Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Beginning

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On the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation, Ji Qingyun’s name was shockingly ranked in the first place!

“First place, Ji Qingyun, a total of 5843 matches, complete victory!”

Xiao Ruyan muttered out this row of words and was shocked until she could not close her mouth.

When Ao Qian they all saw Ji Qingyun’s battle results on the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation, each and every one of them exchanged glances too, endlessly shocked.

Roughly 5843 matches, not a single defeat. This battle result was seriously too insane.

Men all made mistakes, horses all stumbled.

Even someone stronger would come a time when they fumbled.

But Ye Yuan actually had yet to taste defeat in close to 6000 matches of pill battles. How heaven-defying the alchemy skills did one need to have?

Looking at those alchemists ranked below Ye Yuan again, the difference from him was not an ordinary kind of big.

Even the number two on the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation had close to 5000 matches of pill battle, but lost a hundred over matches.

This gap … was too great!

Only Yue Mengli was crystal clear in her heart regarding Ye Yuan’s past life’s achievements and did not have a very shocked expression. But her face did not stint in the slightest with an expression of idolization.

Ao Qian they all were aware that this Cloudmarsh City’s history was long and rich. The custom of pill battles was very flourishing. There were frequently powerful alchemists coming over to spar in alchemy skills.

Moreover, Ye Yuan had merely just entered Alchemy Emperor Realm back then. His strength was not yet as formidable as currently.

At that time, he could already sweep away all alchemists and directly ascend the top-seat of the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation?

Ao Qian, the four of them, looked at Ye Yuan like they were seeing a ghost. Even though they had all witnessed Ye Yuan’s pill refining capabilities, the ranking on that Alchemy Emperor Proclamation still made them somewhat breakdown.

But regarding this matter, Ruan Shuangzhou knew a little about it.

“This was already 300 years ago. It was also precisely because His Excellency competed in alchemy in Cloudmarsh City back then, that he rose to fame and was canonized as a genius alchemist closest to Alchemy God in 100 thousand years! Because milord was ranked first in Cloudmarsh City’s 100 thousand-year history of pill battles! Although I wasn’t present, I heard that back then, the entire Divine Realm’s genius alchemists all flocked in great numbers in order to challenge milord. But all of them failed without any exception! Resulting in that later on, nobody dared to get on the stage to answer the challenge at all. That’s why milord’s consecutive victories’ match count stopped at 5843 matches. Now that 300 years had passed, there is still no one capable of surpassing this achievement,” Ruan Shuangzhou talked to himself, but his gaze was filled with a look of worship.

Ao Qian and the rest all had expressions like they had seen a ghost. They were suppressed in the White Tiger Dungeon for god knows how many years and were completely unaware of the things that happened in the outside world.

They did not expect that such a sensational incident actually happened before in this Cloudmarsh City.

They finally know now, how Ye Yuan’s reputation of ‘closest to Alchemy God’ came about.

Honestly speaking, when they heard this label back then, they more or less still snorted in contempt inwardly.

In the era where Divine Dao dwindled to zero, how many exceedingly talented people did not dare to say that they could reach the Deity Realm either. What right did Ye Yuan have?

But now, they felt that this title did not have any excessive aspects in the slightest.

“Tch, nothing to be excited about! Looking at your expressions, it’s feeling shocked by Ji Qingyun’s achievement, right? It’s merely 5000 over matches undefeated, that’s all!”

Just as everyone was currently immersed in shock, a very scornful voice sounded out.

Xiao Ruyan’s brows knitted and she said unhappily, “Who are you, to be so arrogant? Merely 5000 over matches? If you have the capabilities, you try consecutively winning 5000 over matches too!”

The one speaking was a young man. Behind him even followed a Divine King powerhouse. Presumably, his background was not ordinary too.

That young man was merely Alchemy Venerable Realm, but had a look of unruliness, looking very disdainful toward Ye Yuan’s battle results on the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation.

The young man looked towards Xiao Ruyan. A hint of astonishment flashed across his eyes, but he said with a laugh, “You guys just came to Cloudmarsh City, right? Not recognizing this young master is also excusable! You remember it, this young master is called Gu Yue! Ji Qingyun’s record will be broken by me!”

Gu Yue had an arrogant look with a kind of domineeringness that watched as masts and oars turned to dust while talking and laughing together 1 .

Xiao Ruyan was angered until she laughed because of his haughty manner. Seen before posturing, but never saw before posturing until this manner.

The number one achievement in 100 thousand years, this guy actually dared to brag, saying that he was going to break it. It was fine if he was an Alchemy Emperor, but he was just an Alchemy Venerable.

“Yo, so impressive? I wonder what number your esteemed self is ranked on the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation currently?” Xiao Ruyan said with a laugh.

Gu Yue’s face turned black and said, “You know perfectly well that this young master is only Alchemy Venerable Realm at present, you did it on purpose, right? But I’m not afraid to tell you either, this young master already has over 3400 matches of consecutive victories on the Alchemy Venerable Proclamation. Latest by next year, the Alchemy Venerable Proclamation’s first place will be mine!”

Hearing Gu Yue blow his own trumpet, Xiao Ruyan was startled in her heart. Three thousand four hundred over matches of consecutive wins, this achievement was already rather impressive.

But she still had a look of disdain on her face as she said, “Brag! Keep on bragging! Who doesn’t know how to boast?”

Gu Yue’s expression changed, and he said in a solemn voice, “Who’s bragging to you? Randomly find a person to inquire about it, in this Cloudmarsh City, who doesn’t know me, Gu Yue! That Ji Qingyun, there will come a day where I’ll trample him underfoot!”

Xiao Ruyan became enraged the moment she heard and said angrily, “This young lady doesn’t believe it! Come, come, come, this young lady is going to trample on you under her foot today! Don’t you have over 3400 matches of consecutive victories? I want to see just what kind of standard your more than 3400 matches of consecutive wins is!”

Ren Dong also silently nodded by the side and said very earnestly, “En, en, count me in!”

The moment Gu Yue heard, he laughed.

“Alright, but … not any random nobody can challenge me, Gu Yue! I have a condition, if you agree, this young master will accept your challenge!” Gu Yue smiled with evil-designs as he said.

Xiao Ruyan’s face turned black, and she said, “What condition?”

Gu Yue seized Xiao Ruyan up lecherously and said, “If you lose, you have to become Dao companions with me! How’s that? You got to know, in this Cloudmarsh City, the female martial artists that want to become Dao companions with me, Young Master Gu, line up over several streets!”

Each word that Gu Yue said, Xiao Ruyan’s face became a degree more sullen.

Honestly speaking, she was still really quite nervous.

This guy dared to say that he won over 3400 matches consecutively, it was probably not wild talk. This sort of lies, randomly finding a person could expose it. There was no meaning at all.

To be able to have this standard, he was likely really not too easy to push around.

Seeing Xiao Ruyan hesitate, Gu Yue became even more smug as he said, “Why, scared? Like I said, be a little low-profile if you don’t have much strength. Not everyone is what you’re able to challenge. But if you want to be my, Young Master Gu’s Dao companion, I still welcome it very much, haha …”

Xiao Ruyan was indeed breathtakingly beautiful. The first time Gu Yue laid eyes on her, he found her to be to his liking very much. Just as he said, ordinary women, he really held in contempt.

“Agree with him.” Right then, Ye Yuan’s nonchalant voice sounded out.

Xiao Ruyan jumped in fright. Using watery eyes to look at Ye Yuan, she said, “Master, how can you be like this?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You guys learned from me for so long. If you don’t even have this bit of strength, you can find a piece of tofu to go commit suicide already.”