Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Sticking On?

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Gu Yue’s face no longer had that look of arrogance from before. He used an entire half day’s time before barely managing to crawl out from the shadow of failure.

The so-called the higher you climb, the harder you fall, using it to describe Gu Yue was perfect.

But Gu Yue was indeed a talent as well. After half a day, he finally managed to recollect his mind and threw it into the face-off with Ren Dong.

His goal was very simple: from where he fell down, from where he would get up!

He wanted to regain confidence from Ren Dong. Otherwise, after today’s pill battles, he, a genius alchemist who formerly dazzled Cloudmarsh City, would probably fade into the crowd from here on.

“Just who the hell is that little girl? Gu Yue’s 3420 consecutive victories were actually ended just like that?”

“Yeah. Thinking about it, it’s just like having a dream. After Lord Qingyun Zi, Gu Yue is the first genius alchemist to be able to win so many matches in a row. I virtually already thought that he’d definitely be able to reach Lord Qingyun Zi’s height in the future!”

“Speaking of which, Silent Offering was Lord Qingyun Zi’s self-created fire-controlling ultimate skill. Could it be that this girlie actually has connections to Lord Qingyun Zi?”

“This … is impossible, right? I’ve never heard of Lord Qingyun Zi having a successor before!”

Gu Yue winning over 3400 matches in a row, no one would doubt his strength. For Xiao Ruyan to be able to beat Gu Yue, it could only indicate that her strength was even greater.

But at this time, everyone started to become interested in Ren Dong’s strength.

Busybodies already knew that Ren Dong was Xiao Ruyan’s junior apprentice brother. Then whether or not Gu Yue would fall down twice in the same place, this was very worth looking forward to.

The pill battle began. This time, Gu Yue unleashed all of his skills, hoping to display his strength to the limits.

But everyone’s gaze was focused on Ren Dong.

“Silent Offering again!”

Not long after, cries of exclamations sounded out everywhere again.

“Legendary Realm! It’s the Legendary Realm again!”

“My God, just what kind of person can teach such a terrifying senior sister and junior brother?”

The pill refinement ended. The Alchemy Emperor examined the pill once more.

“Gu Yue, high-grade medicinal pill, Ren Dong, superior-grade medicinal pill! Ren Dong wins!”

Hearing this verdict, Gu Yue directly flopped weakly onto the ground, as if he was drained completely of his strength, battered out of his senses.

Although he barely managed to calm his state of mind, the shadow of the last defeat was still hovering in his heart.

Under such circumstances, it was already very not easy for him to still be able to refine a high-grade medicinal pill. It was just that the opponent he encountered was Ren Dong.

The present Ren Dong was already completely different from the condescending Ren Dong back then.

Through these dozen over years of tempering, he already grew into a true grandmaster of an era. At present, his alchemy Dao strength was not the slightest bit inferior to Xiao Ruyan’s.

With over 3400 matches and he had yet to taste defeat. This time, he was defeated in two matches straight. This blow to him was too great.

“Heh heh, surpassing Lord Qingyun Zi, you’re still 10 thousand years too early! Your over 3400 over matches of consecutive wins doesn’t have much quality at all! It’s just that you never encountered a true opponent, that’s all! While Lord Qingyun Zi back then, practically challenged the entire Divine Realm’s genius alchemists with his strength alone! While you, how big of a commotion did you cause? Therefore … you have got to know how to hold someone in awe!” Xiao Ruyan said nonchalantly.

It was like Gu Yue lost his soul, completely unable to accept this fact at all.

When a person fell from the summit, this sort of tremendous drop was very easy to make him crumble. The current Gu Yue was clearly like that.

These few years, he was already extolled to the skies by the entire Cloudmarsh City, saying that he was going to surpass Qingyun Zi’s fame.

But today, he was defeated twice in a row under Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong’s hands, immediately crushing his powerful confidence.

When Xiao Ruyan saw Gu Yue’s appearance, she also could not bother to haggle over it with him anymore. Honestly speaking, she did not wish to take such a guy in as a disciple.

“Forget it, this young lady is magnanimous and won’t fuss about your offense of affront. Junior Apprentice Brother, let’s go,” Xiao Ruyan said.

Ren Dong nodded his head and walked down the stage together with Xiao Ruyan.

“Wait a minute!”

The two people did not walk out far when they heard Gu Yue shouting from behind.

Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong turned their heads around and were just about to speak, but Gu Yue had a solemn look as he said, “I, Gu Yue, am a man of my words! Since I lost to you, I’ll admit my loss!”


Gu Yue immediately gave a loud kowtow and shouted, “Master!”





Gu Yue directly kowtowed three times and called master thrice. It was not perfunctory at all.

Him being so unabashed made Xiao Ruyan rather surprised instead. In this instant, her impression of Gu Yue had a slight change.

Presumably, this guy was an ignorant youth whose confidence swelled to the extreme, unaware of the logic of, there was always someone better and a heaven beyond heaven.

But honestly speaking, this guy’s alchemy Dao strength was still rather formidable.

Although his foundation was not as solid as the two of them, it was also hard to come by among young people.

Xiao Ruyan waved her hand when she saw the situation and said, “Alright, alright, this matter ends here. It’s just losing two matches of pill battles, no big deal. Knowing humiliation and striving harder afterward, that is how a real man ought to be.”

Xiao Ruyan had an old teacher appearance, and actually really took herself to be his master, and started lecturing Gu Yue.

She did not expect Gu Yue to say with a stern countenance, “I, Gu Yue, am true to my words! These two matches, I’m wholehearted convinced by my loss! From now onwards, I, Gu Yue, will be Miss Ruyan’s disciple! Master is high above, please accept a bow from this disciple!”

As he said, he gave another kowtow, and it was considered the ceremony of acknowledging a master.

With this, it was Xiao Ruyan who was caught rather by surprise instead. She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No way, no way, I don’t have the qualifications to accept disciples! This young lady hasn’t even graduated from apprenticeship myself!”

But Gu Yue scrambled to his feet and said, “The two of us had an agreement beforehand, how can you renege on your word? There are so many people in the same profession bearing witness today, how can I, Gu Yue, be someone who gets fat on eating his words? No matter what, I’m already your disciple! Wherever you go, I’ll follow!”

Hearing that, Xiao Ruyan’s face turned black. This guy was actually like a dog-skin plaster, sticking onto her?

Not far again, when Ao Qian saw this scene, he could not help finding it funny as he said, “This brat has some good judgment. Him wanting to acknowledge Miss Xiao as his master is probably still aiming for milord! To be able to walk out from the shadow of defeat so quickly, he’s a promising talent too.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “These two matches might be a new beginning for him. If he really completed 5000 matches of consecutive victories, the path in the future will be even more arduous instead. When he breaks through to Alchemy Emperor Realm, he’d probably also just be mediocre. The strength of Alchemy Emperor powerhouses, he likely still thought too simply in the past.”

Regarding Ye Yuan’s words, Ao Qian and the rest all deeply felt that way too.

Ye Yuan could crush 5000 over Alchemy Emperors, did not mean that others could also crush 5000 over Alchemy Emperors.

No matter what, Alchemy Emperors were the current Divine Realm alchemists’ apex existences. Their strength brooked no underestimation.

“Your Excellency, what to do about this matter? How about, I go and beat that brat down, in case he sticks onto?” Ao Qian said.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Let him be. I want to see just how much sincerity he has.”