Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 Silent Offering

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“Master? Hahaha, you … are you all mistaken? This brat is at the very most just 30 years old. You guys actually call him your master? Hahaha, what does he have to teach you guys?”

Hearing Xiao Ruyan’s form of address towards Ye Yuan. Gu Yue laughed himself into convulsions.

He laughed for a long time and suddenly discovered that no one went along with him, and could not help feeling very awkward.

And he suddenly noticed that Ye Yuan’s party all used strange eyes to look at him. This involuntarily made him rather angry from embarrassment.

“What are you looking at?! Could it be that what I said was wrong?” Gu Yue said irately.

“En, what you said was very right. Alright, since there’s nothing on, the two of you have a proper match with him then,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“Quickly look! Gu Yue is having a pill battle with someone again! I wonder what kind of opponent he ran into this time is like? Will they give him a little trouble or not?”

“How is that possible? Alchemy Venerable Realm, it’s totally impossible for someone to be his match. Otherwise, how can he possibly win 3420 matches in a row?”

“Makes sense! Gu Yue this brat is a little cocky, but his strength really is formidable! Continuing to develop with this trend, he might really be able to break Ji Qingyun’s record!”

Gu Yue and Xiao Ruyan’s pill battle immediately drew a large group of people’s attention.

Just as Gu Yue said, his fame in Cloudmarsh City was really huge. Having 3400 over matches of consecutive wins was also not bragging.

Virtually every time he had a pill battle, it would be a full house.

Gu Yue’s personality enjoyed this sort of ‘a myriad of stars surrounding the moon treatment’ most of all.

Xiao Ruyan was still somewhat not confident. After all, the opportunities she had to really compete with someone were too few.

Although she knew that Ye Yuan was very incredible, she was uncertain whether she really learned the quintessence of Ye Yuan’s pill refinement or not.

When at the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, Xiao Ruyan had once made a move to lecture a bunch of Alchemy Ancestors before. But at that time, it was just competing in fire control.

While pill battles were a one-time comprehensive test towards alchemy skills. It was completely different from controlling fire.

Furthermore, her opponent was also so powerful!

Gu Yue saw through Xiao Ruyan’s uncertainty and said smilingly, “Beauty, don’t need to worry. Becoming Dao companions with me, I’ll impart to you the quintessence of alchemy skills.”

Xiao Ruyan’s face turned black, and she said in a solemn voice, “Don’t come out and make a spectacle of yourself with your middling skills! When this young lady beats you down, you’ll kneel and beg me to take you in as a disciple then!”

The agreement between them, if Gu Yue won, Xiao Ruyan would become Dao companions with him. If Xiao Ruyan won, Gu Yue would kneel and call out master three times.

Cloudmarsh City’s pill battles were hosted by the City Lord Manor. The pill battles between Alchemy Venerables would be presided over by initial-rank Alchemy Emperors.

An Alchemy Emperor came onto the stage and slowly said, “According to the two of your agreement, the medicinal pill that your pill battle chose is the Emerald Sea Truewater Pill. This pill is a water-attribute high-grade Tier 8 medicinal pill. The one with the better grade wins. Begin now!”

This Emerald Sea Truewater Pill’s refining difficulty was rather high. Ordinary Alchemy Venerable experts could not refine it at all. But to Gu Yue, this was not too difficult of a matter.

With his strength, refining the Emerald Sea Truewater Pill, there was an 80% assurance to refine a high-grade one.

If his luck was good, he could even refine a transcendent grade!

While Xiao Ruyan was merely middle-rank Alchemy Venerable. Even if her strength was any more heaven-defying, being able to refine a complete medicinal pill was already pretty good.

This pill battle was a competition that was impossible to lose to Gu Yue.

He had the intention of showing off as well. After extracting and refining the medicinal embryo, Gu Yue separated his two palms. One hand brought out a fire dragon while the other hand brought out a fire tiger.

A dragon and tiger began raising the temperature of the medicinal cauldron under his guidance.

“Tiger Crouching, Dragon Coiling! This is an extremely profound fire-controlling art! Gu Yue actually used it effortlessly! His 3000 over matches of consecutive victories were indeed not by a fluke!”

“You look at that lass, what fire-controlling art is that? Hahaha, does she think that she’s lighting a fire to cook a meal? That sort of inferior fire-controlling art, she’s sure that it can refine medicinal pills?”

But the two people who entered a pill refining state already could not hear the comments of outsiders.

One should not look at how Gu Yue was haughty. His alchemy skills were absolutely not undeserved reputation. Ordinary alchemy venerables were really not enough to look at.

When Ao Qian saw Xiao Ruyan’s level of fire-controlling art, he also could not quite look on anymore and could not resist saying, “Milord, Ruyan that little lass looks like she’s still rather nervous. This kind of fire-controlling skill, how can it win the other party? Milord, although your Alchemy Dao is godlike, she’s not you after all!”

But Ye Yuan said without a care, “Old Ao, no need to be anxious. Keep watching, and you’ll know. Ruyan this lass can still keep her cool at crucial moments.”

Ao Qian and the rest could not help being speechless. Already nervous until she could not control fire, she could still keep her cool?

Which eye saw through that she was keeping her cool?

Right at this time, waves of exclamations suddenly emitted from the crowd.

“Quickly look at that lass’s medicinal cauldron! This … How is this possible?”

“Glittering and crystal clear! The medicinal cauldron actually became glittering and crystal clear!

“This … The fire-controlling art that this lass used, could it be that legendary Silent Offering? This was the fire-controlling art that Lord Qingyun Zi used when competing in alchemy back then!”

“Back then, Lord Qingyunzi relied on this extremely unsightly fire-controlling art and astounded countless people, making countless geniuses yield in admiration! Didn’t think that after a time interval of 300 years, this Silent Offering fire-controlling art actually appeared once more!”

For the sake of impartiality, the medicinal cauldrons that both parties used were only the most ordinary Tier 8 medicinal cauldrons.

The requirements that this kind of ordinary Tier 8 medicinal cauldrons had towards fire-controlling art was exceedingly high.

A moment of carelessness would affect the whole medicinal pill’s refinement.

While at this time, Xiao Ruyan’s medicinal cauldron became glittering and crystal clear, akin to a glazed tile. This was the sign of receiving extremely uniform heat distribution.

Only when the fire-controlling art reached an exceedingly high level could one affect the medicinal cauldron to such an extent.

But just earlier, everyone was still mocking Xiao Ruyan’s fire control like it was starting a fire to cook a meal.

Such a scene was extremely similar to 300 years ago.

Only when everyone came back to their senses did they recall the scene of Lord Qingyun Zi rampaging in all four directions in Cloudmarsh City 300 years ago.

The fire-controlling art was precisely Silent Offering.

Just as everyone had their breath taken away, Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Still lacking some skill level. Just barely managed to smelt the medicinal cauldron to become glittering and crystal clear. Looks like the pill refinement this time is also just superior-grade. Ren Dong, when your senior apprentice sister comes back, tell her that Silent Offering still needs to practice an additional 50 thousand times.”

Ren Dong’s expression was calm as he said with a nod, “Yes, Master!”

Ao Qian and the rest exchanged glances, thinking to themselves that this master was also a little too terrifying, right?

You were the number one person in 100 thousand years, but others were not! This already aroused everybody’s cries of exclamation, but you made her practice an additional 50 thousand times when she comes back …

Was there teaching disciples like this?

But in reality, Ye Yuan taught disciples just like this!

In Ye Yuan’s view, refining pills never had shortcuts to talk about. Without millions upon millions of repetitive dreary training, it was completely impossible to truly attain a higher level.

Don’t look at how Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong normally behaved in a cheeky and boisterous manner.

The hardships that they suffered in these dozen over years, only Ye Yuan himself knew.