Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048 The Immemorial Medicine Garden Opening

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Ye Yuan’s threat made Sun Man’s expression change.

He gave a cold snort and said, “You villainous traitor, you still want to mislead the public? If not for Canglan having important business to attend to lately, he’ll definitely execute you summarily today!”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Whatever you say. But my words earlier, you have got to remember them.”

As he said, he swept past the faces of the Medicine King Hall’s people one by one, saying in a cold voice, “You all, if there’s one, it counts as one. If you were really compelled by Ji Canglan to submit to him, I don’t blame you guys. But if I discover that any one of you was his accomplice … I, Ji Qingyun, swear here, to definitely bathe the Medicine King Hall in blood in the future!”

Ye Yuan’s words contained an icy intent of slaughter, making everyone feel a chill when they heard.

Everyone all sensed his determination!

The resentment pent-up in the heart for these 20 years, Ye Yuan finally poured it out, making everyone’s faces change.

Such genuine sentiments were able to move people the most.

He wanted to avenge his father, It was naturally impossible to be someone who murders his own father.

“Like I said, Qingyun Zi is famed for being loyal, how can he possibly do this sort of treacherous thing like murdering his father?”

“Qingyun Zi’s words earlier were absolutely from the bottom of his heart! Ji Canglan plotted to harm the Ji father and son. Now, he actually even wants to sling mud at Qingyun Zi. Truly shameless!”

“Qingyun Zi hates evil as if it’s his enemy and had once eradicated many wicked villains. How could he do such a thing himself?”

Hearing a series of subdued whispers, Sun Man’s face fell slightly. He did not think that the situation he operated painstakingly was actually broken by a sentence from Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan’s strength was lacking, he could trample Ye Yuan to death without any scruple. But sadly, Ye Yuan created two Void Mystic experts overnight. This was simply something appalling to the ears.

Counting in Kuang Tianming, Ye Yuan’s side with three mighty Void Mystic experts was sufficient to contend with any faction.

Actually, even Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo themselves were also akin to have fallen into cloud and mist right now. This sort of feeling was seriously too wonderful.

The two of their talents were abnormally high. But to talk about breaking through to Void Mystic Realm, it was still a little lacking.

But the arcane insight rank Pure Source Infusion Divine Pill that Ye Yuan refined punched through that layer of windowpane paper without a hitch!

These few days, Ye Yuan was in closed-seclusion inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Laying down a powerful isolating array formation, he finally refined arcane insight rank Pure Source Infusion Divine Pills.

Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo would never have dreamed that not only did the two of them completely recover their strength, they even went a step further, breaking through to Void Mystic Realm!

Although just broken through to the realm of Void Mystic, their strengths were vastly inferior compared to even Yue Xinping.

But Void Mystic Realm was Void Mystic Realm. This was the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most existence!

Right then, an intense tremor occurred ahead. Violent essence energy burst forth like floodwater breaking a dam.

The ancient grand array which sealed the Immemorial Medicine Garden finally opened up a crack.

The Immemorial Medicine Garden was finally opening!

With this, everyone could not contain themselves, flooding over into the Immemorial Medicine Garden like tidewater.

Sun Man gave a cold snort and said to Ji Bingyun, “Let’s go!”

Yue Xinping shot Ye Yuan a hateful glare and said, “Brat, consider yourself lucky! Let’s go!”

In a blink, tens of thousands of martial artists flooded into the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

“Milord, are we just letting them go like this? We have three great Void Mystic experts currently. Are we still afraid of these bastards?” Jiang Taicang said.

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Sun Man’s strength, I’m clearest about it. If he wasn’t wary of others benefiting from the struggle and wanting to preserve their strength to enter the Immemorial Medicine Garden as well, with the two of your strength, it’s completely not enough for him to be wary of.”

Jiang Taicang could not help choking up as he said in disbelief, “I, Old Jiang, am in any case a Void Mystic powerhouse too. It’s not to the extent of not even having the strength to retaliate, right?”

Kuang Tianming by the side said coolly, “If I wasn’t injured, killing the two of you won’t expend much strength. But my strength is inadequate to look at in front of Sun Man all the same!”

When Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo, the two of them, heard it, they could not help sucking in a cold breath.

Initially, that bit of smugness because of breaking through to the realm of Void Mystic was instantly struck down until it was severely bruised.

The realm of Void Mystic similarly had the distinction of superiority or inferiority. But it did not have specific divisions of realms. The relative superiority or inferiority in strength was completely based on the martial artist’s own comprehensions toward Heavenly Dao.

Sun Man was once the Medicine King Hall’s number two expert, his strength second only to Hall Master Ji Zhengyang. His strength could be imagined.

Martial artists who had just entered the realm of Void Mystic completely could not stir up any waves in front of him.

Ao Qian also let out an emotional sigh as he said, “This old man not emerging for 20 thousand years, I didn’t expect that strength of martial artists these days already shook this old man off by a great deal!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You don’t need to belittle your capabilities either. When we find a 100 thousand-year-old Heart End Grass, even if you don’t reach the height of the Ten Great Divine Kings, you absolutely won’t be the least bit inferior compared to Sun Man too.”

Speaking of this, Ao Qian also had a look of anticipation as he said, “Honestly speaking, seeing these two punks’ medicinal effects, I’m really craning my neck in anticipation of the Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill, I can’t refine it yet in my current state. Need the divine soul realm to improve further for it to work. Alright, let’s go in too.”

In this short while, there was already a large batch of martial artists that flooded into the Immemorial Medicine Garden. Ye Yuan’s party was already half a beat slow.

Walking into the Immemorial Medicine Garden, sensing the abnormally thick essence energy undulations immediately gave people a feeling of being refreshed in mind and spirit.

Violent essence energy instantly rushed into all of the limbs and bones in Ye Yuan’s body, making him feel like his thoughts were incomparably smooth.

“Really worth of being the Immemorial Medicine Garden. No wonder it can inoculate so many natural treasures!” Wu Luo said with an emotional sigh.

Ye Yuan nodded his head when he heard that and said, “The Immemorial Medicine Garden has already existed for countless years and already had countless martial artists enter inside before too. But the regions that these people truly reached were likely less than one-thousandth of the Immemorial Medicine Garden! The truly good stuff, with the current Divine Realm martial artists’ strength, they can’t go in at all!”

Ao Qian said, “Milord, they all said that divine rank spirit medicines are coming into being this time. Could it be true?”

The Immemorial Medicine Garden’s abnormal activities this time attracted a large batch of experts over. Just the super holy lands, four houses came.

Such a lineup did not exist when the Immemorial Medicine Garden opened in the past.

Probably only when divine rank spirit medicines came into being, could it draw so many powerful factions too, right?

Ye Yuan smiled lightly when he heard that and said, “Divine rank spirit medicine, even if they obtain them, who has the ability to refine out medicinal pills? Furthermore … even if those few came, they might not be able to gain any advantages at the hands of divine rank spirit medicines either, right? What’s truly terrifying inside this Immemorial Medicine Garden are not those desolate beasts, but those spirit medicines that became spirits 1 !”

When everyone heard Ye Yuan’s words, their expressions all became slightly apprehensive.

These few people were all very old figures already. But this version, it was still their first time hearing.

Except, calculating based on Ye Yuan’s age, it should be his first time entering here too, right? Why would he know so clearly?

“Milord, then … where should we go now?” Jiang Taicang asked.