Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 Already Gone

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Han Qing Zi’s astonishment was completely different from the rest.

Tier 9 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame! It was actually a Tier 9 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame!

Using this essence fire to refine medicinal pills was simply successful in every endeavor!

Although Ye Yuan was just initial-rank Alchemy Emperor strength at the moment, no idea why, Han Qing Zi kept having a feeling of not being able to see through.

“Looks like this Ji Qingyun is already not the Ji Qingyun back then!” Han Qing Zi heaved a long sigh and said.

In the process of everyone’s astonishment, Ye Yuan already heated the medicinal cauldron to a state of glittering and crystal clarity with immense speed.

It was just that his kind of glittering and crystal clear was god knows how many times stronger compared to Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong’s kind of transparency.

The entire medicinal cauldron was virtually already in a transparent state.

Everyone all knew that the moment Ye Yuan’s essence fire stopped, this medicinal cauldron would surely be wasted.

This approach was over-drafting the medicinal cauldron’s life force to stimulate an even stronger pill refinement effect.

“Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art! Legendary Realm!” shouted someone. The moment the pill refinement started, someone cried out in shock.

Ye Yuan did not have any hesitation and directly entered the Legendary Realm! Furthermore, it was the extremely high-rank Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art!

“Probably only an existence like Lord Qingyun Zi could enter the Legendary Realm as and when he pleased, right?”

“Indeed well-deserving of being Lord Qingyun Zi. This kind of refinement simply makes people feel refreshed in spirit!”

What Zuo Qing used was also the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art. But it was the realm of major accomplishment. It did not even reach the great circle of perfection.

In contrast, the disparity between the two people was too obvious.

But Han Qing Zi’s brows furrowed and he muttered under his breath, “This punk should have long grasped the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art already. He actually only used the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art? Where did his confidence come from?”

Ye Yuan’s every movement and action, Han Qing Zi was very perplexed.

It was leaping realms to do battle in the first place, Ye Yuan actually only used the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art and wanted to refine a high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill. It was likely not easy, right?

Zuo Qing this high-rank Alchemy Emperor was not touted out. A conservative estimation, Zuo Qing could also refine a high-grade Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill.

For Ye Yuan to want to win, it at least had to be superior-grade too.

But could it be done?

Even though it was just the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art, each one of Ye Yuan’s seals secretly incorporated Heavenly Dao, giving people a feeling of mystery and hard to fathom.

The same move, when used by different people, the effects were totally different.

As luck would have it, what Zuo Qing and Ye Yuan used was both the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art. The moment people with discerning eyes saw, they could immediately distinguish the level of superiority.

The two people’s understanding of alchemy skills was completely not on the same level.

Through the transparent medicinal cauldron, people could see that in Ye Yuan’s medicinal cauldron, that gradually forming medicinal pill seemed to be jumping for joy under the essence fire’s envelopment, like it was dancing.

Very soon, the people surrounding were completely brought into the pill refinement process of pleasing the eyes and mind by Ye Yuan.

Gu Yue’s heart nearly jumped out when he watched Ye Yuan’s pill refinement in the crowd.

“Too terrific! This is true pill refinement! This is a true expert! I … I …” Talking until the back, Gu Yue was virtually rambling incoherently already.

Xiao Ruyan looked at him like looking at a moron and said speechlessly, “Didn’t you say that you want to surpass Lord Qingyun Zi? Where did that confidence of yours go to?”

Gu Yue said, “That was merely youthful unbridledness, doesn’t count! Now, I’ve already turned over a new leaf and swear to follow in Lord Qingyun Zi’s footsteps! Starting from now, he’s my idol, my life-long goal!”

Xiao Ruyan had nothing to say. This guy’s transformation was also too great, right?

Yesterday, he was still young and frivolous. Today, he turned over a new leaf already?

However, Xiao Ruyan more or less also discerned a little. Gu Yue was really infatuated with alchemy Dao.

Only the fascination of alchemy Dao could turn a haughty youth into this.

Speaking of which, wasn’t Junior Apprentice Brother Ren Dong the same too?

In a twinkle, a day’s time passed. Everyone was immersed in Ye Yuan’s pill refinement, unable to extricate themselves.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan gave a light cry, “Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill, condense!”

The moment the essence fire was withdrawn, the medicinal pill was already formed!

Murmur . ..

Following Ye Yuan’s essence fire withdrawing, the medicinal cauldron instantly turned into a pile of black charcoal, falling apart to pieces.

Ye Yuan lightly beckoned, and the medicinal pill flew into the container.

Han Qing Zi’s expression turned intent, and he said in amazement, “This … It’s done already?”

He entered the array formation to carry out the inspection of the medicinal pill impatiently. When he saw the medicinal pill, he could not help looking at Ye Yuan in astonishment.

“T-Transcendent-grade! You actually used the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art to refine out a transcendent-grade Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill?” Han Qing Zi said in disbelief.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Just a Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill. It’s also not some unique medicinal pill, how can it be that hard to refine?”

Medicinal pills used to compete in alchemy were all not some truly special medicinal pills.

To a powerhouse like Ye Yuan, refining was completely as easy as blowing off dust.

Of course, that was referring to matching his strength. But the current Ye Yuan was merely just an initial-rank Alchemy Emperor. Saying these words was a little exaggerated.

Han Qing Zi was speechless as he said, “I’ve also heard about your matters. It was said that your soul force already broke through the limitations of cultivation realm. Actually, you’re already half a middle-rank Alchemy Emperor now. It’s just that even so, your refinement was also a bit too shocking!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Reincarnating for another life, thought through some things that I couldn’t figure out in the past instead. It’s considered having some accidental gains. This Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill is seriously not considered a big deal to me.”

Han Qing Zi smiled bitterly when he heard that and said, “You brat, you’re really a freak! Saying that you have the greatest hope of breaking through to the Alchemy God Realm is absolutely not just saying it!”

Actually, Ye Yuan did not tell the truth. The reason why he could attain such an effect was actually still all thanks to the refinement of the Nine Truth Pill the last time.

After that time, his understanding of alchemy Dao became even deeper. Even if he deliberately concealed Divine Dao laws, refining a medicinal pill like the Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill was still very effortless.

The refinement last time could be said to have utterly broadened his horizons, letting him stand on a higher level to look at the problem.

Going back to refine Tier 9 medicinal pills now, that feeling was totally different.

Ye Yuan patted Han Qing Zi’s shoulders and said with a smile, “Thanks for your auspicious words! The matters over here will have to trouble elder brother. This guy still needs to refine god knows how long. I won’t be keeping company.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan brought Xiao Ruyan and the rest and immediately left. When Gu Yue saw the situation, he also waddled along and followed behind.

The moment Ye Yuan left, a large group of people dispersed with a loud bang, all running after Ye Yuan.

They did not know what they wanted to do either and just followed Ye Yuan regardless. Perhaps it was just purely wanting to see how this former apex expert was like at present.

Han Qing Zi could not help smiling wryly and saw Ye Yuan off with his gaze.

After half a day, it was already empty below the stage.

“Purple Clarity Jadeheaven Pill, condense!” Zuo Qing gave a fierce cry and the medicinal pill finally formed.

“Hahaha! Did pretty well this time! Even if it can’t reach superior-grade, it shouldn’t be far off as well!” Zuo Qing said with a loud laugh.

Suddenly, he discovered that something was not quite right, and could not help looking below the stage, and was immediately stunned: “Where are the people?”

Han Qing Zi gave him a pitiful glance and went up to pat him on the shoulders as he said with a sigh, “The people are already gone!”