Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Fusing Sword Intent!

"En? Just now, I clearly still felt that incredible sword intent. Why is there nothing now? Could it be that Ye Yuan succeeded in passing the stage?" Huyan Yong suddenly exclaimed.

"If he succeeded in passing this round, the Nine Heavens Peak will condense a rainbow road to send him down the mountain."

Feng Ruoqing's words meant that Ye Yuan still had not passed the stage successfully.

"But . . . what's this situation? Could Ye Yuan have . . ." Being completely unable to view the situation inside the Nine Heavens Road, Huyan Yong's imagination started running wild.

"Stop making wild guesses. We should just wait patiently. However, the Nine Heavens Road this time is truly somewhat peculiar. I wonder what Ye Yuan encountered inside."

. . . . . .

Since the final streak of Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art started condensing, Ye Yuan already completely stop unleashing the sword intent from his body and shut his eyes.

It seemed like he had completely given up on resisting.

"What are you doing, Ye Yuan? This streak of sword intent is extraordinary! You will die like this!" Lu Yan's voice transmitted over.

Ye Yuan ignored Lu Yan. In reality, he had already entered a selfless state and sealed his five senses up.

In Ye Yuan's world, there was only that utterly terrifying sword intent left in front of him!

He was savoring the sword intent of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art on purpose.

While on this road, Ye Yuan had used the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword Intent to guide the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, and it was not a simple evasion of sword intent.

Since the original intention of this array was to allow future generations to study the sword art, then this set of sword techniques would not place emphasis on killing.

Except, this sword art was too powerful. Students were unable to comprehend it, which was why they fell here.

From countless streaks sword intents to a thousand streaks, then a hundred streaks, ten streaks, and finally one streak. The quantity decreased, but the power progressively increased!

It looked like this was the effect brought forth due to the manifestation of sword intent. But with Ye Yuan's experience, it was naturally not so shallow.

These final 333 steps were actually the process of how You Wuya gradually deepened his understanding towards sword intent!

And this final sword was the most powerful sword intent which You Wuya left behind in the Endless World!

If this final sword came out right away, then it would have been impossibly difficult to comprehend the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art's sword intent.

But the ingenious part was that You Wuya derived the forms on the steps from his lifetime's comprehension. This resulted in the possibility of allowing the challenger to comprehend sword intent.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the challenger could survive under such cold piercing sword intent.

Nobody could be like Ye Yuan to have the thoughts to comprehend the sword intent leisurely.

Although the Nine Heavens Road was rather bumpy, Ye Yuan had to admit that You Wuya had expended much care and thought for future generation disciples.

"Why aren't you using sword intent, Ye Yuan!" Seeing that streak of sword intent about to fire, Lu Yan's anxious voice transmitted over once more.

The sword intent was already fully activated. Even he had no way of stopping that sword intent anymore.

Ye Yuan actually withdrew his own sword intent at the most critical moment, which caught him totally off-guard.


When Ye Yuan's feet landed on the 999th step, that sword intent suddenly activated.

The sword intent converged without spreading, but Lu Yan was aware of this sword's terror.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan's eyes remained shut, as if he was unaware of the impending danger.

Lu Yan gritted his teeth, and he instantly appeared in front of Ye Yuan!

A faint phantom stretched his hand out to draw a circle in front of him. A streak of sword intent condensed and shot out.

However, this streak of sword intent was just like an ant encountering an elephant when compared to that streak of sword intent which blasted over. The difference was too huge.

Lu Yan was able to condense such a terrifying sword intent because he unleashed it through the array formation.

Now that this streak of sword intent was released by him himself, the power was too weak.

After all, Lu Yan was only a fragmented wisp of divine sense.

He wanted to save Ye Yuan, but the flesh was weak even though the spirit was willing.

"Many thanks, Senior Lu. Allow me." Right then, Ye Yuan's calm voice sounded out from behind Lu Yan.

Meanwhile, an aura which Lu Yan was familiar, yet also a stranger to, rose from Ye Yuan's body.

There was no time to think, so Lu Yan made way for Ye Yuan.

That streak of sword intent was extremely fast and arrived in front of Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye.

However, Lu Yan could clearly see that when the streak of sword intent reached several dozen meters in front of Ye Yuan, it became like it was submerged in mud. The speed became increasingly slower and progressively sluggish.

Finally, that streak of sword intent came to a stop around two feet in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan reached out, and lightly tapped the tip of the sword with a finger. That streak of sword intent dissipated with a bang!

Lu Yan who was watching by the side was flabbergasted and was utterly dazed for some time.

He had never thought that this final stage could be cleared like this!

This was simply inconceivable!

He had hosted the Nine Heavens Road's third stage for nearly 200 years and was all too clear on the might of that streak of sword intent.

This was with the array formation at full power. Even a peak Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist might not be able to withstand that streak of sword intent, yet it scattered with a gentle tap from Ye Yuan?

"Many thanks to Senior Lu for sacrificing yourself to save me just now!" Ye Yuan gave a bow to Lu Yan. Only now was his consciousness dragged back to reality.

Lu Yan stared at Ye Yuan like he was looking at a monster. He smiled bitterly as he said, "My actions just now were redundant. That final sword would not have been able to deal any harm to you."

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "No matter what, Senior Lu ignored your own safety to save Ye Yuan just now. Ye Yuan will definitely engrave this in my heart."

Lu Yan coming to save Ye Yuan was indeed unnecessary, but he did not know that Ye Yuan could deal with that beam of sword intent!

If Lu Yan took on that sword just now, his soul would have disintegrated by now.

Just based on this action was worthy of Ye Yuan remembering it.

Lu Yan however just waved his hands and said emotionally, "I didn't expect this! I really didn't expect this! My Tranquil Cloud Sect actually birthed such a peerless genius like you! Not only did you comprehend the Heart Like Still Water Realm, you even fused together sword intents in the third stage!"

Only after his shock did Lu Yan find out why he had such a peculiar feeling just now.

The aura coming off of Ye Yuan carried his own sword intent's aura and also had the aura of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art!

Ye Yuan, he actually merged the two completely different sword intent into one and transformed it into his own new sword intent!

Even if You Wuya returned, such talent was beyond his!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "This Junior was lucky. Does this count as me passing?"

From the moment the array formation was fully unleashed, Ye Yuan already had the thought of incorporating the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art's sword intent into his own sword intent.

The Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was excessively nimble, while the attack was lacking. This was its greatest flaw.

But the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was a sword technique which emphasized on slaughter. The attack power was immensely powerful. Furthermore, this sword intent's level was very high and not beneath that of Ye Yuan's sword intent. It was very suited to be merged into the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword.

Finally, he had a sudden epiphany at the last moment.

The fused sword intent was on an entirely different level from before. Hence, that streak of sword intent was just like an obedient baby in front of Ye Yuan's aura.

The competition between sword intent was not a competition of strength, but instead, it was a competition towards the comprehension of sword intent. Otherwise, Ye Yuan would have long been pulverized into meat paste.

Lu Yan nodded his head somewhat mechanically. "Of course it counts as passing! A flawless pass!"