian heard that, his entire body involuntarily trembled as he said in disbelief, “You’re saying … this … this Nine Truth Pill is actually the arcane insight rank of the legends?”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “Above transcendent-grade is arcane insight!”

Ao Qian came to a realization and said, “Yes, yes, I should have thought of it long ago! This guy actually wanted to escape itself. What could it be if not arcane insight?”

“Hey, Old Ao, what’s arcane insight?” Jiang Taicang could scarcely wait by the side as he asked.

The rank of arcane insight, ordinary people had not heard of it before. Because in these recent 100 thousand years, there had never been anyone capable of refining arcane insight rank medicinal pills yet!

Ao Qian sucked in a deep breath and said, “Actually, above transcendent-grade, medicinal pills have even higher grades, that is the rank of arcane insight! It’s just that in the wake of Divine Dao dwindling to zero, there is already no one capable of refining arcane insight rank medicinal pills!”

Jiang Taicang was confused and asked, “This is just a Tier 9 medicinal pill, what has it got to do with Divine Dao?”

“Of course it’s related! Because … medicinal pills of the arcane insight rank can only be refined by Deity Realm powerhouses! In other words, only Deity Realm powerhouses refining Tier 9 and below medicinal pills, would it reach the rank of arcane insight!” Ao Qian looked at Ye Yuan with an expression like he saw a ghost, thinking inwardly that this guy was seriously too freakish.

“Hiss …” Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air, being startled by Ao Qian’s words.

A medicinal pill that only Deity Realm powerhouses could refine was refined by an initial-stage Alchemy Emperor?

“Then … Then this medicinal pill … just what kind of medicinal effect does it have?” Ruan Shuangzhou swallowed his saliva and asked.

Before this, Ruan Shuangzhou had never imagined that he would have such a jittery day.

He was currently filled with anticipation towards this arcane insight rank Nine Truth Pill.

“That’s hard to say! But one thing is certain, the medicinal effects of arcane insight rank are much, much stronger compared to transcendent-grade. Furthermore, it’s said that arcane insight rank medicinal pills will tend to have unexpected additional effects. As for what this effect is, that’s hard to say,” Ao Qian said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Wouldn’t you know if you just try?”

Finished talking, he directly threw the medicinal pill to Ruan Shuangzhou.

The others looked at this scene with envious looks. This was an arcane insight rank medicinal pill!

Perhaps in these 100 thousand years, this was the one and only one.

The unique one in 100 thousand years!

Ruan Shuangzhou himself also did not quite dare to believe that a meat pie falling from the sky, this sort of thing, actually smashed onto his head.

Gulp …

Ruan Shuangzhou swallowed his saliva disappointingly but kept delaying and did not swallow the medicinal pill.

“Sigh, eat it, you punk. Do you want to worry us to death? You have to know, it’s just this one in 100 thousand years! You, this punk, really picked up a huge bargain!” Jiang Taicang looked at his appearance and said indignantly.

A portion inside here was really anxious, while the other part was envy.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You all don’t have to envy Ruan Shuangzhou. Refining the Nine Truth Pill this time, my comprehensions towards alchemy Dao became a level deeper. Presumably, the next refinement, the grade shouldn’t be lousier than this time.”

Ye Yuan’s might lied in that his foundation was too solid. Therefore, his pill refinement success rates were frighteningly high.

With the pill refinement this time, Ye Yuan finally had a hint of understanding towards the Divine Dao laws in the Medicine God’s Soul Canon. This was a massive improvement to his alchemy Dao!

But it was also precisely because of the refinement this time, that it let him experience the extensiveness and profundities of Divine Dao laws. What he comprehended was merely just some superficial knowledge.

But just this bit of smattering already let him glean considerable gains.

But this also made Ye Yuan realize that his alchemy Dao path had only just begun!

Ye Yuan’s words made Ao Qian and the rest perk up all at once.

Yeah, with Ye Yuan’s alchemy Dao strength, once he came into contact with Divine Dao laws, refining medicinal pills the next time might be even more impressive.

Thinking up to here, Ao Qian and the rest could not wait even longer to see the medicinal effects of this arcane insight rank Nine Truth Pill.

“Then … Then … I’m eating it?” Ruan Shuangzhou asked rather uncertainly.

“Good lord, I say, just eat it!” Jiang Taicang wished that he could throw a slap over.

In front of everyone, Ruan Shuangzhou swallowed the medicinal pill in one bite.

Immediately, a flame seemingly started immolating in his abdomen. An incredibly powerful warm current instantly reached all the limbs and bones of the body, making him comfortable until he nearly cried out.

Ruan Shuangzhou’s aura rose at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this scene, Ao Qian and the rest all opened their eyes wide.

This medicine effect was also a little too strong, right?

“The Nine Truth Pill is merely a very ordinary high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill. An ordinary Nine Truth Pill’s advancement effect on a martial artist will end when it reaches here, right? But this medicinal pill seems to have just started!” Ao Qian exclaimed with shock.

“Tsk tsk, Ruan Shuangzhou this brat is really blessed! Arcane insight rank medicinal pill, ordinary Divine Kings can’t even dream about it!” Jiang Taicang clicked his tongue and lauded.

Reaching the Divine King Realm, even advancing a tiny bit was extremely difficult. But this arcane insight rank Nine Truth Pill directly escorted Ruan Shuangzhou to the rankings of first-rate Divine Kings!

Moreover, his aura was still rising continuously.

Three days later, Ruan Shuangzhou finally slowly opened his eyes. Rays of brilliant light erupted from his two eyes.

“Punk, how is it, how is it? The feeling of breaking through to first-rate Divine King is very good, right?” Jiang Taicang asked anxiously.

Ruan Shuangzhou drew a deep breath and said with a smile, “Indescribably good!”

Done talking, Ruan Shuangzhou slowly got up and came before Ye Yuan, and bowed deeply as he said, “I, Ruan Shuangzhou, am willing to follow Young Master to the death from this day onwards!”