Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Play Another Round

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Receiving Ye Yuan’s look, Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong did not care about Gu Yue either. They directly followed Ye Yuan and prepared to leave.

Gu Yue was really like a sticky candy, following Xiao Ruyan at every step.

The Divine King expert who was constantly following Gu Yue followed behind Gu Yue.

“Wang Qian, you return to the lodging and wait for me first. Before I find you, don’t come over and look for me anymore,” Gu Yue instructed.

Wang Qian’s expression stiffened, and he said with difficulty, “Young Master, this … Could it be that you really want to acknowledge that little girl as your master? In my view, even though that girl’s strength is very strong, it’s still just slightly stronger compared to Young Master. She’s still not qualified enough to be your master!”

Gu Yue shook his head and said, “You don’t understand! The disparity between me and her right now isn’t large. But along with the passage of time, the disparity between me and her will become greater and greater! By the time we both reach peak Alchemy Emperor Realm, this young master will probably not even be able to see her back view anymore.”

Wang Qian looked at his young master oddly. Gu Yue’s personality, he was all too clear. This sort of words that diminished his own prestige, he would never say it.

Looks like today, he was really utterly convinced by his loss.

“But Young Master, if Family Head knows of this matter …” Wang Qian said hesitantly.

Gu Yue waved his hand and said, “You don’t say, I don’t say, how will he know?”

Wang Qian knew Young Master’s temperament. Helpless, he could only leave by himself.

Ye Yuan’s party divided the crowd and were just about to leave, but had their path blocked by a group of people.

The person at the front looked around 30 plus years old, with a highly spirited appearance. The most conspicuous was the high-rank Alchemy Emperor badge on his chest.

The Divine Realm had many Alchemy Emperors. But people who were able to reach high-rank alchemy emperor were scanty few.

Between initial-rank Alchemy Emperor and high-rank Alchemy Emperor was an insurmountable chasm.

High-rank Alchemy Emperor, was the highest rank realm among the alchemist realms that the Alchemist Association divided!

Which was also to say that within the scope that the Alchemist Association recognized, high-rank Alchemy Emperor was the pinnacle of alchemists.

Of course, it was not that there was no disparity between high-rank Alchemy Emperors and high-rank Alchemy Emperors.

Among alchemists, there was a form of address towards an extremely small group of people, that was peak Alchemy Emperor.

This peak Alchemy Emperor was somewhat similar to the Void Mystic Realm in essence energy cultivation realms.

Only by being publicly recognized by everyone as a peak Alchemy Emperor, was it truly standing at the apex of the Divine Realm’s alchemists.

And only peak Alchemy Emperors, would be addressed respectfully as ‘Zi.’

This group of people was the bunch of people who truly guided the direction of the Divine Realm’s alchemy world.

Of course, even so, this high-rank Alchemy Emperor in front was an exceedingly rare existence too.

“Didn’t think that our former peerless genius, Qingyun Zi, actually fell to such a plight today. Tsk tsk, initial-rank Alchemy Emperor, is it? The Qingyun Zi who slaughtered in all directions in Cloudmarsh City back then actually returned to the starting point now. Hahaha …”

That person laughed wildly, his laughter carrying a ton of satisfaction. Seeing Ye Yuan encounter a calamity at present, he seemed to be very liberated.

But his words caused a mighty uproar among the crowd.

“Qingyun Zi! Lord Zuo Qing said that he was Lord Qingyun Zi just now? This … There’s no mistake, right?”

“What?! That young man is Lord Qingyun Zi? How is this possible?”

“Didn’t Lord Qingyun Zi perish long ago? Could it be that who Lord Zuo Qing is talking about is another Qingyun Zi?”

“Are you a pig? In this world, apart from Ji Qingyun, who else dares to proclaim to be Qingyun Zi?”

Everyone’s gaze all looked over towards Ye Yuan, being astounded by this unexpected news.

Ji Qingyun not dying, this news, was seriously too astonishing. Especially in Cloudmarsh City this place.

In this city, Ji Qingyun was a godlike existence!

His achievement on the Alchemy Emperor Proclamation was a myth-like record. For 100 thousand years, he was the one-and-only legendary figure!

The alchemists mucking around in Cloudmarsh City, regardless of how strong their strength was, their goal was only one: Ji Qingyun!

Back then when Qingyun Zi fell, the entire Cloudmarsh City stunned.

There were many alchemists who immediately formed organizations to mourn for Ji Qingyun.

But now, Ji Qingyun actually came back to life!

How could this news not shock them?

Zuo Qing said with a roaring laugh, “That’s right, this young man called Ye Yuan at the moment is precisely your idol, Ji Qingyun! At present, he’s merely just a stray dog!”

The expressions of Ao Qian and the rest all changed and they wanted to make a move to deal with Zuo Qing.

This guy actually insulted people with words!

Ye Yuan waved his hand and stopped them from taking action, and he said nonchalantly, “A good dog doesn’t block the path, get lost!”

“Yo, this imposing momentum really doesn’t lose out to back then! It’s just a shame that your strength is far too lacking!” Zuo Qing did not get angry either and just ridiculed.

Ye Yuan darted him a glance and said indifferently, “Looks like some people forgot about the matter of losing until buck-naked back then.”

Ye Yuan naturally recognized this Zuo Qing in front of him. Among the people who challenged him back then, this Zuo Qing was also one whose strength was very formidable.

It was just that this guy’s utilitarian heart was too strong and wanted to step on his reputation to climb up.

Other than things related to pill battles, they even added another clause. The one who loses would take off all of their clothes and run for three days and nights in Cloudmarsh City.

The result was naturally that Zuo Qing was crushed until he was beaten blue and black.

This matter was treated as a conversation topic 300 years ago and was a joke for a very long period of time.

300 years later, this Zuo Qing actually became Cloudmarsh City’s deputy city lord with a shake of his body.

With the white tiger battle, the news of Ji Qingyun returning was already not some secret among the Divine Realm’s upper echelons.

With Zuo Qing’s status, knowing about Ye Yuan was also not some unexpected thing.

Upon hearing Ye Yuan mention this incident, Zuo Qing’s face immediately became black as the bottom of a pot.

Over 300 years had passed, Cloudmarsh City’s alchemists had long changed batch after batch already. But there were still some who knew about the matter back then.

“Humph! A stray dog actually dares to be so cocky too! Publicly appearing in Cloudmarsh City, aren’t you afraid of Ji Canglan coming to kill you?” Zuo Qing said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No need for you to worry about that. You’d best worry about the clothes on you.”

Zuo Qing could not help being stifled by this. Ye Yuan just kept using this matter to irk him. He could not do anything at all.

“You’re indeed still as revolting as back then! However … since our beloved Lord Qingyun Zi came back, are you interested in playing another round? You’re being addressed respectfully as Qingyun Zi. Even if you’re only initial-rank Alchemy Emperor at the moment, your strength probably can’t be underestimated either, right? You look, this Cloudmarsh City’s countless alchemists all view you as their idol. Could it be that you have no intention of broadening their horizons?” Zuo Qing suddenly switched faces and said mockingly.

Over 300 years had passed. Zuo Qing’s strength could not be mentioned in the same breath long ago, while Ye Yuan only had initial-rank Alchemy Emperor strength at present. He was betting on that Ye Yuan did not dare to compete with him.

When he knew that Ye Yuan showed up in Cloudmarsh City, his first reaction was to come over and humiliate him ruthlessly.

Zuo Qing’s suggestion was not held in contempt by the surrounding audience. On the contrary, each and every one of them all revealed a look of anticipation.

If it were others, they would definitely feel that Zuo Qing was bullying the weak as the strong. But Ye Yuan was different. Ye Yuan was the god in their hearts and was undefeatable.

Even if Zuo Qing was a high-rank Alchemy Emperor, it was impossible for Lord Qingyun Zi to lose to him either!