Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Not Far From Hour Of Doom

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“Ever since after that massive change 20 years ago, the Medicine King Hall rarely showed face. I didn’t think that they actually came to the Immemorial Medicine Garden this time as well!”

“There’s a good show to watch now. I wonder what kind of expression Sun Man will have when he sees Ji Qingyun.”

“These few years, the outside world basically all don’t know the Medicine King Hall’s situation. Looking at it now, Ji Canglan seems to have taken over the Medicine King Hall’s past members across-the-board! Even Sun Man, a Void Mystic Realm expert, submitted himself to Ji Canglan’s rule.”

The past Medicine King Hall, powerhouses gathered together. Ji Zhengyang and Ji Qingyun father and son’s strength in itself was unfathomable to begin with. Adding in Sun Man and Ji Canglan these people, that was how it formed a super holy land.

But after the Ji father and son perished, where these experts belonged to became an unresolved matter. Outsiders had no knowledge of it.

All the way until Sun Man showed face today did the Medicine King Hall display the tip of the iceberg to the world.

The present Medicine King Hall’s strength was still incomparably terrifying!

Disregarding a veteran Void Mystic powerhouse like Sun Man, Ji Canglan’s strength in itself was already unfathomable.

When Ye Yuan saw Sun Man arriving, his brows furrowed slightly too.

Ji Zhengyang and Sun Man were sworn brothers. Their relationship was incomparably solid.

In the past, when Ye Yuan saw Sun Man, he would have to call ‘Uncle Sun.’ But now, he actually submitted until Ji Canglan’s rule.

That Ji Bingyun by his side was also Ji Zhengyang’s foster son. But now, they all betrayed the Ji father and son.

What on earth happened in-between this?

Sun Man clearly discovered Ye Yuan too, but his expression was incomparably cold. He said to Ji Bingyun indifferently, “Bingyun, you go and take down that traitor.”

Sun Man did not conceal anything regarding this voice. Everyone heard it clearly.

But this result made everyone absent-minded.

Traitor? Where did this come from?

Ye Yuan was the Medicine King Hall’s young lord. The entire Medicine King Hall could be said to be his. How could he be the Medicine King Hall’s traitor?

However, Sun Man continued slowly, “Everybody, the change 20 years ago truly could not be helped. Ji Qingyun this traitor viciously killed his father for the sake of the Divine Dao secret canon, the Medicine God’s Soul Canon. Fortunately, he was detected by Ji Canglan who executed him on the spot. Except, I didn’t think that this villain actually got away with deceiving everyone and fled to the Lower Realms carrying a wisp of remnant soul. Now, not only has his strength improved further, he even obtained a divine artifact. If we let him carry on growing unchecked, it will likely be a calamity for the Divine Realm!”

The moment Sun Man’s words came out, there was a hubbub immediately.

They never would have thought that Ye Yuan actually carried out such a crazy act.

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a chill crept out.

He also did not expect that the Sun Man who treated him like a real uncle in the past would actually say this sort of incisive words.

Ye Yuan did not refute, because he knew that refuting did not have any use at all.

The Medicine God’s Soul Canon was indeed in his hands, while the Medicine King Hall’s upper echelons formerly were all Ji Canglan’s people now.

All disputes would appear that feeble and weak.

Of course, actually, when the vast majority of the people heard ‘Divine Dao secret canon’ and ‘divine artifact,’ these two terms, they all revealed greedy looks.

The Medicine King Hall unforeseen accident, that was the Medicine King Hall’s own affairs. It had nothing to do with the outside world. Even if Ye Yuan was really this sort of person, it had nothing to do with them too.

However, ‘Divine Dao secret canon’ and ‘divine artifact,’ these two things, were different!

Moreover, with Sun Man’s words, them taking action against Ye Yuan would even stand on the side of righteousness.

“Ji Qingyun, I didn’t think that you’re actually such a vicious and shameless person! A traitorous villain like you who murders their own father, everyone has the right to punish!” Yue Xinping reproached furiously.

Jian Wushuang also could not stand not being in the spotlight, so he reproached, “Ji Qingyun, you normally appear gentlemanly, now, you have nothing to say, right? Today, I’m going to carry out justice on behalf of the heaven, and exterminate you, this villain!”

At this time, Ruan Shuangzhou and the rest behind Ye Yuan were all filled with righteous indignation.

They knew that Ye Yuan practically got caught in a hopeless situation himself for White Light. How could this kind of person who helped his friend with his life on the line possibly murder his father?

But Ye Yuan stopped them with a hand gesture. He just said to Ji Bingyun nonchalantly, “What are you in a daze for? Still not making a move?”

Ji Bingyun’s face fell, and his figure moved explosively.

Seeing Ji Bingyun take action, Jian Wushuang could not contain himself anymore and roared out, “Ji Bingyun, I’ll lend you a helping hand!”

Yue Xinping also yelled out, “My Fiendblade Mountain cannot bear the sight of this kind of wicked people the most! Kill!”

Right at this moment, a bolt of lightning flashed across the void. Another figure suddenly charged out. It was precisely the Thundercry Divine King.

In an instant, four mighty apex experts charged over toward Ye Yuan with a besieging momentum. That aura practically suffocated people.

Among the four people, there were even two who were Void Mystic Realm experts. While on Ye Yuan’s side, there was only Kuang Tianming, one Void Mystic expert.

“With this, Lord Qingyun Zi is dead for sure! Sigh … I say, you guys, is he really this sort of villainous traitor who murders his own father?”

“I don’t believe this! Lord Qingyun Zi is praised by the people. How can he possibly be this sort of person? It’s merely a one-sided story from that Sun Man!”

“Sigh, no matter what, Qingyun Zi has made too many enemies! These four great experts surrounding and attacking, he has no possibility of escaping alive at all.”

Everyone was feeling sorry. These four great experts joining hands, it was virtually a certain death scenario.

But Ye Yuan did not have the intention of making a move.

He stood with his hands behind his back as if it did not concern him.

Kuang Tianming did not have the slightest hesitation and directly clashed with the Thundercry Divine King. The two of them were sworn enemies.

Right then, Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang, the two people erupted with an aura that made people astounded, making the three people who were currently rushing over greatly astonished.

“Divine King domain! These two people both broke through to the realm of Void Mystic? This … How is this possible?”

“This is also too freakish, right? A few days ago, these two people were still ordinary deity realms and needed to use the Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing method before they can unleash the combat strength of peak divine kings. It’s only been a few days, and they actually both broke through to the realm of Void Mystic!”

“Originally I thought that Qingyun Zi was a soft persimmon. I didn’t think that their side actually produced two additional Void Mystic powerhouses all at once! With this, wouldn’t Qingyun Zi become the number one force?”

Ji Bingyun trio’s figures stopped abruptly, forcefully stopping in midair.

Facing two mighty Void Mystic experts, the three of them were not enough at all!

“What? Weren’t you still pretty haughty just now? Saying you wanted to kill His Excellency? Why all shriveled up now?” Jiang Taicang said with a cold smile.

“His Excellency has deep sentiments and fierce loyalty. You all actually slandered him with words! Deserve death!” Wu Luo said, seething with killing intent.

Ji Bingyun was still alright, but Jian Wushuang and Yue Xinping’s faces were both awful like they had eaten a fly.

They thought that finding a helper this time, they could tyrannize Ye Yuan properly. They did not expect that Ye Yuan summoned two mighty Void Mystic experts with a wave of a hand.

With this, they neither advance nor retreat and actually froze there.

As for the Thundercry Divine King’s side, seeing the sudden change over here, his expression changed greatly too. Lightning flashed, and he actually disappeared with even greater speed than when he came!

Ye Yuan looked at Sun Man from far away and said coolly, “Uncle Sun, this is my last time calling you like this! I hope that you don’t let me find out you had anything to do with my father’s death. Otherwise … your hour of doom won’t be far!”