Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Do Come Again

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After an hour, the Fiendblade Mountain’s group of experts had utterly fallen into the enemy’s hands.

“I … I admit defeat! Don’t fight anymore!” Yue Xinping who was currently being pummeled shouted at the top of his voice.

Ao Qian who was at full strength was seriously too terrifying, beating him until he did not have strength remaining to counterattack.

In just an hour, he already could not hold on anymore.

Ye Yuan said it very clearly earlier. It was in two hours. But continue fighting at this rate, Yue Xinping was probably going to be finished off by Ao Qian in less than two hours.

Except, he shouted as much as he can, but Ao Qian’s attacks did not slack off at all.

He had pent-up for close to 20 thousand year’s time. This time, he finally managed to return to his peak state. How would Yue Xinping be treated fairly if he did not grasp it well?

And Ye Yuan also did not seem to have the intention of letting him stop.

“You say fight, and we fight; you stop, and we stop? Then wouldn’t I have no face? Ao Qian, carry on beating for me! Isn’t he Void Mystic Realm? Pummel him until his insides are void for me!” Ye Yuan said coolly 1 .

The moment Ao Qian heard, his entire person seemed to be injected with stimulants, his offensive power instantly becoming several times fiercer.

Although he opened up his divine king domain, his divine king domain could not block in the least bit under Ao Qian’s bloodline power.

The area affected by the great battle of Void Mystic Realm powerhouses was extremely vast. This large stretch of region already became a wasteland.

In the depths of the City Lord Manor, Old Man Han let out a slight sigh and said, “This brat, asked him to go easy, but he just doesn’t listen! But his Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing’s power seems to be greater than in the past! This brat is exuding bizarreness everywhere after returning this time. Even I actually can’t figure him out too! It seems like the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s opening this time is somewhat worth watching.”

Done talking, he suddenly lifted the fishing rod. A frolicking little fish was actually hauled up by him.

The moment Old Man Han saw, he could not help saying emotionally, “You got pulled up, looks like another thousand years passed …”

Finished talking, he freed the little fish from the fish hook and casually tossed, and actually tossed it back into that large river again.

While at this time, Yue Xinping was covered in blood all over, his breathing extremely chaotic, looking like he almost could not endure anymore.

“I … I have something to say!” Yue Xinping seized a breather and shouted at the top of his voice.

Only then did Ye Yuan waved his hand, signaling for the three people to stop.

Ao Qian stopped. Only then did everyone saw Yue Xinping’s appearance currently.

His clothing was ragged, his face, arms, body, bloodstains were everywhere; he was in an extremely sorry plight. How was there still any hint of a mountain lord’s dignity?

Just as Ye Yuan said, he did not seem like a Void Mystic expert at all right now, but like an expert with his insides void instead.

As for the rest, they were not much better than him either.

Yu Rongwei’s situation was even more tragic than Yue Xinping’s. His entire person was already almost pummeled into a heap of minced meat.

While the other divine king experts were similarly pummeled by Jiang Taicang until they were searching for their teeth.

These three peerless powerhouses making a move, the spectacle was not an ordinary kind of shocking.

Putting aside Ao Qian, for Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang to be able to become the White Tiger Clan’s number two and number three prisoners, how could their strength be what ordinary peak divine kings could compete with?

Although they did not reach the realm of Void Mystic, they were also not too far off already.

Ye Yuan slowly walked in front of Yue Xinping and said coolly, “What do you have, say it quickly. There’s still some time from two hours, enough to beat you up until your teeth all fall out.”

Yue Xinping was incredibly aggrieved. But facing such a powerful adversary, he really did not have any temper at all.

Ao Qian’s strength completely overpowered him. Furthermore, no idea what kind of stimulant this guy was injected with, his combat power was off the charts! Yue Xinping could not resist at all!

If he knew that Ao Qian had already been pent-up for 20 thousand years in a dungeon, he would probably have long laid down arms and surrendered.

Yue Xinping gritted his teeth and said, “The Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen matter was indeed done by me! That day, I heard that you wanted these two kinds of spirit medicines, so I sent people to collect in-advance. Those two people were even unwilling to sell to me, insisting on giving to you. Then, I made people kill them and forcefully snatched these two kinds of spirit medicines.”

The moment these words came out, this area instantly seethed with excitement.

Fiendblade Mountain’s methods were truly a little too vicious. In order to take revenge on Ji Qingyun, Yue Xinping actually indiscriminately slaughtered the innocent!

Yue Xinping did not wish to tell the truth either, but he knew that Ye Yuan was very astute. Not telling the truth, he would not be able to pass this hurdle today.

In any case, Fiendblade Mountain’s reputation was not any good in the first place. Being a bit lousier did not matter either.

There was no need to fear an itch when there were many lice!

This martial arts world ultimately still depended on strength to speak.

Even if these people were any more displeased, what could they do to him?

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “At least you’re sensible! Where are the spirit medicines?”

The corners of Yue Xinping’s mouth twitched, but he still toughened his scalp and said, “The spirit medicines … were already swallowed by me!”

Hearing this, the public sentiment was even more stirred; each and every one of them pointed at Yue Xinping and cursed bitterly.

Especially Jiang Taicang, he wished that he could go forward and twist his head off.

But this outcome did not surpass Ye Yuan’s expectations. He said nonchalantly, “What needs to be done, don’t need me to teach you, right?”

Yue Xinping’s expression was incomparably ugly. He fished out a storage ring and threw it to Ye Yuan, saying, “In here are spirit medicines that my Fiendblade Mountain gathered in this period of time. There are even 50 thousand heaven essence crystals. It should be enough to compensate you, right?”

This trip to the Immemorial Medicine Garden, Fiendblade Mountain was one of the earliest batches of factions to come. This period of time, they gathered quite a number of high-rank spirit medicines.

Yue Xinping never would have thought that the consequences of provoking Ye Yuan were actually to this extent.

What he was even more puzzled about was that he clearly did this thing very covertly, how on earth did Ye Yuan discover?

Ye Yuan received the storage ring and said coolly, “Yue Xinping, if you feel that provoking this young master is very fun, you’re welcome to come and provoke again next time! But you have to remember to prepare a bit more spirit medicines next time. Otherwise, it probably won’t be settled so easily.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan brought Ao Qian and the rest and left this place. Only a mess remained.

Fiendblade Mountain’s stronghold already completely became a wasteland.

Returning to the residence, Jiang Taicang’s expression was incomparably ugly as he said unhappily, “Milord, Old Man Ao’s strength is already sufficient to kill that damn guy. Why would you let him off?”

He was very perplexed. Ao Qian’s strength clearly completely crushed Yue Xinping. There was only a bit more to be able to finish him off.

While on their side, eradicating the other party’s group was also not unachievable. No idea why His Excellency was benevolent and let this group of people go.

Towards Yue Xinping, Jiang Taicang’s resentment was rather high.

Originally, his strength could recover right away. But now, they must wait for the Immemorial Medicine Garden to open before having an opportunity to recover.

But Ao Qian snorted coldly as he said, “You idiot! If I could kill him, would His Excellency make me stop? A rabbit in a pinch will even bite, let alone that that fellow is a Void Mystic expert? Coming for the Immemorial Medicine Garden this time, he definitely prepared quite a few trumps cards. Really forcing him into a corner, none of us will gain any advantages! Don’t you forget, we only have two hours’ time!”