Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 Cloudmarsh City

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Ye Yuan said smilingly, “How is it? Are there any unexpected harvests?”

Arcane insight rank medicinal pills would have some unexpected effects. This effect, only the person who consumed the medicine would know themselves.

Ruan Shuangzhou slowly nodded and said rather excitedly, “My second supreme true intent has been stuck at the bottleneck for several hundred years already. At this time, I suddenly saw the whole thing in a clear light!”

The division between ordinary Divine Kings and first-rate Divine Kings was merely the division of essence energy realm.

Ninth Level Dao Profound was a minor realm with a tremendous span. From just entering Ninth Level Dao Profound to the Ninth Level Dao Profound’s great circle of perfection, this was a very drawn-out process.

That did not mean that the strength of first-rate Divine Kings was definitely stronger than ordinary Divine Kings.

If one’s concept comprehension was very impressive, ordinary Divine Kings could likewise crush first-rate Divine Kings.

Just take Ye Yuan for example, with his concepts comprehension, he would be able to easily crush first-rate Divine Kings when he just entered Ninth Level Dao Profound, even peak Divine Kings.

While Void Mystic powerhouses, unless they had special means, otherwise, their essence energy realm was not much stronger compared to peak Divine Kings.

But their strength could fling peak Divine Kings ten streets behind.

The Nine Truth Pill was just a medicinal pill for increasing essence energy. Ruan Shuangzhou never would have thought that his second supreme true intent would be comprehended without extra effort just like that.

This was not just a tiny bit to his strength increase.

Ruan Shuangzhou’s second supreme true intent was stuck for several hundred years. There was basically no hope of breaking through already. But this arcane insight Nine Truth Pill actually directly let him comprehend the second supreme true intent.

Ao Qian said in surprise, “Could it be that this arcane insight Nine Truth Pill can even increase comprehension ability?”

Ruan Shuangzhou also had a bewildered look and said, “That, I don’t know! All in all, when I was breaking through, a flash of inspiration suddenly appeared, and I comprehended it just like that. As for whether or not can it really increase comprehension ability, it will have to depend on cultivation in the future.”

Jiang Taicang had an envious look as he said, “If it’s really able to increase comprehension ability, this arcane insight medicinal pill is also too heaven-defying!”

Many Divine King experts were unable to break through in their entire lives. They were lacking in comprehension ability. If arcane insight medicinal pills could increase comprehension ability, that its function to martial artists was simply incalculable.

Ao Qian trio looked at Ye Yuan. This time, they were utterly convinced by him.

They were all Divine King experts with very senior qualifications and whose strength pierced the heavens. The reason why they followed Ye Yuan was also being compelled by the circumstances.

Although they had some understanding towards Ye Yuan’s past life’s might, that was all hearsay, and they did not have a direct understanding.

But now, they were very motivated. Because they saw limitless possibility from Ye Yuan!

Following Ye Yuan, they might have even greater development space in the future!

Seeing Ye Yuan and the others came out of the dragon clan with his own eyes, Ao Duo also heaved a long sigh in relief.

An authentic Dragon Lord staying in the clan, he was listless all over.

Of course, the only regret was that the Sacred Dragon Token was unable to return to the clan.

“Duo-er, stop having any more designs on the Sacred Dragon Token in the future! Ye Yuan he is the dragon race’s common lord. This point will never ever change, you need to remember that!” after Ye Yuan left, Ao Yong said solemnly.

“But Old Ancestor, why is that so? How could a human obtain the Sacred Dragon Token’s recognition and also, why would he have an Atavism Dragon Soul?” Ao Duo said, unresignedly.

Ye Yuan’s existence was simply like a fish bone stuck in the throat to him.

If Ye Yuan was the dragon race’s common lord, then what did he count as?

Ao Yong shook his head and said, “Although I don’t know why, he definitely has great connections with the dragon clan! There is absolutely no way a physique like the Atavism Dragon Soul would appear on a human without rhyme or reason. But since it appeared, we can only accept it unconditionally! The terror of a bloodline backlash, don’t you forget it!”

Ao Duo’s expression changed, and he nodded his head and did not speak anymore.

Ao Yong mused for a moment and continued, “After Ye Yuan reincarnated, his lucky chances were heaven-defying. He has likely already shouldered heaven’s mandate! Him becoming the dragon race’s common lord might not be a bad thing to my dragon race. The Sacred Dragon Token might be more useful in his hands than in our hands.”

Ao Duo was silent and did not speak, but he also knew deep down that what Old Ancestor said was the correct thing. It was just that he was in this position and could not quite let go of many things.

Cloudmarsh City.

It had always been the paradise for alchemists.

Because it was adjacent to the Immemorial Medicine Garden, the medicinal pills market here was very prosperous.

Especially some itinerant alchemists all liked to gather here. In the course of time, this place became the number three great faction apart from the Alchemist Association and Medicine King Hall.

At present, the Medicine King Hall was falling into pieces. Although it was still the Medicine King Hall in name, it was already no longer the Medicine King Hall in reality. The Cloudmarsh City became the Divine Realm’s number two great Alchemy Path faction with a leap.

The reason why Cloudmarsh City could stand tall and not collapse originated from its powerful spirit medicine resources.

Even the Alchemist Association would sometimes come here and gather spirit medicines.

Of course, the Alchemist Association was just a loose organization. Not all the alchemists were subordinate to the Alchemist Association.

At present, the opening of the Immemorial Medicine Garden was at hand. Many more martial artists and alchemists gathered here.

“Wow, this place really has so many spirit medicines! As long as one has money, it’s virtually not a problem to want to refine whatever medicinal pill here!” Xiao Ruyan jumped for joy as she said.

Coming to Cloudmarsh City, Ye Yuan did not let Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong cultivate in closed-seclusion anymore. He was letting them come out and enrich their experiences.

This place was the paradise for alchemists. The atmosphere of alchemy skills was very thick and in full bloom.

On the streets, apart from all kinds of spirit medicine stalls, there were even all sorts of alchemy battle arenas.

As long as one paid a fixed fee, they could go up the stage and compare notes on pill refinement techniques.

Ye Yuan nodded when he heard that and said, “Although the Immemorial Medicine Garden normally doesn’t open, the heaven and earth spiritual qi around Cloudmarsh City is much greater compared to other places. Just the outer areas are already sufficient for martial artists to digest.”

One could say that Cloudmarsh City was virtually established in the midst of spirit medicine heaps.

“Master, there are so many people competing in alchemy here! Have you come here to compete in alchemy before?” Xiao Ruyan suddenly asked curiously.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Of course. Back then, I was young and rash. When I had just broken through to Alchemy Emperor Realm, I’d once stopped over for as long as several years here. Those few years were also no small harvest to master.”

Xiao Ruyan was also aware of Ye Yuan’s true identity now. Only then did she know just how remarkable of a master she had acknowledged.

That small matter in the Fierce Gale World back then was simply a master running into the midst of a group of apprentices; too much of a child’s play.

As Ye Yuan said, his face also revealed a look of reminiscence, with a manner of somewhat recalling the memorable years of his life.

But Xiao Ruyan’s eyes lit up when she heard and pulled Ye Yuan as she asked curiously, “Master, talk about your battle results, eh! I’m very curious about whether or not you’ve lost before when you just broke through to Alchemy Emperor.”

Ye Yuan suddenly stopped his footsteps and nudged with a mouth as he said smilingly, “Wouldn’t you know if you go over and take a look yourself?”

Xiao Ruyan froze. Following Ye Yuan’s gaze and looking over, she saw three pieces of enormous stone tablets.

“Alchemy Saint Proclamation, Alchemy Venerable Proclamation, Alchemy Emperor Proclamation …”

Xiao Ruyan’s gaze swept past one by one and finally landed on the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation.

All of a sudden, her gaze froze at the top, her eyes revealing a look of disbelief.