Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Kowtow And Acknowledge As Master Then

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Next, entering the pill refining process, the two people each had their nerves wound up tightly.

The Emerald Sea Truewater Pill was not the average high-grade Tier 8 medicinal pill. It did not allow for them to have the slightest bit of carelessness.

But Gu Yue’s refining method was the same as his personality, very high-profile. While Xiao Ruyan’s refinement was methodically and unhurried.

Of course, this did not mean that Gu Yue was flashy without substance.

In truth, his alchemy skills were indeed very consummate. His Six Unity Heavenly Desolation Art was displayed flawlessly and actually already reached the realm of major accomplishment!

In contrast, Xiao Ruyan’s was a notch weaker in technique again. What she used was the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art.

Not all alchemists could train refinement techniques to the level of the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art.

To Alchemy Venerables, being able to cultivate the Six Unity Heavenly Desolation Art was already very impressive.

As for Xiao Ruyan, she still had not trained in the Six Unity Heavenly Desolation Art at present.

“Sigh, fire-controlling technique is just an aspect of refining pills. It was startling just now, but this match, it’s probably still Gu Yue who wins.”

“Yeah. This boy’s strength is too formidable! At a young age, he’s able to cultivate the Six Unity Heavenly Desolation Art to the realm of major accomplishment. In the same realm, how many people are his match?”

“That girl’s age is much younger than his. But her strength is indeed formidable too. It’s just a pity that who she ran into was Gu Yue.”

The surrounding alchemists were all people with rich experiences. They could practically discern the difference in superiority with one glance.

The sturdiness of Gu Yue’s foundation made many of the older generations all sweat profusely with embarrassment.

It was true that Xiao Ruyan was formidable, but she was still a little young in the end.

Ao Qian opened his mouth and was just about to say something. But seeing Ye Yuan’s relaxed expression, the words that reached the tip of his tongue was forced back down.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You guys don’t need to worry. This has only just begun! It doesn’t mean that the refining technique being high-level, the medicinal pills refined will definitely be good.”

Ao Qian was left speechless. He knew that Ye Yuan would say it like that.

But along with the progress of the refinement, Xiao Ruyan actually gradually entered an optimal state. The movements of her hands became faster and faster, and increasingly natural and smooth.

The many alchemists observing the battle by the side actually became rather infatuated from watching.

“Hiss … Legendary Realm! This lass actually cultivated the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art to the Legendary Realm!” someone cried out in shock among the crowd.

The gaze of that Alchemy Emperor expert presiding over the pill battle also became intent. He finally detected Xiao Ruyan’s transformation.

Regardless of what level of refinement technique, wanting to cultivate to the great circle of perfection was easy. But wanting to cultivate to the Legendary Realm was even harder than ascending to the heavens!

Furthermore, along with the increase in cultivation realm, after people had the ability to cultivate high-level refinement techniques, there would also not be anyone who would expend huge amounts of energy to go cultivate the Legendary Realm that could not be touched at all.

However, Xiao Ruyan did it!

Ao Qian finally heaved a sigh in relief when he saw Xiao Ruyan’s state. But his gaze looked towards Ye Yuan with endless shock.

The master was monstrous, the disciples taught were actually so freakish too!

Who knew that Ye Yuan shook his head again and said to Ren Dong, “Your Senior Apprentice Sister is too slow in entering the state! How many times have I told you guys, this Five Elements Heavenly Word Art, the most important is to balance the powers of the Five Elements. She actually used such a long time before finding the feeling! Tell her when she comes back, the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art also needs to train an additional 50 thousand times!”

Ao Qian nearly vomited out a mouthful of old blood. This master’s requirements … were also too stringent, right?

Although he did not know alchemy, he still knew about the Legendary Realm.

To be able to cultivate the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art to the Legendary Realm was already an unthinkable thing. But Ye Yuan actually still complained about her entering the state too slowly …

“Yes, Master!” Ren Dong was clearly already accustomed to this and did not feel that there was anything inappropriate.

Time slowly trickled by. The two people’s refinement also gradually entered a white-hot stage.

“Emerald Sea Truewater Pill, condense!” Gu Yue gave a loud cry. The medicinal pill finally formed.

Immediately after, Xiao Ruyan also cried out lightly, “Condense!”

Right on the heels, the two people virtually formed the pill at the same time!

“Beauty, how is it? Ready to be my women yet?” Gu Yue said with a smug smile.

Finishing refining, Xiao Ruyan still felt pretty good. But hearing Gu Yue’s words, her face turned cold again, and she said, “You’d better think about how to be this young lady’s disciple!”

“Heh heh, in Alchemy Venerable this realm, absolutely nobody is my match! Moreover, you’re even just a middle-rank Alchemy Venerable! Resign yourself to your fate!” Gu Yue said with a confident look.

While at this time, the surrounding people all had looks of anticipation. They all wanted to take a look at just who won this pill battle.

Although Gu Yue was strong, Xiao Ruyan had reached the Legendary Realm!

“Senior, open the furnace and examine the pill then!” Gu Yue said with a wide grin.

The Alchemy Emperor nodded his head, but took no notice of him. He went to Xiao Ruyan’s side rather impatiently.


The alchemy emperor pointed a finger. A medicinal pill flew out and landed in the container.

The Alchemy Emperor’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Indeed a superior-grade Emerald Sea Truewater Pill! A pity, a pity, if the medicinal cauldron was swapped for something a little better, it would definitely be a transcendent-grade medicinal pill!”

The Alchemy Emperor’s words made Gu Yue’s entire body tremble. The originally smug expression instantly turned stiff on his face.

Superior-grade medicinal pill? This … How was this possible?

His gaze involuntarily looked at his own medicinal cauldron and instantly became uncertain.

After that Alchemy Emperor sighed, he slowly came to Gu Yue’s side and retrieved the medicinal pill as he had done.

“High-grade Emerald Sea Truewater Pill! Looks pretty good, just a little bit more to reach superior-grade. A shame, it’s still lacking some level of skill! This match, Xiao Ruyan wins!” the Alchemy Emperor said sonorously.

Gu Yue’s face was ashen pale. Until now, he still did not dare to believe that this was real.

“Impossible! This is impossible! How can she possibly refine a superior-grade Emerald Sea Truewater Pill?”

The Alchemy Emperor knew Gu Yue and knew that this battle’s influence on him was probably tremendous. He sighed at once and said, “This lassie cultivated the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art to the Legendary Realm and refined a superior-grade medicinal pill. There are not many strange aspects. This match, you didn’t lose unjustly.”

“L-Legendary Realm?”

Gu Yue looked at Xiao Ruyan in disbelief. He could not tell no matter how he looked, how such a frail girl cultivated the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art to the Legendary Realm.

At this time, Xiao Ruyan finally let out a sigh in relief.

Gu Yue this fellow was arrogant, but his capabilities were really considerable. He actually almost refined a superior-grade medicinal pill.

But her gaze secretly sneaked a peek at Ye Yuan. She knew that her performance, Master was probably very unsatisfied.

She guessed correctly. It was just that at this time, she could not care about the punishment anymore either, but said to Gu Yue with a wide grin on her face, “How is it, Young Master Gu, kowtow and acknowledge as master then?”

Gu Yue froze. Only then did he recall the two people’s agreement.

This match, he was completely defeated!

According to the agreement, he had to kowtow to Xiao Ruyan and acknowledge her as his master in public!

Gu Yue revealed a look of struggle. He suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “This match, I’m willing to admit defeat! But to acknowledge you as my master, wait until after I have a match with him!”

Everyone followed his gaze and looked over, and discovered that the person he was pointing at was precisely Ren Dong!