Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Han Qing Zi

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Except, this was the way they saw it.

Reaching Zuo Qing’s boundary, one would know just how great the gap between initial-rank Alchemy Emperor and high-rank Alchemy Emperor was.

He spent three hundred years before breaking through from initial-rank Alchemy Emperor to high-rank Alchemy Emperor. While at present, Ji Qingyun had merely just entered Alchemy Emperor Realm.

Which was equivalent to saying that Ye Yuan was marching on the spot for these 300 years.

Zuo Qing trained bitterly for 300 years. If he could not even beat the Ji Qingyun who was marching on the spot, he should find a piece of tofu to go commit suicide already.

Him saying these words was undoubtedly wanting to extol Ye Yuan high up to the skies, then in front of everybody, to slay a god!

As long as he could defeat Ji Qingyun, he would obtain innumerable fame and status. Of course, there was still limitless resources.

Qingyun Zi was high up on the summit. His status was God knows how many times higher compared to when he just entered Alchemy Emperor Realm back then!

Slaughtering in all directions in Cloudmarsh City was merely minor squabbles.

But 300 years later, Qingyun Zi was a true apex figure.

Dragging Ji Qingyun down at this time, the implications were far greater compared to back then.

Although somewhat winning through unorthodox means, who asked Ji Qingyun to dare appear in Cloudmarsh City in a swaggering manner?

Ye Yuan smiled, smiled until Zuo Qing felt rather apprehensive.

To Zuo Qing, Ji Qingyun was the nightmare that he could never wipe away for life.

After the battle back then, Ji Qingyun had a meteoric rise and climbed directly to a high position, and only used a very short time to ascend to the pinnacle of the Divine Realm’s alchemy world.

While he, although it was not to the extent of fading into the crowd, so many years had passed, but he was still unable to break through to the boundary of peak Alchemy Emperor.

This step was far too difficult!

“It’s been 300 years. You, this fellow, are really sludge that can’t hold a wall up! You’re sure that you want to have a pill battle with me?” Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back as he said with a faint smile.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s calm and collected appeared, Zuo Qing’s heart could not refrain from pounding.

Qingyun Zi’s fame was seriously too overwhelming. Furthermore, his awe-inspiring reputation was gotten from match after match of crushing others.

Except, the moment he thought about Ye Yuan’s current realm, Zuo Qing set his mind at ease considerably again.

This guy was definitely pretending to be mysterious!

“Look at what you’re saying, to be able to obtain Lord Qingyun Zi’s guidance, this Zuo is honored in every possible way!” Zuo Qing said with a smile.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Alright then, as you wish! Honestly speaking, coming to Cloudmarsh City, I really still somewhat reminisce the feeling back then!”

Hearing Ye Yuan and Zuo Qing’s conversation, Gu Yue wished to find a piece of rock to commit suicide!

He actually postured in front of Lord Qingyun Zi! He really postured in front of Lord Qingyun Zi!

Who lent him the gall to dare posture in front of Lord Qingyun Zi?

Gu Yue’s confidence swelled at one point and thought that he really could surpass Qingyun Zi.

But he could not even beat Lord Qingyun Zi’s disciples …

“Master, he … he’s really Lord Qingyun Zi?” Gu Yue pulled Xiao Ruyan and thickened his skin to ask.

Xiao Ruyan flung him off and said smilingly, “Otherwise, what do you think?”

Slap! Slap!

Gu Yue viciously gave himself two tight slaps and said, “Ask you to have eyes but fail to see! Ask you to be condescending! Master, you must take me in as a disciple! I, Gu Yue, must acknowledge you as my master!”

“This young lady can’t make the call. I myself haven’t even graduated from apprenticeship yet!” Xiao Ruyan said.

“Hahaha! I knew that Lord Qingyun Zi wouldn’t die that easily!”

“Lord Qingyun Zi’s demise was a major loss to the Divine Realm’s alchemy world. Back then, I was even lamentful about this for a long time! Didn’t think that he actually seized possession and revived!”

“Lord Qingyun Zi is my life-long goal! Back then, when I heard the news of his demise, I really almost broke down! I just can’t imagine that he really didn’t die!”

Quite a number of alchemists, especially the young alchemists, were all like they were injected with stimulants.

When they knew that Ye Yuan was Ji Qingyun, they were really incredibly agitated.

In the alchemy world, Ye Yuan was an absolute paradigm-like figure. He was different from those veteran peak alchemy emperors. When he advanced to peak Alchemy Emperor, he was too young.

Furthermore, being young and rash back then, slaughtering in all directions in Cloudmarsh City and becoming the number one person in 100 thousand years, this made him become countless genius alchemists’ idol.

This emotional turmoil of losing and recovering their idol again was what ordinary people could not imagine.

Seeing the appearance of emotions running high everywhere, Ao Qian and co. were endlessly amazed too.

They were all the older generation figures already. The things that they had experienced were far, too many. But they had never seen before that someone’s sway in the Divine Realm could be so great!

Even Ao Qian, this old monster who lived for 40 thousand years, he felt that he had broadened his horizons today too.

As for Zuo Qing, he sneered coldly in his heart.

When I trample your idol under my foot, I really want to see what kind of expressions you all have!

The current Ye Yuan was already not the Ji Qingyun back then!

Thinking in his heart, Zuo Qing opened his mouth again and said, “Lord Qingyun Zi, why not play the little game back then one more time?”

Ye Yuan was stunned and immediately could not help laughing in spite of himself as he said, “Your present identity is extraordinary. Doing this sort of disgraceful thing again isn’t too good, right?”

“Huhu, just having some fun.” Zuo Qing said like he had everything planned out.

“Alright then, since you’re willing to lose face yourself, that’s up to you too. However, the two of us competing in alchemy, who will be the judge?” Ye Yuan refrained from commenting.

Zuo Qing froze. He did not think about this.

With the two of their identities, the average person really could not become a judge.

“I wonder if this old man has the qualifications to be the judge?”Right then, a hoarse and aged voice suddenly sounded out from among the crowd.

Everyone looked over trying to find the owner of the voice. They saw an old man whose hair and beard were all white appear in the crowd, with a sage-like appearance.

Zuo Qing’s gaze turned serious as he said in surprise, “Turns out that it’s Lord Han Qing Zi. O-Of course you have this qualification!”

Han Qing Zi was an itinerant alchemist without any sect. But he, this person, was famous for being impartial. His prestige in the alchemy world was extremely high.

It was naturally the most suitable for him to be the judge.

But when Ye Yuan saw Han Qing Zi, he could not help laughing as he said, “You, this old fellow who’s halfway into the earth, actually came to join in the fun too!”

Han Qing Zi slowly got on the stage and said smilingly, “The Immemorial Medicine Garden opening, this kind of grand age, which alchemist wouldn’t be moved? It’s just that this old man never thought that you actually came back!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Came back, some things have to be done! This kind of small squabble, I didn’t think that you’re also willing to join in. Not afraid of demeaning your status either?”

Han Qing Zi burst into laughter when he heard that and said, “You look at the expressions of everyone below the stage, do you still feel that it’s a minor spat? Furthermore, not meeting for so many years, this old man is also very curious whether your alchemy Dao cultivation really declined or not.”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fine then. Thinking it over, only you’re the most suited too. Begin then.”

Han Qing Zi and Ye Yuan had a good talk but hung Cloudmarsh City’s deputy city lord out to dry at one side. This made Zuo Qing gloomy to the extreme.

But he also knew that with how Han Qing Zi was chatting happily with Ye Yuan, regarding passing judgment this sort of thing, he absolutely would not be partial to one side.